Rear View Phil Kay

he wants to allude to its size and then. therefore. to his amazing brilliance

A history Of brief time by saying how it can be made simple. He and all these science freaks get themselves in such trouble trying to pin graph paper on the solar system.

appy new . . . happy new month and day and moment in fact. Happy new moment. oh. it is not new any more. Happy new. unhappy Happy new instant in time. commemorated during the entirety of old. stale. filthy. gone horrendoust old scene. yester—year. fashion moment. its own sparse existence. A commemoration that takes longer to Disgracefully sad. tattered. old. battered. used. llappy. whorehole of a year.

occur than the brief new moment has to exist. Raggedy. bedraggled. abandoned and retrieved. Happy new that which we barely allow to exist before we are going on We know that the year could start anywhere. It was an ellipse already in about it. lamenting its loss by cheering for longer than it was there. That which orbit when we came along. So if we are into the importance of a new year.

the absolute crystal moment of a possible start -— 'this is it now for real‘ then we have to know that that moment is not really known by us. The calendar is in dispute. so all dawns

By moment we must be commemorated. ll you truly

k believe. then you love them all. Then mean un now? e there is a real reason not to bother for Of tIme’ one day a year and take the one-in- a 365 gamble safely. Like it is the one day you don t have to say it. Happy

new year. Surely it is only a jokey human ritual to mark time. It is silly. Though if we truly mean ‘moment‘. we mean unknowable tiny unheard-of shortness of time. half a photon thick. A wisp of neverness. There is no point at which

we usher in we suffocate at birth in our huny. Huny new yezuz Happy new thing. here it is. here it is. that's it. jump on it. Happy new. oh. it is old now. Stephen Hawking is the most intelligent being in the sense that he is one of the ones who are alive. He is also one of the daftest. The universe in a nutshell. That is the same phrasing as the title of his new book. Obviously I could have said: ‘The title of his new book is The Universe in u i'VirIs/ze/l.‘ or even: 'Stephen Hawking‘s new book 'l'lze l.’nii‘erse in a Nutshell? That is what he does. He says the same thing. but in a way that could never

make you cry. He says what the poets say. it is touchable. So it seems like a tiny except he says it all square on graph paper. arena of human stupidin to put all lt is like he wants to operate in a field of f...» the universe into some map-able non—potentiality. Like he manifests his need sequence. some plot-able. pin-able

way. to be more understandable. Well I say it is all understandable

surrounding the nutshell. Just know i i it in this form. Happy continuum. Same year same difference. Time never starts.

not to be wrong by virtually inventing an arena to be unchallenged in.

He and his mad kind must be stopped. They are anti-poets and we all know how marvellous poetry is. The Universe in a Nuts/tell. How dare he stick it all in‘.’ And from the start. there it is: the madness. ‘ln a nutshell' »— as if

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