the night. Surf to www.s‘ubwayw‘ for more info.

I Four Play at Massa (formerly (‘lub Mercado). 4—I0pm. Free. Weekly. Maittstreatn dance action and after office antics (with happy hour from 4pm Spm). It‘s bound to get messy. free entry on guest-list. jUst e-mail

guestlistGI or fax 0 1 3| 336 4334.

I Ibiza Foam Party at Revolution. 10pm—3am. £tbc. Weekly. (‘ommercial dance. foam. holiday giy'eaw'ays ((‘lub IS-30 no less) all night long.

I Office Affair at Subway West Iind. 4—9pm. £l-—£-I. Weekly. ('hart tunes. buffet and cheap drinks -- what else do you tteed to tnake a fool of yourself in front of you colleagues'.’

I Office Party at (‘ayendish I)iya. 4pm—3am. Free. Weekly. New night of after work silliness and cheesy fun. Bucking broncos. games and more to keep the suited masses entertained. Buffet for pre-booked parties (as well as a bus pick up seryice).

I The Subway at Subway. 9pm 3am. Free before I lpm; 3 (£1 ). Weekly. See Thu.

Edinburgh Saturdays


I Beluga at Beluga Bar and (’anteen Restaurant. Spm ~Iam. Free. Weekly. Ilouse. garage and jaz/y beats with a touch of northern soul froin the infamoUs Yogi Ilaughton and Jay Feeney.

I City Got Soul at Iguana. l0pm—3am. Free. Weekly. Trinity Sound's Andy Baker (plus guests) supplies the soulful house and garage.

I Human Be-In at Human Be-In. 9pm lam. Free. Weekly. Beany 's on holiday so (iary Mac steps into the breach dropping deep house. new and old skool breaks and beats.

I Immersed in Music at l’iyo Caffe. 9pm 3am. Free. Weekly. The Czech style bar launches a new 1)] schedule to get the party started in a progressiyc house and tech-trance stere. With rotating [)1 duties details still to be confirmed.

I Opal Lounge at ()paI Lounge. noon—10pm. Free. Weekly. All day session with Bertie's tnix of soul and funk till 5pm then Raw Movement and Graeme McLean take over on a jauy soul tip.

I Radio Oxygen at ()xygen Bar and Grill. ()pin—lam. Free. Weekly. A hip mix of house and nu jazz. sounds from a rotating team of residents. including Christer and James Buchanan with their Upside Down pre-club warm up.

I The Scratch Family at Bu (formerly Barn Bou). 9pm - lam. Free. Weekly. Scratch needs no introduction to any hip hop head in town. the best in soul. R&B and hip hop every week from Lyley'. Richie Rufftone and members of the Scratch extended family.

I Scratch Techno at Magoo's Basement. 9pm—Iam. Free. IS Jan. Mixed up. scratched up cuttiitg edge house. techno and electro from Richy Key-'I'ceh. Wolfjazl. and Shady base.

I Yo! Below at Yo? Below. Spin—midnight. Free. Weekly. (‘hris Flexen flexes his funky house gt'ooy‘Cs at the sushi style bar.


I Ascension Goth Club at 'l‘ey‘iot Row Union. Next date S Feb.

I Asylum at Studio 3-1. llpm 3am. £5. 35 Jan. The Mission's down and dirty brother specialising in rock. nu metal and other hardcore sounds.

I Audio Deluxe at Honeycomb. IIpm- 3am. Free. Weekly. Smooth. soulful house at this shindig hosted by resident (‘raig Smith (Hush Hush) hosting a series of free parties to thank all the Audio l)eluxe faithful all building up to their first birthday (Feb S) with Mr \" and Craig Smith.

C? Bumpin’ and Stompin’ at ('afe Royal Bistro Bar. 9pm 3am. £7 £S. 35 Jan only. The Birthday Party as the Soul Boys roll back into town with the best of four decades of black dance music from northern soul to the grooy iest garage. Two dance floors with Mark Linton. ('olin (iate and Martin Ilaughton taking care of the modern garage side of things: Keith Whitson. Wally Francis and Spike handling the northern o0s sottl while Briatt .on cc. (iraham (‘Iark and .IoIly take care of the bar area. I’nr this (late only ‘.-l-/.iyt'i'un/ holders get [3 “Ht/UHF price before midnight.

