VI saw you in Brel. I thnught ynu were st) lint? .-\ crnss between Steve Marrint and Amnrusn. What a dresser? [7450/22

V I saw you nn liming Day (II 'I’inderbns. 'l‘hink ur name is Sharnnf Black wnnlly hat + surrnunded by gnrgenus guy s. I want in?! [7450/23

VI saw you l.aura. star nf film and Iv. l)i\nns. Sauchiehall St. (ilasgnw. Snny ifi blncked ynur esit. but was lnst fnr wnrds. Ilnpe ynu might like In meet fnt‘ a drink. while ynu're back in (ilasgnw. ('all ttte. ll. [7450/25

V I saw you .-\ngel. at Kublai Khan's nn 14th December. [lined in the queue btit didn't try In 'tire in'll Meant tn get ynur ntunber sn we cnuld meet up again. [7450/2n

V I saw you in blue and red swimming trunks. Ynu claimed ynur David llasselhnff nnes

\\ L‘I'L‘ I‘L‘llel'. l'tl like [U see [IIUSL' IOU. ('nffec‘.’ 'l‘ea'.’ Mchltes'.’ [7450/27

V I saw you wnrking in The Arches sexy nnrthern shan haired littglislt lttssiel Ynlt alway s sparkle! Ynu knnw whn lam? Always ln\ ing ynur accenth ['/450/2.\‘

V I saw you the welsh sharp dresser. tttllly pl‘tll'L‘\\()I'I \VL‘ tnet dnwnstairs lll I’nln 28.12.02. Had a laugh swappin' nur inventive inexpensive Van lleusen cnllectinn triv s. 'I'alk me intn a matey drink. and w e cnuld later treat it like that experiment. The Il-llyenas dnn't have In kttnvvl [7450/20 VI saw you...l'm Kathy - child entertainer e\tratirdinairet 1’1) - ynu're in seat 171i and dad tn (lemma and Katherine - nn II.'\14IS’2 frnm l.nndnn tn (ilasgnw nn 30 December. Wanna meet mc'.’ [7450/30

V I saw you 1.iam. avniding ynur nld lidinburgh mate‘.’ Remember. .\Ir '1‘. it‘s cnnifnrting In call. I.nnk tip the new cat flat in .\lnntgnmery St. [7450/31

V I saw you sing while ynu. ynu caught me starga/ingl [7450/32

V I saw you in the itlsles. at the checknut. at the entrance in safeway (II (ipm 7/1/03 but missed the chance In get ynur ntunber when I bumped intn a friend nn the way nut tynu were parked just nutside in Byres Rd) [7450/33

V I saw you I’nln l.nunge Sat. 4th Jan. arnund midnight. Ynu: dark (hair and clntltesl. sitting with '.’friend at small rnund table against wall. .\le: liair. light cnlnured shirt. sitting with friend nn cnuch against wall. near clnakrnnm entrance. We kept eschanging lnnks then ynu disappeared. ('an't we e\change mnre next time??? [7450/34

V I saw you nn the (ilasgnw [rain that Sat Night. 1 shared my paper and thnught ynu gnrgenus. l)id ynur Indian keep the ettltl itl bay '.’ [74.50/35

V I saw you l.().\'(il.\'(}

l"( )R l..r\\\'S().\.l Alter weeks ()1. watching [I frnm the stand. thnught it was time In dn snmething abnut it? .-\ l-‘n\v l‘an \\\ [7450/3n '

V I saw you wnn child. bnuncing abnut the west ettd sn carefree.ntake Inc ur chnn free yum [74.50/37

V I saw you in bnts nn llngtttattay. ynu lnnked like David frnm I-‘ame .-\cademy. nnnh hnws i wished ynu'd cnme nver tn me npen ttr mnuth and sing mnre than sweet wnrds tn me? Ynu were with ynur wee pal Mags! b..\ [7450/38

V I saw you in the wee arch at the Arches new year. we kissed. ynu've made my year. we said we might see each nther later. I can't wait. [7450/30

V I saw you James 28. nutside ('ube. (ilasgnw 21/12/02. Ynu walked me tand friends) In my hntcl. Ynu - tall gentletnan. .\1e - I.nst drunk Iidinburgb girl. Didn't get ynur plinne nn. [7450/40

