Grass act


Corn Exchange, Edinburgh. Wed 22 Jan



Barrowland, Glasgow, Tue 28 Jan


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As the man souire's first ever live show a couple of months back at King Tut's proved. the one-time Stone Roses guitarist has made an admirable comeback following the obligatOry wilderness years of late. Okay. so Time Changes Everything might not have been a stone classic album, but it at least proved Souire was taking his art seriously again - out went the nonsensical Herman's Hermits impression. back came something of the songwriting delicacy which deservedly puts his records in ‘Best Albums Ever‘ polls time and again. And if this all amounts to little more than a nostalgia trip for the hordes of indie faithful who'd fork out to see Squire play in their own kitchen. at least he does it in style; expect to hear at least a couple of Roses classics. and even better no Seahorses. (David Pollock)

FOLK THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow. Sun

26 Jan

The more things change. the more they stay the same. In Supergrass' case. they've firmly knocked the cheeky-monkey teenage tearaway act on the head (anyone who remembers ‘Alright' being released the best part of a decade ago. there's your cue to start feeling old). and they're now coming on like a gang of trendy. corduroy-Clad

PhD students.

Last year's fourth album Life on Other Planets. after all. has a deCIdedly astronomical theme. while their last tour was cheekily Subtitled the 'Carl Sagan Taught us Everything we Know Tour'. in homage to the late author. But it ain't all work and no play for the ‘Grass. because they can still batter out sublime pop effons like ‘Grace'. and are always good value live. They've grown up in public and.

at this rate. we'll get to see the mid-life crisis. too. (Dawd Pollock)

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I Sum41 Braehead Arena. Glasgow. 3 Feb.

I Low Queen‘s Hall. Edinburgh. 3 Feb; QML'. Glasgow. 5 Feb.

I Reel Blg Flsh Barrowland. Glasgow. 4 Feb. I The Delgados QML’. Glasgow. 4 Feb.

I The Coral Barrowland. Glasgow. 5 Feb.

I Idlewlld Barrowland. Glasgow. 6 Feb.

I Id Harcourt Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 7 Feb.

* Steve-O from Jackass - Don't Try this at Home Barrowland, Glasgow. 9 Feb. I Slgur Ros Barrowland. Glasgow. 11 Feb.

I Hell Is for Heroes QML'. Glasgow. 13 Feb.

I Stereo M08 Barrowland. Glasgow. 14 Feb.

I Bowllng tor Soup Barrowland. Glasgow. 15 Feb. I Irasure Barrowland, Glasgow. 16 Feb. SOLD OUT I Mudvayne Garage.

Ticket-3 Scotland; Ripping Records:

Glasgow. 18 Feb.

I Stone Sour Barrowland. Glasgow. 19 Feb.

I The Atarls Garage Glasgow. 19 Feb.

I Lamb QML'. Glasgow. 19 Feb.

I Teenage Fanclub Barrowland. Glasgow. 21 Feb; Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 23 Feb.

I Feeder Barrowland. Glasgow. 22 Feb SOLD OUT I Tom McCrae QML’. Glasgow. 22 Feb.

I Def Leppard Barrowland.

Glasgow. 24 Feb.

I Turln Brakes Barrowland.

Glasgow. 25 Feb.

* Beth Olbbons and Rustln Man Barrowland. Glasgow. 27 Feb.

I Lemon Jelly QML’. Glasgow 1 Mar; Queen‘s Hall. Edinburgh. 2 Mar.

I Donny Osmond Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 3 Mar. I Jackson Browne Concert Hall. Glasgow. 2 Mar

are available from;

A mean feat in itself, harpist Corrina Hewat and pianist David Milligan assembled an epic line up for this huge folk orchestra. with a raft of lauded names including Martyn Bennett. Duncan Chisholm, Finlay Macdonald. John McCusker. Leo McCann and Marianne Campbell performing a diverse selection of both contemporary and tradional work. (Mark Robertson)

rickets Scotland:

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SOLD OUT; L'sher Hall. Edinburgh. 3 Mar.

I Red Hot Chlll Peppers SECC. Glasgow. 5 & 6 Mar SOLD OUT.

* Porcuplne Tree QML’. Glasgow. 6 Mar.

I Anthrax Garage. Glasgow. 7 Mar.

I Mlllencolln Barrowland. Glasgow, 8 Mar.

I Alm QML'. Glasgow. 11 Mar.

I Feeder Barrowland. Glasgow. 12 Mar

* Opeth Garage. Glasgow. 14 Mar.

I leerty X Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 14 Mar. I fiacy Chapman Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 17 Mar. I Stlff thtle Flngers Barrowland, Glasgow. 17 Mar. I Strapplng Young Lad Garage. Glasgow. 18 Mar.

I Pltchshlfter Garage. Glasgow. 19 Mar.

I Davld Holmes presents the Free

Assoclatlon Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 19 Mar.

I Flnch Barrowland. Glasgow. 21 Mar.

I Sugebabes Academy. Glasgow. 21 Mar.

I Avrll Lavlgne Barrowland, Glasgow. 22 Mar. SOLD OUT

I Jlmmy Cllfl Liquid Room.

Edinburgh. 22 Mar. SOLD OUT

I Less than Jake Barrowland. Glasgow. 25 Mar. I Beth Orton Usher Hall. Edinburgh. 26 Mar.

* Ive Barrowland, Glasgow. 26 Mar.

I Danlel Bedlngfleld Barrowland. Glasgow. 30 Mar. I Insplral Carpets Academy. Glasgow. 2 Apr.

* Steve larle and the

Dukes L'sher Hall. Edinburgh.

3 Apr; Barrowland, Glasgow. 4 Apr.

* Mull Hlstorlcal Soclety Barrowland, Glasgow. 5 Apr.

I Masslve Attack

Academy. Glasgow. 8 & 9 Apr. I An evenlng wlth Henry Rolllns Pavillion. Glasgow. 11 Apr.

I Tom Jones SECC. Glasgow. 22 Apr.

* Dead Kennedys Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 22 Apr.

I Darius Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 2 May.

I All About Ive Liquid Room. Glasgow. 2 May.

I Calexlco GL'L'. Glasgow. 2 May.

I lrasure Playhouse. Edinburgh 16 May.

I Blasln' Squad Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 18 May. SOLD OUT

I Shlrley Bassey SECC. Glasgow. 7 Jun.

I Bon Jovl Ibrox Stadium. Glasgow. 22 Jun.

* Deep Purple and Lynryd Skynyrd SECC. Glasgow. 25 Jun.

I Bobble Wllllams Murrayfield. Edinburgh. 28 & 29 June. SOLD OUT.

16—30 Jan 2003 THI LIST ‘3