I Double room in quiet cottage. sltared with ovvrter itt lxtanhead. for tidy n/s professiortal or post-gmduate. All facilities. (iCll. owrt pltorte lirte. £280 pcrtt + deposit. All bills irtcluded except telephone. Tel: 07980 816 924.

I Double room in a lovely house. fttlly furrtished with all rttod cons including Jacuzzi. frortt & back gardett. Blackltall area. on a good bus route. £200 pcrtt including bills. Tel: 07775 774 453 after 6pm.

I New Town. Suit professional irt their 20's. lguge fully ftrntislted dotrble room irt friendly 4 bedroom flat. All mod cons. 2 .Mirttrtes frortt towrt 8; close to gyrtt. £212 pcrtt + ('f + bills. Available from the 5th liebrttzuy. Tel: 0131 556 8390 or 07714 087 679.

I Double room in friendly. spacious New Town flat. 2 rnirttttes frottt Brottghtort Street. Wottld stiit n/s professional to sltare with 2 females & I rttale. Available now. £262.50 pcrtt + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 557 6872. I Professional person required to share beautiful New Town flat. rttttst be seert. £360 pcrtt. Tel: 0131 556 8837 or 07970 481 395.

I Friendly student

to shzue with 2 firtal year students. Pleasant single room irt attractive flat rtear Tollcross. £200 pent + bills. Tel: 07903 137 898.

I Double room available mid-February irt rttoderrt City Centre flat. To share with 2 others. 1 tttale & 1 female. Stiit n/s professional. £230 pertt + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 2295448. I Tollcross. Single room irt light spacious flat to sltare with 2 others. All rttod cons including 1)W & power shower. Available from the 1st February. £225 pcttt + ('1‘ + bills. Tel: 0131 228 6032 or 07748 852 120.

I Tollcross. Bedroom in beautiful. spacious flat to share with l rt/s professional + cat. (iCll & fully modernised. lirttry date flexible. £300 pcrtt + bills. Telz013l 221 1961.

I Central. Spacious double bedroom in beautiful large rertted flat with great views. £295 pcrtt including ('1‘. To share with one other. Would suit professional rttale/fetttale or postgraduate. Tel: 0131 228 6128. I Work in Edinburgh. live somewhere else! Weekday accommtxlatiort offered irt lovely Corttely Bartk flat with friendly, relaxed owner-occupier. Stiit n/s professional. £250 pcm all- irtclusive. Tel: 0131 332 2398. I Flatmate wanted for double roortt irt attractive. spacious Corttely Bank flat. Available frortt the 5th February to share with 2 others. £250 pcrtt + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 332 6557.

I One large room irt spacious Stockbridge flat. £275 pcrn + ('1‘ + bills + deposit. 8 Months lease. Tel: 07733 108 716.

I Short term. One double roortt available for 4-5 weeks frortt 20th January irt Stockhridge flat. l‘emale. rt/s. £75 pvv including CT. Tel: 0131 315 4166 or 07905 445 665.

I Spacious double room available itt large. sunny top floor flat on Buckingham Terrace. l'tlll)’ furnished with (iCll throughout 8; electric shower. £290 pcrtt + bills. Suit rt/s professional or postgraduate student. Tel: 07762 580 531.

108 THE LIST 10 Jan—80 Jan 2003

I Furnished single room. to share flat with 2 female stttdcrtts. Must rtot object to curly hair! N/s. rteat 8; tidy rttale or female wanted. 10 Minutes frortt the City Certtre. £230 pcrtt. all bills included. Deposit required. Tel: 0131 467 4867 or 07816 819 770. I Live in vibrant l.eith. Corrtfortable roortt irt well equipped friendly flat with cat. Would suit n/s professional female. £265 pcttt including bills btit excluding telephone. Tel: 0131 5540927.

I Spacious double room, sltare with one other. (iCll. good bus routes & gay friendly. Available frortt the end of January. Tel: 07763 321 010.

I Large double room in bright. spacious. gay friendly flat. irt Portland Street rtear ()cean Terminal. (iCll 8; all mod cons. £240 single or £300 couple pent + CT. 6 Morttlts lease minimum. Tel: 07786 928 055. I Bedroom & box room available irt light & spacious flat with a lovely view of the City irt Bonnirtgtort/l.eitlt area. Ten minutes walk frortt the Sltore 8; Canonrttills. flat to share with one other. Both r'oorns £195 pcrtt. Tel: 0131 553 2527.

I Furnished room in flat irt beautiful (ieorgian villa irt l.eith. Sharing with semi professional rttale. Suit active. healthy. rt/s. tidy. rtort tv addict. No stttdertts or I)SS. ()verseas couples welcome. £265 pcrtt + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 476 5474. I Mature female to share with one other itt quiet. rt/s flat irt l.eitlt. Would suit professional rttatttre student or overseas student. £250 pcm + telephone. Tel: 0131 555 5954.

ILage domile room available irt leith \‘l'ilI‘L‘llOllSL‘ conversion to shzue with owner. Professional tt/s preferred A11 mod cons. £300 pcrtt + (T + bills. Available front mid- Jzutuary. Tel: 07703 177 244.

I Bonnington Road. Double roortt to stiit n/s professional tttale. irt 2 bedroom. lst floor flat. All rttod cons. car park 8; walking distance to towrt. £210 pcttt + CT + bills. Tel: 07801 499 728. I Sunny double room in huge. friendly 3 bedroom flat by the Sltore. leith. 15 Mirttttes to City Certtre. Would sttit professional to share with 2 others. Available immediately. £250 pertt + ('1~ + bills. Tel: 0131 555 5884. I Flat share available at the sltore irt l.eitlt. l-‘emale n/s professional wanted to share flat with one other. (ireat water views. £280 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 07879 486 807.