I CC Blooms at (‘(‘ Blooms. l0.3()pm 3am. Free. Weekly. l).l .-\lly is back again with tnore of her trademark high-cainp-to-Itouse decknical expertise at this always Itoaching gay \cnue.

I Colours Live! at the Liquid Room. I0pm 3am. £l0. 35 .Ian. Monthly. Scotland's yery own super club seems to be stepping tip a gear at their Iidinburgh residency as they haye some blinding line-ups on the way. Presenting the .\'u Skool. sortie of the best young liotise l).ls that you're gonna be hearing more about cottte 3003: Ashley ('asselle. James [abiela and Phil 'I'hompson.

I Conception at 'l‘ey iol Row littiolt. 10pm 3am. £3 (£I members). 35 .Ian. Monthly. (iotlt night specialising in rock. indtistrial and metal ex iIness.

I Diggity at the listablishment.

Ilpnt 3am. U) (£1 off with flyer). Weekly. 1)] Fabulo/ aitd Ilarry I.(i get down with their bad selyes. playing wild style Rtfili. hip hop and street soul.

I Digital at the Venue. 10.30pm 3am. Free. 35 .latt. .Iack‘ing techno and electro funk goodness from residents .I(’ and Dine Brown. joined by the litttigic .\l() Dynamo team as Stnack aitd Wreckage supply the brakes and beats. Whilst room two starts tip a new ghetto-tech yenittre with DJ l)eburgh. :\tldi() l’ery'ert. SB S0 and Mr Mooks supplying the freshest in booty bass.

I Disco Inferno at tigo.

l0.30pm 3am. £S (U) in fancy dress). 35 Jan. Monthly. .-\ night of disco cream on two floors. (ilammed tip and III your face disco action from D] l.o\e. .\'ick Silxer. M(' ()tis. Funkmaster Fry er and DJ (’asanoya.

I DO DO That NL‘U date llk‘.

I The Egg at Wee Red Bar.

I lpm 3am. £4 (£3.50). Weekly. Still the best mix of indie. (ills garage. northern soul. ska and soundtracks you‘re likely to stagger across. .\ well loy ed institution that refuses to change.

I Eye Candy at Massa (formerly (‘Iub Mercado). IIpm .‘yam. £I0 (£S or Us if ‘otiti‘ageotisly dressed' ). Weekly. Residents the Iiy e (‘andy 'I'w ins and .\'ejat Barton host their infamous glam and mainstream house party in the new ly refurbished \enue. Remember to ‘dress glam or scram'.

I Fiesta Latina at 'l'eyiol Row I'nion. 9.30pm 3am. £4.50 (£3.50). l5 Feb. Monthly. Still going strong after ten years of supplying the best in salsa. merengue. mambo and other Latin rhythms courtesy of [)1 I’ancho with a free dance class from the Salsa .-\ngels at 9.30pm.

I Fiesta Tequila! at (it Barrio.

l0pm 3am. Free. Weekly. I.i\e music and fun with a distinctly I.atin American and Spanish slant from I)! Ilector.

I FUN[k] at I’riyc ('ouncil. l0pm 3am. £5. Weekly. See Fri.

I The Funk Train at I’oltct‘row Student I'nion. l0pm .‘yam. £3 £5. IS Jan. Monthly. Monthly dose of funk. dancefloor ja// and other rare grooyes. I Funkysensual at l’o \a Na.

9pm 3am. Free before I Ipm; ~l £5 after. Weekly. IIot mix of sexy funky house music from 1)] Benchy and Roddy Mac. I Greazed ill Spitlc‘t'\ \VL‘I) (‘ellat' Bar. Spm lam. £5. 35 .lan. Tojo's marathon rockin' reyue. all night rock attd rockabilly from otte of Scotlanth ‘Rockiu' Weekender" l).ls.

