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Want to get into shape? Scared of the mysteries lying in wait in all those gyms? Fear not. We’ve been there for you. Words: Johnny Regan and Carolyn Aiken



Trim the fat from your brain

It's all there in the name. Aspire Health Club and Pilates Studio rightly recognises that health is as much about psychology. altitude and feeling as gruelling running programmes. That‘s why its focus is firmly on Pilates. with its revitalising effects benefiting you both physically and mentally. The areas that get treated most roughly in the modern computer—driven world. the abdomen. back and neck. are given special attention.

Situated in the heart of the West End. this privately-owned club entices the fitness—conscious student as well as the upwardly mobile inhabitants of the area. so there's a real sense that you‘re part of something exclusive.

I Pilates. with machines.

I Small, independent club.

I Personal fitness trainers are included in membership.

I A good mix of people. from students to young professionals.

I Aspire Health Club and Pilates Studio, 37 Ruthven Lane, Glasgow, 014/ 339 4747, www.aspueg/asgow.co.ul<, va/erie@aspireglasgow. co. uk. Membership fee $50, then month/y charge £3 I .96 for basic gym use and E38. 96 for gym plus Pilates.

GET INTO THE GROOVE Dance yourself beautiful

The gyii for those who see exercise as a den .oiistrative. rather than quietly

96 THE LIST lb 30 Jan 2003

beneficial, activity is Healthland. Its

Aspire: revitalising

vast, towering plate glass windows ensure that the lucky pedestrians of Bath Street can look up at you toning your abs. Watch as they sigh in shame at their own puny bodies.

Seriously. though. this gym pretty much has the monopoly on post-work visitors from the office district. and for good reason. No joining fee. a (relatively) paltry monthly fee. and an atmosphere of unrivalled enjoyment are just a few of the reasons why Healthland works. Its Tardis-like dimensions are another. Visitors are amazed at the square footage. the number of floors and the business the place does, even on an off day. After all, Healthland tries to put on a show. How many gyms do you know that employ DJS?

I Looks the part. Bel Air-style.

I Bang up to date equment.

I Sense of fun.

I So vast that finding free equipment is rarely a problem.

I Health/and, 740 Bath Street, Glasgow, 0141 33l 2040, website under construction,

peter@healthlar idpartnership. co. uk. No membership fee. £327 per month.

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SPORT BEFORE TRAINING Compete and lose that flab

As part of Holyrood Secondary School. Holyrood Sports Centre is designed to attract the youth with its unpretentious. modern interior and accessible equipment. More than a mere gym. it comprises a synthetic football pitch. badminton courts and indoor spaces. There are fitness classes and a swimming pool.

This is a council run, yOLith- orientated centre. with an internet cafe and lots of room for socialising. It's in the Southside. but people have been known to traverse the city to make use of the swanky gym equipment. to which the general public are welcome. in exchange for a negligible fee.

I Unpretentious environment.

I Scope for competitive sport.

I Cheap and accessible.

I Local to the Southsiders. so no need to travel all the way into town. I Holyrood Sports Centre, 600 Aikenhead Road. Glasgow, 074 7 423 943 7 , www. glasgowcitycouncil. com. E 75 administration fee, $32 per month.


Feel at home when working out LA Fitness is so friendly that its four- stage introductory service was given an award by the Fitness Industry Association. The chain wants everybody to experience the same level of congeniality. It provides uniformity with an awareness of the needs Of the individual and works on

Livingwell: extensive service

the premise that people will feel better about exerCising if they feel at ease.

I The staff are so nice that they could become drinking buddies.

I Located right in the city centre.

I High standards

I Great looking deck level pool.

I LA Fitness, 275/309 Argyl/ Street. Glasgow, 0747 204 3333.

www. la fitness. co. uk, argyl/streetCa} latitnesscouk. No joming lee, monthly fee ranges from £35 to £762 depending on programme chosen.


Back to (fitness) school

Livingwell prides itself on extensiveness : over 60 fitness classes a week. over 100 pieces of equipment. two squash courts. sauna. steam room and spa are all included in the cover price. Towels and toiletries are all complimentary. and it even lays on a lifestyle assessment.

Livingwell Premier is class- orientated. with Pilates. yoga and Spinning offsetting more aggressive (but harmless. of course) pursuits such as combat and martial arts.

I Vast range of classes on offer.

I Complimentary towels and toiletries. I Tonnes of equipment.

I One-on-one personal assessment. I Liwngwel/ Premier, 309 St Vincent Street, Glasgow. 0741 248 9788. www. liwngwe/l. co. uk, lwsa/es@ glasgow. livingwe/l. co. uk. At present there is no membership fee. and the monthly price varies from £34 to f 52. depending on the programme chosen.