reproduction art \‘an (ioglt. l)ali. Monet. Kandinsky. Miro originals and work by up-and-coming local artists.


(WASPS) Patriothall Studios. off 48 Hamilton Place. 225 I2S‘). Wed

noon- (rpm: Sat & Sun noon 5pm.

No Room for Certainty t'ntil west 22 Jan. New work by Rachael Burnett and Catherine Street.

Sing Something Simple Sat 25--\\'ed 2‘) Jan (daily noon 6pm). .\'evv paintings by Archie Webb.


25 Marchmont Crescent. 22‘) 2063. Mon—Fri ‘)am- 5.30pm; Sat l()am 2pm. Mixed Exhibition A photographic gallery and framing workshop featuring a range of framed mounted images with space for local photographers to show their work.


Palace of liolyroodbouse. 0207 3 I 22233. Daily ‘).30am--4.30pm.

Leonardo da Vinci: The Divine and the Grotesque t'ntil Sun 30 Mar. £4 (£2--£3i; family ticket £l0; under 5s free. Designed by Benjamin 'I’indall Architects. the £3m Queen's (iallery‘ opens with the largest exhibition devoted to Leonardo da Vinci ever held in Scotland. Drawn from the Royal Collection. which holds the world's finest group of Dar Vinci drawings. the exhibition features 73 works that explore the Renaissance artist‘s life-long obsession with the human form. From his attempts to define perfect proportion to his distortion of the human face to explore its comic potential. the exhibition includes studies for his masterpiece The Lust Supper. self-portraits and designs for festival costumes.


(‘lerk Street. 668 20l‘). Mon Sat l0am~5.30pm.

Dream Scenes t’niil Sat I t-‘eb. .\t.-\ Fine art student at Iidinburgh (‘ollege of Art. Rachael .\Iacarthur investigates reality and imagination in this exhibition of work.


l5 Rutland Square. 22‘) 7545. Mon I‘ri ‘)am» 5pm: Sat l()am 4pm.

Terry Farrell and Partners t'ntil Fri 24 Jan. A survey of the work of Terry I-‘arrell and Partners. carried out in the last ten years in Scotland. Projects include the Iidinburgh International (’onference Centre. the Sheraton Spa and the Ocean Point development in I.eith.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnverleith IIouse. lnverleith Row. 552 717].

0 Jim Lambie: Kebabylon Wed 22 Jan Sun 30 Mar tlnyerleith llotise: Tue-Sun l()am 3.30pm). A solo show of new work by the celebrated (ilasgow -born artist Jim Lambie. Best known for his psychedelic floors. his involvement in the Glasgow music scene has had considerable influence on his work as he is fascinated by the way in which music. like art. can transform a social environment. Working with everyday objects. the show features works made specifically for the show along with other recent work. See feature. NEW SHOW. Zones of Inhibition t‘niit Sun 23 l‘eb (lixhibition lIall: .\lon l-‘ri l()am 3.30pm: Sat & Sun noon 3.30pm). An exhibition on fungi from both a scientific and an artistic point of view. looking at both its identity and its economic significance.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings (iallery. I00 Princes Street. 225 l50I. .\lon liri l()am (rpm.

Art to Go I'ntil liri I4 Iieb. Affordable paintings. prints and drawings by artists from Anstralia. Bangladesh. (‘anada. Malaysia. Singapore. South Africa and the


l(i Ilowe Street. 225 20I0. Mon Sat l()am 5.30pm; Sun by appointment. Antique and Contemporary Eastern Carpets Iidinburgh‘s newest eastern rug and carpet gallery set tip by Brian .\Iacl)onald features a fine selection of contemporary rug art from the east as well as antique rugs and tribal bags.


l(i I)undas Street. 558 I200. .\lon I‘ri l()am (rpm; Sat l()am 4pm.

Joan Eardley RSA (1921-1963) l'ntil Wed 5 I'ieb. As part of a series of exhibitions by 20th century Scottish masters. a small show of oils and works on paper by Joan liardley t I‘)2I l‘)o3). Recent Acquisitions t’nnt Wed 5 I’eb. Work by gallery artists past and present.

Simone ten Hompel t’nnt wc-a S I'eb. A new collection of work by this (ierman trained silversmith.


5 Barony Street. 478 7440. Tue Sat l()am opm.

Contemporary Scottish Art and Design A gallery and shop featuring a changing selection of hand-woven and embroidered rugs and textiles from the 'l'urkmcn. I’lbek. Beluch and Aimaq tribes of central :\sitt.


