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TOMMY SMITH, jazz composer and sax player sits back, relaxes and chooses the top five things that inspire him.

1 John Coltrane He is my greatest inspiration and I love him for taking the saxophone further than anyone else.

2 The void of space It inspires my imagination and fires my soul on every clear night.

Let’s face it, they’re everywhere. They used to be just unfashionable, now they’re fashionably unfashionable.


From Daniel Kitson to Harry Potter, geeks are in. But who is the geekiest of them all? And are you geek enough to join them?



From OMD to Thomas Dolby. electro—pop has a long geek history. The advert-friendly veggie is the latest in line.

Harry Potter

Don't fob us off with your throbbing scar, Potter: you've done more for NHS specs than Maurice Gibb did

3 My wife Laura inspires me to be Steven Spielberg for hats. a better person each and every day. He turned his geekish She is so filled with happiness it . - terests World War ll makes me idd to be around her. 'n ' g y UFOs and other Discovery Bill Gates

4 Sean Connery I am so very proud. From his initiative in 1971, the Scottish International Education Trust was established.

8 Jazz music For its freedom, effervescence. individuality, expressiveness, love, creativity and boundlessness. When you improvise it's like taking a journey into space.

Celtic Connections director, COLIN HYND, on his five most memorable Celtic Connections concerts.

1 Wolfstone supported by 4 Men 1. a Dog and Dhais, 1994 The inaugural concert for Celtic Connections and my nerves were ever so slightly on edge, but all went smoothly and we haven't looked back.

2 La Bottine Sourlante and Kepa Junkera, 2000 Two revellers after the concert were ready to take it outside to decide who was the best performer!

3 James Taylor, 1997 When I invited him he didn't have any other gigs lined up, but just from this one invitation it snowballed into a tour.

4 Musical Ark 2002 Last year we had the artists moving between the Main Auditorium and the Strathclyde Suite. but for 2003 l have decided to use four venues.

5 Scottish Women, 2003 It has its origins in the Gaelic Women and Scots Women concerts but this is the first time the package combining both traditions has been presented within the festival. A fantastic start.

Channel favourites - into box office gold.

Jon Ronson

The writer might have an ironic sense of humour, but his voice is 24-carat geek.

Jarvis Cocker

Taking up the pop geek crown from Morrissey, he sang about the common peOple. little realising that no common person would be seen dead in those shirts.

Martin Clunes

Cleverly distracting us by acting like a man behaving badly, he was a secret geek all along. Just look at those ears.

The Proclaimers

Two geeks for the price of one: there’s the speccy Scottish bloke and the other speccy Scottish bloke. Redeemed by the most un- geekish vocal chords.


City of God Cameo. Edinburgh


Why wait for the geeks to inherit the earth? This one's ready to buy it.

The geek's geek who had the cheek to suggest that a Hollywood leading man could be small. bookish and. well. geek-like.

Andrew Marr

You just know the BBC political editor has looked like that since he was three. In those days, you would have beaten him up. Now. you hang on his every word.

Toby Paterson

Don‘t be fooled by his skateboarding credentials. The Glasgow artist

with his love of imagined architecture is nothing but an arty geek.

Dan Antapolski

The UK has never gone for the clean-cut American stand-up look, but that facial hair is downright alarming.

“Woody Allen '


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8 THE LIST 16—30 Jan 2003