After the success of -

Catriona Macdonald’s

String Sisters

collaborations in the last?

two festivals it seems

only fitting that the

fellas get a chance to flex

a bit of fiddle muscle. A continent-traversing line-up sees Cape Breton’s Buddy MacMaster and Americas’ Bruce Molsky cross the Atlantic to duel with Denmark’s

Harald Haugaard, Ireland’s Martin '

Hayes and a clutch of home grown talent including Brian MacNeil, John McCusker (pictured) and Alasdair Fraser.

I Bow Brothers play Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Sun 19 Jan.


I Out of the Bedroom Waverley Bar. St Mary's Street. 557 1050. 9pm --ntidnight. l-‘ree. ()pen-mic session for lidinburgh- based singer-songwriters.

I Bilonga Prive Counsil. Hanover Street. 225 8808. l0pm—3am. £3. Weekly club featuring some of the best in African. Arabic. Brazilian. Caribbean. reggae and ragga sounds.


I Schools Concert for Nursery and Primary Main Auditorium. llatn. Free.

I Danny Kyle’s Open Stage Exhibition Hall. 5pm. Free.

I Dannsa and Na Tri Seudan St Andrew‘s in the Square. 548 6020. 7.30pm. £7 (£5). Hatnish Moore presents four top step dancers. ten of the best pipers and three of the finest fiddlcrs. plus vocals and keyboards.

I Dougie Maclean Main Auditorium. 7.30pm. £14.50 (£12.50). The singer.« songwriter responsible for ‘Caledonia‘. Macl.ean here presents his songs in solo. acoustic folk. and rock settings.

I Scottish Traditions of Dance Trust Dannsa St Andrew‘s- in the Square. 548 6020. 7.30pm. £7 (£5). Dannsa are joined by .\'a Tri Seudan for a night of step dancing. piping. fiddle. song and piano.

I Allan Taylor and Ivan Drever Tron Theatre. 552 4267. 8pm. £8. Contemporary singirig/songwriting and guitar from two well-known performers. I Aly Bain and Ale Moller The Piping Centre. 287 5511. 8pm. £8. As on their album together. there‘s high qttality music when the Shetland fiddle maestro and Swedish mandola/multi instrumentalist team tip and fuse their two musical traditions.

I Dervish Strathclyde Suite. 8pm. £14. Acoustic folk from the great West of Ireland group. who bring the sound of a Sligo session to the stage. The band includes l.ian Kelly on flutes and whistles. Shane Michell on accordion and Cathy Jordan on vocals and bodhran. They are supported by Emily Smith and her Band. winner of the Young Scottish Traditional MUsician 2002.

I Slainte Mhath The Arches. 8pm. £12.50. Good health frotn Canada. The latest generation of a famous family. young Boyd and Ryan MacNeil bring the contemporary sound of their Cape Breton homeland. Lisa (iallant joins them on fiddle and step-dance. In support Danish fiddle and guitar duo Haugaard and lloirttp open the concert.

I Concert by Candlelight (ilasgovv Cathedral. 552 8198. 8pm. £12.50. Clare- born. l'S-resident fiddler Martin Hayes is joined by Chicagoan guitarist. Dennis Cahil. pushing back the conventions of fiddle folk. Danny-winning harpist Jennifer Port opens the concert.

I Shane McGowan and the Popes The Old l’ruitmarket. 287 5511. 10pm. £18. lrish punk roots from the old master. Shane's tnusic days began 25 years ago with the Nipple lirectors. then the Pogttes. I Celtic Connections Ceilidh lixhibition Hall. 10pm. £5. Ticket price includes a drink of choice.

I Festival Club The Quality Central Hotel. 221 9680. 10.30pm. £5. Live music and bars.

I Riverside Ceilidh Riverside Club. l’ox Street. 248 3144. 8pm. £6. live music frotn the Pentland Ceilidh Band.