Reiach and Ilall .-\rchitects. (i l)arnaway Street. 225 8444. .\Ion l’ri 2 5pm. Colours: Adam Barker-Mill t‘niit Hi 3] Jan. Internationally acclaimed artist. Adam Barker-Mill creates a new light installation for the Sleeper space. For ('o/uurs he has created a new wall in the gallery with a central circle cut out. revealing coloured light. If you enjoy ed his show at lnverleith House in NW. his work as part of .VUI'IIH’I‘II [Juli/v in the same year at the l’ruitmarket (iallery and his lightbox sited out at lidinburgh Park's B'l‘ Building. this is not to be missed.


44 High Street. 557 S360. I)aily

l()am opm.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of paintings by predominantly Italian artists. featuring still life. landscapes and figurative. with all works for sale.


5S Ratcliffe 'I‘errace. (m7 I‘)(i(i. .\Ion l-"ri

‘)am (rpm: Sat l()am 5pm.

Mixed Show I'ntil l-‘ri 3| Jan. ()riginal artworks by various artists including new

works by \‘iswani.


2I I.ismore Crescent. 020 5344. “ed lit'i by appointment only.

Eiji Watanabe t'ntit Hi 31 Jan. Japanese artist liiji \Vatanabe present work made from photographic material gathered on a previous trip to Iidinburgh.

TALBOT RICE GALLERY l'niversity of lidinburgh. South Bridge. ()50 ‘)74(i.'l'ue Sat l()am 5pm.

The Hope Scott Collection t‘nnl Sat 1 l’eb. 'I'he l'niversity of lidinburgh's IIope Scott collection goes on show featuring works by Scottish 20th century artists. Picasso and Bonnard.


3o I)undas Street. 550 (i300. .\Ion I'At'i llam (rpm; Sat l0.30am 4pm. Jolomo Sat IS Jan Sat 8 I‘eb. .\'ew paintings by Jolomo (John I,owrie Morrison). NIiW SHOW.


('afe Bar. In ('ambridge Street. 22" 5383.

Andrew Riddell-Carre and Bonnie Square t'niil Sat 3 I‘eb. New work by Andrew Riddell ('arre and Bonnie Square.


l(i South l‘ort Street. 478 7SIO. .\Ion Sat l lam I l.45pm: Sun 12.30 ll.45pm. Don’t Walk l'ntil Sat S lieb. .\'cw prints by Karen Chambers.


4 I)undas Street. 558 ‘)544 5. .\Ion I‘ri l()am (rpm; Sat llam 4pm.

Mixed Show I'ntil l-‘ri 3| Jan. A selection of sporting and natural history paintings.

Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh Life, page 87.


42 High Street. 52‘) 4|42. .\Ion Sat l()am 5pm.

The Golden Ages of Toys t‘niit Sat 7 Jun. Share the magic of Meccano. llornby train sets. teddy bears and the wonderful array of toys that came to life between IS‘)0 and l‘)30.

MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND ('hambers Street. 247 421‘). Mon Sat l()am 5pm: Sun noon 5pm: 'l‘ue

l()am Spin.

Arctic Highlanders t’ntil l‘ri 3! .Ian. A single case display highlights the Scots and the Inuit of the Arctic's long histot‘} of contact through whaling. trade and exploration.


2 ('hambers Street. 247 42 l‘). .\Ion Sat l()am 5pm t'I’ue Spin): Sun noon 5pm. liree.

Millennium Clock A chance to view Russian mechanical sculptor liduard Bersudsky 's millennium clock. a kinetic sculpture. measuring ‘)m high. Mediating with Spirits, Shamans in Korea I'ntil Sun 30 Mar. An exhibition exploring shamanism. an important element of the Altaic culture that came to Korea in the l3th century B('. The show features dioramas and ritual objects used by shamans. many of which have been donated to the National .\Itiseums of Scotland by the Korean government.

Illustrating Scotland’s Past t'niil Sun 26 .lan. An exhibition highlighting the work of archaeological illustrator. Marion ()'.\'eil. including exact representations of original objects such as Ilte ()IIIIII~_\L'1II"UIKI bow from Rotten Bottom in I)umfriesshire.

Game On I'ntil Sun 2 I-'eb. £5 (£3): family ticket L'l0: under 5s and NMS members free. (iunn' ()n is the first major exhibition devoted to the \ ideogame. featuring over I20 v ideogames to try out. l‘roni the first ever game Slim-e tlirr.’ created in I‘)(i2 to the latest Lara ('roft 'Iiim/i Rail/er (ionic. the exhibition explores the history. culture and future of computer games.