V I saw you .-\my. at the Renfrew I’erry. then recently nutside Buchannan (ialleries. l fnrgnt tn ask fnr ynur nn. liancy a drink in the New Year? [7450/41


V I saw you llerrerra. wnrking at I’avnrit. legs akimbn. 11y undnne. llnpe 2 meet tip snme time. X [7450/42 V I saw you in the 'I‘iaveisc. l-‘riday befnte Xmas. Me. \Vnnder \Vnman. Ynu. reading the (iuardian spnits page with pint. [7450/43

V I saw you. dark suit. blue tic. dark eyes - standing near stairs ((I 'I‘raverse bar 20/12. .‘vle pink legs. sparkly bltte eyes. [7450/44

V I saw you ('urly Sue. 1.nve ynur juniper stew. Ynu can tnast mine any time... baby! [74.50/45 V I saw you big man. eating ynur venisnn sausages in Juniper in llannver Street. l’ancy pnrking my crackling. lnve llnney Rider. [7450/46

V I saw you Andrew in the (’andy Bar. strutting ynur stuff. shimmying with all the babes. Want tn shimmy nver tn me?! [7450/47

V I saw you ('raig in I’nnnana. flirting with all the chicks. nnlt. clttck cluck. suits ynu slt'l Ynu‘re sn hntl [7450/48 V I saw you (0 Bar Blue. Ynu rncked my wnrld lit the tniletl‘s dn it again? [7450/40

V I saw you (iemma. Ihnuglit that ynu were the best ever mnst gnrgenus girl 1 have seen. (innd lttck in the new year - (‘ .\\ [7450/50

V I saw you in Iln‘s. falsely accusing. ynu nasty little man. XXX Happy New Year n' all that. [7450/51

V I saw you gtty in the party hat and duffel cnat in city (are 2/1/03. (iimme a call? [7450/52 V I saw you sexy bar manager. with yer shayen head and ltiscinus butt. 1 want In get drunk nn yer lnve juice. .. Ian. [7450/53

VI saw you blnnde bingn bny - straight nutta Shemtxxl Iiuest. 'llianks fnr the little blue nne. l mezut the big blue nne. left in ynur mnm. .. Snny abnut the cnver. [ 7450/54

VI saw you in my Kanimnr shnp - ynu lnnk sn smart in ynur brnwn jacket. . . Perhaps nne night we can wear it tngether. .. [7450/55 V I saw you sneezing ynur way In pleasure I wished I had a tissue. [7450/85

V I saw you my anee every day fnr a year. thanks fnr the laughs. ynu're the bestest friend in the wnrld + l recknn everynne shnuld have snmenne like u itt their lives. l.nve Michelle \ [74.50/56

V I saw you at an afterparty in Marchmnunt. ynu were pulling snmenne else but I knnw ynu want me really - ynu have red hair. I have strange patterns shaved nntn me head. [7/450/57 V I saw you in the (‘ity (‘at‘é with ynur cnnl cnnl blue spikey hair and all the rest! liverybndy lnves ya! \‘l'nrsel (inmage xx [7/450/58

VI saw you hairy chicken legs with mnnster eye-bt‘nw. shaking ynur stick at a traffic warden. ('alm it and call Kennit! [7450/60 V I saw you blnnde ()zi liile lnnkalike behind the lill l. Ynur latte‘s sasbay brighten my day. l-‘rnm cider-drinking ynung cnnservative. [7/450/61

V I saw you 1nnking divine and wnnderful at the Iiilm Theatre kinsk wearing a white I-shirt with candy bny emblazened nn it and beautiful black hair & lnng Mexican style mnustache. 7th Jan. [7/450/62 V I saw you Lesley at .\lnntpeliers nn Ilngmanay. l.nst ynur ntunber. Searched the West lind but can't find ynu. l-‘rnm the man in the kill. [74.50/63

V I saw you l-‘elix. When did ynu get back'.’ If ynu’re missing the .-\ustralian warmth give me a call. [7450/64