Saturday 18


I Family Concert with Myllarit Main Auditorium. lptn. l-‘ree. Multi- instrumental jazzy folk. rock Rttssian band. Myllarit. and a Scottish line-up of solo stepdance. clarsach and small pipes.

I The Young Tradition: Clarsach The Piping Centre. 287 5511. 1pm. liree. The first in a series of concerts focussing on instruments that are central to Scottish music. the harp or clarsach is performed by Karen Conner. Phatnie (iovv. Declan lleggarty and Jennifer Port.

I North Cregg Strathclyde Suite. lptn. £7.50. Lunchtime gig frotn the energetic. expressive young Cork traditional band. plus support.

I Danny Kyle’s Open Stage lixhibition Hall. 5pm. l‘ree.

I The Musical Ark Main Auditorium. 7.30pm. £12.50. Headlined by Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham. A succession of duos play round fottr venues (includes the Strathclyde Suite. Arches and Tron).

I Concert by Candlelight (ilasgow Cathedral. 552 8198. 8pm. £12.50. Mairi Maclnnes. TV presenter and (iaelic singer front South l'ist. joins up with the resonant voices of the 1.1angwm Male Welsh Choir. I Clare Mann and Aaron Jones The Piping Centre. 287 5511. 8pm. £8. l-‘iddle. flute and vocals frotn Mann. with guitar and bouzouki frotn Craobh Rua tnember Jones.

I The Musical Ark Tron Theatre. 552 4267. 8.30pm. £12.50. See above.

I Blues Night Extravaganza The Old l-‘ruitmarket. 287 5511. 9pm. £14. See llitlist. left.

I The Musical Ark The Arches. 9pm. £12.50. See above.

I Celtic Connections Ceilidh lixhibition Hall. 10pm. £5.

I Festival Club The Quality Central Hotel. 221 9680. 10.30pm. £5.

I Riverside Ceilidh Riv ersidc Club. Fox Street. 248 3144. 8pm. £6. Plus free drink. See liri 17.


I The Boys of the Lough l-‘estival Theatre. .\'icolson Street. 529 6000. 7.30pm. £10 £14. With new fiddler Kevin Henderson lShetlandl and guests Kathryn Tickell lfiddlc. Northumbrian pipes) and Ron Shaw (cello) it's the Boys‘ 35th anniv ersat'y.

I Young Scottish Talent Cabaret Voltaire. Blair Street. 555 2797. 8 10pm. £5 l£3.50). A showcase of fine young Scots. featuring harpist Phantie (iow. comic l)es Clarke. performance poet Jenny Lindsay and tnore music. Call to reserve tickets. or email

jentrollsm bigw ot'


I Aisling Gheal Trio Princes Square. Buchanan Street. 221 0324. 12.30 2.30pm. Trio playing folk airs and ballads on guitar. fiddle and whistle.

I The Young Tradition: Fiddle The Piping Centre. 287 5511. lpm. £6. Continuing the series celebrating key Scottish instruments. a varied line tip of young fiddlers demonstrate the instrument's potential.

I New Voices: Aidan O’Rourke Strathclyde Sttite. lptn. £6. The Blazin‘ l-"iddles and Sttn Honey fiddler has composed a piece for four fiddles pltis accompanying instruments. The line-up includes lingland's Luke Daniels and Denmark’s Harald Haugaard.

I A Taste of the Festival Tron Theatre. 552 4267. 4pm. £6. A selection of many of the acts appearing at this year's Celtic Connections.

I Danny Kyle’s Open Stage lixhibition Hall. 5pm. l‘ree.

I Bow Brothers Main Auditorium. 7.30pm. £12.50 £14.50. International line up of some top fiddle talent. including Scotland's Alasdair liraser. Cape Breton's Buddy MacMaster. Ireland‘s Martin Hay es. Denmark's llarald llattgaard and America's Bruce Molsky.

