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When I was little I loved going to C hoklit Park with my sister. Not only was there a great playground. but next door was a chocolate factory. We peered in the windows to glimpse the goodies inside but could never see a thing. We imagined rivers of Chocolate like at Willy Wonka's.

Edinburgh Galleries continued LEITR GALLERY

()5 The Shore. l.eith. 55.3 5355. Tue l’ri llam 5pm; Sat llam 4pm. Christmas 2002 L'iitil Sat l8 Jan. A mixed exhibition of paintings. ceramics. sculpture. glass and jewellery by regular gallery artists including l’eter .\'ardini. Davy Brown. Joyce Borland and .‘ylargaretann Bennett and a solo show of pastels by (iraham lll) McKean.

New Faces 2003 Sat 25 Jan Sat 8 Feb. Paintings. ceramics. sculpture and jewellery by graduates from the four art surrounding art colleges. NEW SHOW.

MANSFIELD TRAGUAIR CENTRE liast London Street. 538 M38 336 3306. Art for AIDS Sun l‘) Jan. 3 (rpm. £l0. l-‘inal year events management students from lidinburgh's 'l‘elford ('ollege organise this Art for AIDS conference. exhibition and auction in support of Waverley ('arc. Speakers include Richard l)emarco who has donated three prints to be auctioned.


X7 Broughton Street. 558 8778. Wed Sat noon ()pm; Sun noon 4pm.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of work by 30th century artists including works by Pat l)outhwaite. I)ay id Hosie. Steven Hood and (ieoff Roper.


Belford Road. 63-1 (i300 (recorded information 333 3366). Mon Sat

l0am 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. Cafe. Warhol to Koons: International Contemporary Art from a Private Collection l'ntil Sun 8 Jun. An exhibition of works on long-term loan

82 THE LIST 1(3-(50Jan 2003

including Andy Warhol. lid Rtischa. Jeff Koons. Bill Viola and (iilbert & (ieorge. O Duane Hanson - Sculptures of Life l'ntil Sun 33 lieb. [4 (£3). 'Iiim'is/s by Duane Hanson is a super- realist sculpture of two American tourists which has been a familiar and favourite sight at the gallery for many years. In its only l'K showing. this major exhibition brings together 3l of Hanson‘s extraordinary sculptures dating from the (lllS to shortly before his death. From the early depicted murder and riot scenes to satirical studies of bored and idle America. Hanson explored the tedium of everyday life. See review.

Narrative Sculpture Mon 27 Jan. l3.45pm. ('ritic and writer Timothy llyman gives a talk.

Blood Scotland Thu 30 Jan. (rpm. A new series of monthly talks introducing contemporary art to a new audience.


The Mound. 63-1 ()300 (recorded information 333 3360). Mon Sat

l0am 5pm; Sun noon 5pm.

The Vaughan Bequest of Turner Watercolours l'ntil l‘ri 3| Jan. The annual airing of'l'urner's magnificent watercolours bequeathed to the Gallery in 1900 by the London art collector Henry Vaughan. The 33 works dating from throughout 'l‘urner's career. are only ever shown in the month of January when daylight is at its weakest.

The Pleasures of Patronage l'ntil Sun 3 Feb. A selection of works made with the support of the Patrons of The National (ialleries of Scotland since WS‘) is on display including works by l’iranesi and Rembrandt.

After Hours Thu lo (‘1 Thu 30 Jan.

() 7pm. The (iallery‘s doors stay open

My Fave Places by Kevin Schmidt on show at Forest Arts

jtist that little bit later fora programme of talks. music. readings and of course. art. Landscape with a Huntsman and Dead Game Hi 17 Jan. l3.45pm. Freelance lecturer Matthew Wellard gives a talk on Jan Weenix‘s painting.

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 63-1 (i300 (recorded information 333 3360). Mon Sat

l0am 5pm: Sun noon 5pm. (are. Calum Colvin - ‘Ossian: Fragments of Ancient Poetry’ l'ntil Sun ‘) l-‘eb. 'l‘raincd as a sculptor. ('alum (‘olvin combines two and three dimensional elements in his work. His compositions are part studio-constructed still life. part photographic and part computer manipulated images. l‘or this new body of work. (‘olyin investigates themes of history. time. memory and myth. inspired by James Macpherson‘s epic poetry The l’ru'ms (groom/i uml Rt'ldlt'l/ Hin‘ks (I765).

Calum Colvin’s Ossian war 22 Jan. l3.45pm. Tom Normand. a lecturer at St Andrew s l'niycrsity discusses (‘olvin's work.

My Queen Elizabeth l'ntil Sun 19 Jan. In association with BB("s Blue Peter. an exhibition highlighting the 50 pri/e winning entries in their (iolden Jubilee portrait competition for children aged l5 or under.

On Top of the World: Scottish Mountaineers at Home and Abroad l'ntil Sun 1‘) Jan. Drawn from the gallery‘s collection and other public and private collections. this exhibition of paintings. sculpture. photographs. early instruments and documents. examines the role of Scottish men and women who have explored sortie of the world's highest peaks.

After Hours Thu 33 Jan. () 7pm. See National Gallery of Scotland.

Ideas in the Head Mon 20 Sun Bo Jan. Sculptor Kenny Munro creates a portrait of artist (ieorge Wyllie in this public interactive event. NEW SHOW.


I-l .\'ew Street. 558 7004. Mon Sat

llam (r30pm. l'ntil late on Bongo (‘lub nights.

Emily Thu lo Jan Tue 4 Feb. .\'ew work by self-taught artist limily resulting from a grant she received from (‘llASl-L. Scotland’s Millennium Awards Scheme which allows socially excluded young people to realise their project ideas. Nl—W SHOW.


31 St Leonard‘s Lane. (363 lol3.

.‘ylon Sat [021111 5pm; Sun noon 4pm. January Sale l'ntil Sun 3 Feb. [p to 40‘} off rugs and kilims. plus reductions on a wide range of furniture. artefacts and textiles.


75 7‘) ('umberland Street. 557 I030. Mon Fri 10am (rpm; Sat |0am 4pm. East Meets West t'mil Wed 2‘) Jan. An historical and contemporary survey of paintings by the east and west coast painters of Scotland including works by Sir Robin Philipson. John By rne. SJ l’eploe and Jessie Marion King.

Mixed Show l'ntil Wed 3‘) Jan. A mixed show of applied arts and sculpture.


l7 l9 Barclay Place. 477 3033. Tue Sat llam (3pm.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of paintings including