THE ART or ACTING - . . THE ART OF DIRECTING An excuting programme of short STAND-UP COMEDY - part-time courses at the University DISCOVERING YOUR VOICE ' of Strathclyde Drama Centre EFFECTIVE SPEAKING ' . WRITING FOR THEATRE * All courses are taught by tutors working WRITING FOR FILM ' in professional theatre and film PLAYWRIGHTS WORKSHOP ' WRITING FOR STAGE AND SCREEN v~ Starred courses are part of the Open THEATRE IN EDUCATION ' Studies Certificate programme, and ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE " qualify for fee waivers for those on

Weekend special courses VBFIOUS benefllSI


do ask us about this FORUM THEATRE WORKSHOP

For details/cost/application form, contact Sylvia Jamieson, Administrator, The Ramshorn Theatre, 98 Ingram Street, Glasgow G1 1ES

0141 552 3489

dBS “35 Ill

Voice Development vas'f‘gdff Acttlng . . e re I eren . As the unique individual that you are. we take in to account all

_ . . . aspects of your experience regardless of level and work with - - o7 “V'ng are a” demanding 0” the VOICE It may Shake you to develop yOur skills and unlock your creativity. Peu'f'ed Pavamttl° when nervous, choke with emotion, or appear weak Singing; we can help you improve whatever the styie, (Pop Secret Sinatra? and lacking in confidence. Learning about and using Rock. Musical Theatre. Folk. Classical. or your own material) the voice you own efficiently, enables effective focusing on vocal technique. vocal strengthening. vocal . ' . . . . . healthcare. performance. microphone and recording skills. whatever you ||ke to Sing communication and improvements in your wellbeing. . . . . . . . Acting: we offer profeSSIonal tunion for. Theatre. TeleVISIon. we can help you find your We provide v0ice and personal development Musical Theatre. Audition and Speech Preparation. IONE IRUE VOICEI. programmes tailored to your needs voice development. accent and dialect coaching. _ . . . . . . . . IndIVIdual 8 group tunion available _ . Children. singing and acting classes. budding confidence and “0m be "men to [oyessionals Invest |n R vo|ce! developing performance skills. We have our own agency st Stagecraft. p . E am‘nat'on preparat'on Beg'nners mm” In X . . 0131 445 7491 0 Group and individual tuition available from 6 years. Glasgow emo'mg now' dbsvoIcedevelopment@hotmai|.com db 0 do”: 445 ugh 1 m 0mm www.dbsvoicedevel “0'09 eve 09”“ 0""3' '00'“ . Op '9" 01698E3;:?:3/748983 New term Starts Monday 5 January 2003 New term starts Monday 6 January 2003 eleano,@mamem9mm.“

glasgow m IDDLG Qififlmn Fast Track your Career in a w 0 R k S '2 0 p Registered Charity No. sco 29502 N ew D I reCtI on

: . - ° ° ' Napier's School of Computing offers a range of courses which give you the freedom to learn a new subject, no matter what your first degreeYou may not Come along and gem“ theflddley hisnevenoo Im__we have People “young have been able to start your study in October and that's why we're offering

} as8yrs to those collecting their pensions-and all classes are taughtby ear. you the opporwn'ty to lo'” these My funded courses 'n February 2003'

man-upmama 30Aprll-251une2003

° MSc Information Systems ° MSc Interactive Technologies for e-Commerce

’43 Shamrock street, GIasgow c4. 0 MSc Multimedia and Interactive Systems Wednesday evenings - Adults 7.30 9,.30pm ' "SC S°ftware Eng'"ee""g

Young people 6J5 , “s Pm (8pm) Each offers a range of skills in computing and its application. tailored to suit the

needs of specific groups. So if you've got a non-computing degree (or equivalent).

_ - GIW would like to hear lrom you ilyou are interested in why not call us free on 0500 353570. or come along to one of our Open Days joining our new classes to be held at Stow on a Monday night starting in febiuary - at the Merchiston campus on l8 December 2002 or l5 Jan 2003 at 4.30-7.30pm owetlibloclisinguitarandstepdante(beginnersandintermediate),beginnerstlassesin and see What we can do for YOU? Scots song. mandolin.whistle. bodhran.&gioupwoik for those already playing competently. SCI'OO' 0‘ computing, Me'ChistO" Camf’ust '0 co'into" Road, from 3rd February _ 'oth March 2003. 730 _ 930p!“ Edinburgh EH I0 SDT.V\.’e.b: ' ____________________ E-mail:

Contact - Sara Melville, GFW Administrator, ll Rowan Crescent,Gb3 9R1 ' Tel-0I36055l303 E R U N I V E I email - H ' m°fl333°m“"°°'9°‘°°“k &_