Designing Ourselves t'niil Sun 30 Mar. A fascinating insight into how design can be Used on ourselves. to enhance. adorn and transform the body. vv hether by tattooing. piercing. brandng or even surgery. Key exhibits include Shaun l.eane's ('unluur ('urvt'l. a curvaceous silver-plated corset which reflects the silhouette of the coca cola contour bottle and body sculpture by contemjmrary jevveller Jacky ()liv er.


l'niversity of I)undee. l3 Perth Road. 0l3S2 345330. .\Ion l‘ri ‘)ani 8.30pm: Sat l()am 4.30pm

Dundee - The City in Art and Photography t'ntil Hi 24 Jan. A look it! how artists have depicted the city UI' I)undee over the past I50 years. featuring paintings. engravings and

listings Art

photographs from the I'niversity collections.

Cheeky Art Show l'ntil l‘ri 24 .lan. tl.o\\ er l‘hoy er (iallery l. .'\ solo installation and video works by MSc student Ah Bin Shim which looks at greed. dreams and life as a race. Ocean’s Dance t'nnl Sun 2 ticb. An exhibition highlighting artworks from the Scottish I’isheries .\Ilt\ettnt\ collections on the theme of fish and fishing. Artists include \Vill .\laclean. Ian Howard and Dennis Buchan.

America Ate our Young t'nnt Hi 7 lieb t('antina). Screenprints and text by Kevin Reid.

Inuit Art l'ntil I‘ri 7 I'eb tBradshaw (iallery l. Inuit printmaking from ('ape I)ut'scl. North Western 'I'erritorics. ('anada.

An American Conversation I-‘ri t7 Jan I‘ri l4 lieb t('ooper (iallery i. An exhibition of process-orientated sculpture by Alex lirost and Karla Black. NI W

SI l()W.

You Take All my Time I‘ri 17 Hi 3| .Ian t('ooper (iallery l. \'R(' I)('.-\ fellow Icelandic artist and musician ligill Saebjornsson presents the third and final stage of this three—month residency with an installation combining a theatrical stage set with music. animation and video. A live performance takes place on I7 and 24 Jan at (rpm. NI ‘.'-.’ Sl l()\.".’.


I52 Nethergate. (I l 382 ‘)(I‘)‘)(l(l.

Tue Wed. Sat is Sun l0.30am 5.30pm; 'I‘hu & I-‘ri l0.30am Spin.

0 III Communication Sat 25

Jan Still 23 Mar. .\'ew and existing works by internationally renowned artists including 'Iurner pri/e nominee I.iam (iillick..leremy l)el|cr..lenny lIol/cr. .v\leksandra Mn and Philippe Parreno. reflecting the ways in which connnunication has been dramatically altered with the growth of internet access and use. NI \.'.’ Sl l()\.'~.".

Gallery Talk Sat 25 .lan. 2pm. A selection of artists taking part in the III (’onununication exhibition discuss their work.

Outside the Cities



I5 Kelly Street. 0|475 7I5o24. .\Ion Sat l()am 5pm.

Auld Alliance t‘ntil Sat 2‘) Mar. Paintings by Scottish artists who worked or trained in l‘rance including works by Peploc. ('atlcll and l'et‘gttsson.



lilmbank Avenue. 0l5(i3 554343.

Mon 'l‘ue & 'I‘hu I-‘ri l()am Spin; \Ved is Sat l()am 5pm.

Storm - Landscape and the Elements Sat 18 Jan Sat s I‘eb. An exhibition exploring the artist's interpretation of the landscape from the mid lb’th century to the present day.

NI V! St l()\.'.’.



35 The Stirling Arcade. t)l7.\'(v 4703M. ‘I‘ue Sat llani 5pm.

Dirk Bell, Kate Davis and Alan Michael Sat 25 Jan Sat l5 .\Iar. A group show focusing on the artists' rise of draw ing and painting. NI \'.' SI l()‘.'.’, Artists’ Talk Sat 25 .Ian. 2pm. An open discussion with I)irk Bell. ls'atc I)av is. Alan Michael and ()liv ia Plender. covering drawing from the 20th century to contemporary practice.

Olivia Plender Sat 25 .Ian. 2pm. Artist and editor of ( 'nII'I/u/ maga/ine is in conversation with Kate I)av ies.

'v? .-‘ .:.a' .‘ I4 THE LIST 83