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Transmission Gallery continued

Placebo l'ntil Sat l8 .lan. A lilm work entitled l’lacebo by Dutch artist Saskia ()ltlc‘ \Vttlltc‘l's.

Charlie Hammond lite 13 Jan Sat I lieh. A solo show from (‘harlie llaminond. Nl.‘."." Si if )‘.".'.

Lynn Hynd lllL‘ 28 .laii Sat I l‘eb.

Solo show.


l8 Albion Street. 5.52 2822. Mon l'i‘i lilam 5pm.

Impressions of Nature l‘nnl l'l‘i H l'cb. A solo show of paintings by 'l'rongatc Studios member l)onald \Vai'drop.


ll3 \Vest Regent Street. 22l 0l00. Mott l'ii l0.30am 5pm.

A Winter Selection l'mil l-i-i 28 l‘eb. Paintings. drawings. sculpture and limited edition prints.

Glasgow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Glasgow Life, page 86.


Argyle Sli‘ccl. Kclxingt‘oye. 287 2(i00.


80 THE LIST " -,, ;.:'

Mon 'l‘hu is Sat |0am 5pm; l’ri ck Sun llain 5pm. ('afe. l‘rec.

A Kelvingrove Centenary l‘nlil Mon 30 Jun. A commemoratiye exhibition marking the centenary of the Art (iallery and Museum. Kely ingt‘me. 'l'lie well lo\cd sandstone building liotises one of lllc' finest ci\ ic tll‘l c‘ttllc‘c‘lltills in lillt‘tipc‘. featuring works by Botticelli. Rembrandt.

Whistler and the (ilasgow Boys and (iit‘ls.

and was the \euue for some of the finest exhibitions seen in Britain including l’icasso-.\latissc i I040). \an (iogh ( I048) and Dali‘s Art In .lt'ltt'l.\ t I073 4i. Endangered Wildlife l'ntil Mon 30 .ltiii. An exhibition highlighting the endangered wildlife in Scotland.

BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition l'ntil Sun lo .lan. .\'ow in its eighth year. the popular wildlife photography exhibition featuring the w inning and commended entries. Young Talent 2003 Sat 25 .lan Sun 23 Mar. Artworks by children and young people \\ illt alllislic‘ spectrum disorders curated by Project Ability. Nl"‘.'.' Si lC‘.'.'.


'l‘he (toss. ls'irkintilloch. 578 0H4. ’l'ue Sat 10am lpm & 2 5pm. Scottish Photographic Circle

l'ntil Sat 25 Jan. Photography exhibition.


200i) l’olloksltaws Road. 287 2550. Mon 'l'hu & Sat 10am 5pm: l’ri (k Stilt llain 5pm.

by Amelia Troubridge as part of My Cup of Tea on show at Kelly Coope

Treasures from the Store: 19th Century European Paintings l'ntil further notice. a new selection of oils is on display highlighting the range of Sir William llllt't'cll‘s lttslc. l'cillllt‘c‘tl \Hil'lx's inclttde paintings by Bony in. Ribot and Millet and a rarely seen oil by Henri I.e Sidaner.

GLASGOW BOTANIC GARDENS 730 (ireat Western Road. 334 2422. Daily llam 4pm.

Markus Karkus l'ntil Mon 3| Mar. New sculptures in steel and reclaimed scrap metal by Markus Karkus. The works ha\e been welded by solar and w ind power for the first time in (ilasgow and they are coloured with red oxide.

HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Bellahouston Park. [0 Dumbreck Road. 353 4773. Daily 10am 5pm.

Biddy Lanham t'ntil Hi 3! .lan.

Landscapes in oil by Biddy Lanham.


l'niy ersin Ayenue. 330 4221. Mon Sat 0.30am 5pm.

Discovering Antarctica t'ntil Sat 25 Jan. Draw n from the museum‘s collection. lltc‘ \c‘t‘} llit'sl scientific spL‘L‘llllL‘liS from mainland Antarctica collected by Borchgrey ink as well as material from Shackleton. Scott and Maw son.

r Bar

MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Kel\in Hall. I Burnhouse Road. 287 2720. Mon A'l‘hu & Sat 10am 5pm; liri & Sun llam 5pm.

Fire! l'ntil l'i'i 3| ()ct 2003. The history of firefighting in the west of Scotland is documented in this exhibition featuring a Leyland l'iremaster engine given to the museum by the Strathclyde fire brigade and objects from the past and present.


High Street. 880 3 l 5 l . 'l‘ue- Sat

l0am 5pm; Sun 2 5pm. Free.

Look at our World l'ntil Sun 10 Jan. A showcase of art and design by children and young people in Renfrewshire.

Fish 8: Ships Until Sun [3 Apr. Paintings on a maritime theme drawn from the permanent collection.

On Dry Land l'ntil Sun 13 Apr. The diversity of the Scottish landscape is explored in this display drawn from the permanent collection.


(ilasgow (ireen.55-10223. Mon-Thu & Sat 10am-5pm; l’ri & Sun 11am—5pm. Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki Fri 24 Jan- Mon 5 May. 011 () August I045. the United States Artny Air Forces dropped the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of llit'osliittta. 'l‘hree days later another bomb was released on Nagasaki. This poignant exhibition from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum tells the story of the effects of the dropping of the bombs. through posters and documentation. in a attempt retnind people of the horrors of atomic

weapons. NEW SHOW.


Museum of liducation. 225 Scotland Street. 287 0500. Mon -’I'hu 6.; Sat

10am 5pm; Fri & Sun Ham-5pm. Bairns and Backstreets tintil Mon 16 Jun. Photographs of (ilasgow by liric Wait. a member of the Queen's ('amera (‘lub since 1058 featuring over 30 digital prints from the 50s to the 80s.


2 (‘astle Street. 553 2557. Mon Thu 6: Sat 10am 5pm; l-‘ri & Sun llanr 5pm. One Island, Many Faiths [fntil Sun 27 Apr. Photographer Rachel Morton toured the country to discover the different experiences of faith in Britain today. The results is a series of photographs accompanied by a personal statement from the people in\‘ol\'ed.


l00 Stobcross Road. 330 ()63 |. Daily l0am 5pm. £4.50 i£3.25i: accompanied children free.

Five Thousand Days at Sea An exhibition on board the only ('Iydebuilt sailing ship still afloat in the l'ls'. documenting her adyeiitures on the high seas between I807 and WW.

Across the Water t'ntil Mon 30 Jun. A new exhibition exploring the history of crossing the (‘lyde as the riser grew in both si/e and importance until the demise of the ferry seryice in 1070. The Story of Glenlee This new permanent exhibition pt'tn‘itlc‘s an insight into what life was what like for sea trayellers in l80o through a combination of graphic panels. atidio trails and reconstructed areas.

Story in the Stones tl’umphouse Main (iallery l. An exhibition lookitig at the impact of the industrial ages on (ilasgow harbour.

Morse and More (Ptiinpliouse

l.ow er (iallery ). A hands—on exhibition. aimed at children. looking at the world of communication.