I Flook! and Last Night’s Fun Strathclyde Suite. 8pm. £12.50. The astonishing two flutes. guitar attd bodhran of lilookl. with concet’tina-lcd lt'lsh song- and-tunes trio 1..\'F in support.

I Kesha Tron Theatre. 552 4267. 8pm. £8. Virtuoso (ilasgow -based grottp formed by Nigel Clark lguitart. ()1eg Ponomarev (ex-Loyko v tollttisll and l.ev Atlas l\ iolinl performing a mix of Rttssian. gypsy.ja/z and Kle/mer folk music.

I Fiddler’s Bid The Arches. 8pm. £12.50. lirom Shetland. the four—fiddle fronted all-instrumental band with a

pow erhottse rhythm section and a brilliant harp piano player.

I Master and Apprentice The Piping Centre. 287 5511. 8pm. £8. Continuing the new series itt Celtic Connections where young talents perform with established players and singers. inclttding liinlay' .\lacl)onald working with ex-()ssian lain MacDonald on pipes and whistles.

I Myllarit Cafe Cossachok. Rttssian Cultural Centre. King Street. 55.3 0733. 9pm. £5 (£3). Clever seven-piece. folk- rock blend from Rttssia and l‘inland.

I Sharon Shannon Band The Old liruitmarket. 287 551 l . 9pm. £14. Celebrated lrish accordionist land ex- \\'aterboyl Shannon returns with her first gig of the New Year.

I Festival Club The Quality Central Hotel. 221 9680. 10.30pm. £5.

Monday 20


I Schools Concert for Primary 4—7 Main .-\uditorium. 353 8000.

l lam. Free. Mttsic for children. presented by performers at Celtic

folk 8 world listings Music


L The Boys of the Lough Proving that there‘s still some Celts left in the world not in Glasgow. the Boys celebrate the addition of new fiddler Kevin Henderson and a momentous 35th anniversary together in Edinburgh. Festva/ Theatre. Edinburgh. Sat 78 Jan.

Blues Night Extravaganza A gang of maverick bluesmen go on the rampage with spectacular results. Dutch guitarist Hans Theesink with his band Blue Groove. team up with Scots Tam White. Rab Noakes and harmonica maestro Fraser Spiers. The Old Frur'tmarket. Glasgow. Sat 78 Jan.

The Musical Ark Logistically this may sound like a nightmare but Colin Hynd's relatively simple premise last year has been expanded from two simultaneous shows in one night to four, with a host of players doing their thing two by two and with as many as 30 players expected to perform over the tour events. Royal Concert Hall the Arches. Tron Theatre. Glasgow. Sat 78 Jan.

Connections. Tickets free on application.

I University of Strathclyde Concert lixhibition Hall. 353 8000. 2pm. l’ree. l-‘ree concert from students on the music course at l'nivet'sity of Strathclyde.

I Danny Kyle’s Open Stage lixhibition Hall. 5pm. Free.

I Brian Kennedy with Karen Matheson Main Auditorium. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £14 £16. lrish popster with an outstanding voice. who has performed with Van Morrison and the Corrs. with songs from his new album. He is joined by Capercaillie chanteuse Karen Matheson. I Fiddle School Concert and Masterclass The Quality Central Hotel. 221 9680. 8pm. £5. American stylist Bruce Molsky leads this concert and masterclass. I An Evening of Gaelic Song The Piping Centre. 287 5511. 8pm. £8.The voices of lshbel .\1ac.-\skill..\lairi Maclnnes. Margaret Bennett. and tnore.

I BBC Radio Scotland Live Festival Broadcast tishihition Hall. 10.30pm. l-‘ree. lain Anderson presents his evening music show.

I Festival Club The Quality Central Hotel. 221 9680. 10.30pm. £5.


I Schools Concert for Primary 4-7 Main Attditorittm. l lam. Free. See Mon 20.

iii-.30 .Jtt't 9.00:8 THE LIST 5"