I Spacious double room itt Bernard Street. The Shore. Available the end of January. Suitable for n/s mature student/ young professiortal. £200 pcrtt + bills. Tel: 0131 554 4920.

I Easygoing, n/s flatmate wanted for large roortt. irt l.eith flat. £210 pertt + bills. Tel: 07050 052 350.

I Cosy box room in well kept flat on liaster Road. Would strit n/s female to sltare with another female & cat. £180 pcrtt + bills + deposit. 10 rttirttrtes to City Centre. Tel: 07788 834 881.

I Gay friendly. Large box roottt with double bed. Sharing fully furrtislted flat with one other. N/s preferred. £200 pcrtt + bills. Tel: 07966 347 436.

I Large double room available irt friendly l.eitlt flat. close to City Centre. All mod cons. rt/s preferred. £290 pcrtt including all bills. Tel: 07753 389 336 or 0131 476 4256. I Double room in spacious. attractive. cleart. comfortable flat irt gilmore Place sltarirtg with 3 others. Shared living roortt. large kitchen. 2 bathrooms. Young prof. preferred. £260 pcrtt pltts bills. Tel Mike: 0131 466 2l52/07775 690 661. I Single room available irt rtewly redecorated l.eitlt flat. Sandcd floors. (iCll & Sky tv. £262 pcrtt irtclttdirtg bills. (iay friendly & tt/s. Tel: 0131 554 3089 evenings. I Large double room in bright. central flat. Bellevue area. Would suit rt/s professional/ rxrstgr‘aduate. £300 pcttt including bills. Tel: 0131 557 4211. I Pilrig. Boom available immediately to share with one other. Short term let. Modem flat with all rttod cons & quiet location rtear City Centre. £70 pvv- including bills. Professional rt/s preferred. Tel: 07775 581 699. I Luxurious double room with err-suite. A new flat ttear the Shore. £300 pcttt including CT. Tel: 07747 723 925. I Double room in spacious flat sharing with cotlple. Professional rt/s preferred. £320 pcrtt irtclttdirtg bills. Tel: 07703 491 610. I Room available from January. well presented flat irt Montgomery Street. Sharing with two 30 something gay guys. N/s. £275 pcrtt irtclttdirtg ('1‘ + share of bills. Tel: 0131 5563217. I Mature student wanted to share with 2 others irt lovely Montgomery Street flat. available now. £260 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 556 5614 or 07950 807 985. I Leith. Large double roortt irt friendly shared flat. Suit professional n/s female. to share with 2 others. £210 pcttt + bills + deposit. Tel: 0131 553 7657. I Room available with double bed & desk in top of liaster Road flat. Well equipped kitchen. lounge with cable tv. bathroom with shower 8: batlt. Would suit female n/s student to share with one other the sartte. £220 + bills. Tel: 0131 661 0508 or 07903 120 987. I Room available in lovely flat irt liaster Road. £300 pcrtt including CT. Spacious kitchen. spacious dirtirtg room. dotrble bedroom & batlt with a shower. Tel: 013l 659 6999. I Double room in large Meadovvbartk house. All rttod cons. (iCll. garden & garage. Sharing with 3 others. £185 pcm + CT + bills + deposit. Tel: 0131 661 4204 or 07739 175 394. I Newington. Room in modem flat to sltare with 2 females. Available frottt the 2nd February 2003. £170 pcm + ('1' + bills + deposit. Tel: 0131 667 I574. room it modem 2 bedroom flat. sharing with 2 easygoing others. lixcellertt location. 2 minutes from Royal Mile. All mod cotts 6’; (ECU etc. £225 pcrtt + ('1‘ + bills. Tel: 07801 031 558. I Bright top floor roortt in Marchtttont. Nort student. n/s. fully furrtislted. (iCll & electric shower. £203 pcrtt. Tel: 0131 228 3926. Available frortt the 1st February.

I Friendly Marchmont flat sharing with 3 others. Strit single. couple or two sharing. Nice big sunny room with wooden floors. £240 pcm. Available Jartttary 13th. Tel: 0131 447 5952.

I Room for a n/s in Marcltmont. £l60 pcrtt + ("1' + bills. Tel: 0131 229 4104. II-Iayma‘ket. Lage W double room irt spacious flat. Sttit l or 2. Shzuc kitchen & bathroom. All mod cons. (1(1th no bills. Tel: 0131 6676338. I George Street. Room in luxury (ieorgiart townhouse flat. (‘astle/partorarttic views. (iCll. bay window irt living roortt. dining/kitchen & wooden floors. £310 pcrtt. Tel: 07812 940 114.

The List Flatshare service is for people offering a room to rent in a shared flat and is a reliable and successful way of finding a new flatmate. ft is s'rrtple to use Here's what to do.

When you telephone the Hotline you will be asked for

1. Your name, address,

postcode and phone ntmber, including dialling code

2. Up to 30 words of description about the room, rent and type of person sought 3. A contact number for would—be-flatmates to ring

The List magazine comes out fortnightly on a Thursday and weekly during the festival. Your Flatshare advert will appear in the next available magazine and will be included for one issue only. Subsequent insertions must be telephoned in again. The deaclte for flats‘tae is 12pm at the Thusday before ptbication

Each telephone call will be charged at 75p per minute and should last about 3 minutes. Calls from non~BT and mobile phones may cost more. If you need help or are concerned about anything, please call our Helpline on 0870-120 1504.

If you are unable to get through please ensure that your phoneline is not barred from Premium Rate numbers. In the event of barring please contact your service provider or telecom company or use another phone.


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Saw You letter-bo\. We tltittk we love you? [7459/21