0 Headspin at Bongo ('Iub. 10.30pm 3am. £7. 35 .Iau. Monthly. The best in hip hop. funk. soul. house and bt'eakbeat from the resident DJ display team featuring Allah. the Resonance (Dam and ('olin Millar) and Steye Spin. Details are being kept tightly under lock and key bttt its fifth birthday time so expect something a bit special and few clteeky giyc-away s. See preview;

I Joy at ligo. llptn 3am. £I() (£S members). IS .Ian. Monthly. Ip front. dirty house grooyes on the main floor. .-\|au is o holiday this month so new resident Brett King will be .loiuing Maggie .on to work you tip into a lather on the main floor. I’lus Dale and Sally F's cheeky tttix of soul. fttnk and chart it] the downstairs suite. Note lltat Joy is a club for gay people and their friends. I Majestica at the \‘enue.

l0.30pm 3am. £tbc. l Feb. Monthly. Down and dirty house night featuring residents I)a\ id :\tll()s, lid I). 'l‘rexor (i. Bruno F-K attd special guest Simon James across two floors. (iay friendly. straight friendly I Messenger Sound System at Bongo ('Iub. llpm 3am. £7. IS .Ian. l‘itll'llllgllll). Bass (ll. bow el shilling: proportions as the mighty Messenger Sound System blasts out the best in righteous roots and dub reggae featuring the roots adyertiser and special guest

M(' Murry Man.

I Mingin’ at Studio 3-1. 10.30pm 3am.

£5 before midnight: £o after. 35 .lau. Fortnightly. Residents Brian l)empster is

joined by Day id Myers this moutlt as

:\lan .on is off sunning himself on his hols. bttt expect the usual Mingin' madness. filthy house and twisted trance for a frisky and predominantly gay crowd.

I Mission Jnr at Studio 3.1. 7 l0pm. £5. Weekly. (ioth. rock. punk and of course all that nu metal stuff that the

generally just friendly.

listings Clubs

kids cray e so much. So if you ex er \ytitttlct't‘tl \\ Itere ttll llttisc black clad .‘ouths from the tol) of (’ockburn Street went after dark look no further. the best and original under IS's metal gathering in town.

I Mission at Studio 31. I Ipnt 3am. £5 (£1 members). IS .Ian. I-‘ortnightly. Night of metal mayhem. goth rock and more from the darkside a real Iidinburgh institution that refuses lay (low it and die.

I Opal Lounge at ()paI lounge. I0pm 3am. £5. Weekly. l)aye Shedden with his mix of disco and fttnky house tracks.

I Opium at ()pium. I0pm 3am. Free. Weekly. Rock. ttti metal and

alternatiye indie.

I Play at the \‘enue. 10.30pm .‘yam. Free before I l .30pm; £7 after (£5 with fIyer). IS .lau. I).l Is'ippS returns at this new night of only the choicest cuts in the world Rth. Ittttk and disco. I'Itragrooxe's (iareth Sommery ille joins Is'ippS to handle the ftmk. taking a break frotn his usual housey staples.

I Popcorn at (‘abarcl Voltaire.

llpm 3am. £S (£7). IS .Iau. Monthly. Residents Keb I)arge (l)ecp Funk). (iino and Fry er (.\lotherfunkt drop funk. soul and disco. While in the Breakneck Beat .Iant studio the Resonance and Stey ie llctltlspiti.

I Progression at the liquid Room. I().3()pm 3am. IS .lan. Monthly. Residents special to w elcome it) Iltc New Year as l)erek Martin. (iay (irant attd .-\|an I)obson dish ottt the best in tribal progressiye house. For this date (HI/V '.l /.I'\I‘('(II'(/ /lH/t/(’I'\ {WI [.3 (IN i/(mr [tr/('1' (1H lite/it.

I Space Face at the Venue. 10.30pm .‘yam. £tbc. 35 .Iau. Scott Ferguson arid the Space Face crew are back to entertain us with their inimitable mix of hip hop. house. funk and disco.

Your pass to great club nights in Glasgow & Edinburgh

Valid from: 16/01/03 Until: 29/01/03

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