V I saw you big fella. shivering in my bed. Sing In me snngs abnut green eyes and cartwheels and I'll dance fnr .Vnu fnrever. ernn ct‘nn [7450/65 V I saw you pretty l’ikachu. every day since my life started with ynu. my future. my present my baby. I lnve ynu. l.l’ [7450/66 V I saw you (iuy Shnne!!! l’ete Inld me ynu're in lidinburghll! I)nn't knnw if ynu remember me. Becky's friend. (let in tnuch. we can grab cnffee snmetime as I am in lid tnnl llnpe ynu dning nk. lnve 'n' kisses. sar xx [7450/67 V I saw you tendirtg the dnwnstairs bar at (‘("s nn New Year's Day. 1 think ynur name is Jnhn. Ynu're abfab. especially the jeans silhnuette against the bar fridge lights? I was the slim. black tnp whn cnuldn't keep his eyes nff ynu; we lncked eyes a few times. my b/f gave me hell.....I'll take whatever ynu can give. [74.50/68

V I saw you....\latthew (a‘ ()pal l.nunge nn Saturday 21/12. Ynu were friends with the 1)} and we came tngether nn the dancellnnr. .\'n wnrds were spnken then. but wnuld lnve tn speak nnw. l.nndnn's tint Inn far is it‘.’ [7450/60

V I saw you in tny bath chilling and drinking wine as I played 1)]. (‘are In get intn lint water with me‘.’ Ynur turf nr mine‘.’ [74.50/70

VI saw you Jane. l’ringe 2001 [Tnderbelly We talked. but I had In leave early. Ynu: sn smart and funny. painfully attractive. Like In talk again visting lidinburgh. .\'Y(‘-J()Sll [74.50/71

V I saw you B. sledging like a maniac nver frn/en cnw pats and eating macarnni cheese and chips. Want a I‘RI'ISII ()Nli'.’ Jxxs [7450/72

V I saw you Kim. fnr a while a slinrt. sweet. while. I am smitten. Will ynur heart ever be free‘.’ [74.50/73

VI sawyoufiemge ((1 the 'l‘rayeise & Mussel Inn saying gtxxlbye tn mutual friends. Be gnnd tn sec ynu but "\‘l'ltatever...." [7450/74

VI saw you Adam at Establishment. tall shaved head glasses. .‘vle Sbnna tall slim bmwn hair. we watched each nther all night and finally spnke just befnre ynu left. I want In meet ynu again. [.7450/75 V I saw you at Bar 38 Sat 21/12/02. me wearing all black. ynu wearing a brnwn jacket. like a aircraft pilnt. my friends bad In leave suddenly. I wish we cnuld pick tip where we left nff! I)n Y()[,".".".’ [,7450/76

V I saw you (‘arnlina. every day with ynur new dark hair. I knnw ynur game! Have a happy 27th. Pint nf stella with lime ayeee’.’ I)nnt. dnn't. dnn't ynu fnrget abnut me! [,'/450/77

V I saw you lying next In me snnring ynu'r wee bunches nff-all that attentinn must have taken it nut nf ynu petllThanx fnr everythingynu are my angel-faced air-supply & Madrid misses ynulBig kiss ynu lleartbreakerl-(‘az xx [7/450/78

. ii

VI saw you nn Sat aftemnnn. Jan 4 at Jnnes Shnes. (ienrge Street. Iilinbungh. Ynu were with 2 pals. Ynu smiled at me. an1 l wnuld have Inved tn say helln! [74.50/70 V I saw you shnrt. dark and handsome bny wnrking in Rnute 1. I)n ynu fancy a drink with a beautiful ladee'.’ [7450/80

V I saw you dark haired bny wnrking in Rnute ()ne. Always busy dning stuff while I spy at ynu over the rails nn Saturday's. Wnuld ynu like In meet fnr a cwaffeee‘.’ l‘rnm beautiful Iadee xxxxxx [74.50/81

V I saw you at nn. 14 bus stnp nutside Scntmid nn the Bridges. First time nur eyes lncked l lnnked away: ynu smiled and gnt nn bus. Next time ynu were daydreaming. Ynu in beige parka'.’ish cnat. tne with freckles in khaki cnat. [.7450/82 V I saw you in the Lnrd nf the Rings - nice hair. ynu big nld berk - dig the "hair" I.udia [5/450/50



it 1111' 11 titt-tt-ttttt Iilllt later it III tilll'

IIS Jan-~30 Jan 2003 THE LIST 109