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A lengthy. llT‘lfN'eSShle look at the ll). es of Japanese- teenagers who share an ObSGSSIC" will) the pop Singer of the title but line a generally atomzsed existence. Director Shunp It'xai's t'ln‘ Ell“ intin‘ate epic focussng on he bullied Husan». a boy finding solace n the muse and through wet contact with other ‘aiws. The is CDVIOLiSl‘, a Cine't‘a of aliei‘atc" that

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Fascinating and cand

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t director’s working method

By rights this should have been one of those ‘the making of. . .’ documentaries, the kind of thing they broadcast off-peak on cable TV or stick on the DVD as an unnecessary extra feature. But this is the making of a movie with a difference. Because Terry Gilliam’s The Man who Killed Don Quixote never got made.

This knowledge creates a built-in tension. Every blip, every diversion, every minor technical hitch, whether significant or not, ups the ante towards the tragic finale we know is going to come.

The story takes up in 2000 as Gilliam - the Monty Python cartoonist and director of Brazil, 12 Monkeys and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen - arrives in Madrid for pre-production on the Cervantes movie he’s dreamed of for a decade. Immediately, the warning bells sound. The S32m budget, though vast by European standards, is half the money he needs.

80 it’s hard to say exactly what does for the project. Is it the fact that the actors - among them Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis - don’t seem too keen to turn up? The set location right next to a military air base? The fact that the lead actor Jean Rochefort is stricken with a double hernia? That a rain storm deluges the set? Or just the general sense of foreboding because the last man to repeatedly attempt and fail to produce a Quixote film was Orson Welles?

Whatever, it’s a fascinating and candid account of a brilliant director’s working methods and of an accident waiting to happen. (Mark Fisher)

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The latest |.". a long line of Holly 2d teen notes adapted fro classc texts rpret. ous exaii‘p:es include JEll‘C Austen's Emma updated as Cue/ess. Shakespeare's Tart‘vtg of the Shrew; updated as .70 T’7,,'7g:; / Hate About You and De lacloss Les L aso'ts [)t't' t‘en‘ade as Care /.'?.'e".‘.or‘s. 'O' is a (:ohte'“::e'ar‘, "eadiitg of Shakespeare's ti‘aged‘, play. Others.

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With tit and ass shots oozing fron‘ eten, orifice. this could easi'y nutcrk as the finest adyertzsen‘ent for a quick hip and tuck in history Christina (Cai‘i‘eron Dia? and Courtney Christina Applegate; are party- ltappy singletons. \‘Jnrle renelhng In their all- dancing. con‘mitn‘ent- free lifestyles they fall upon Christina's perfect partner. Peter.

The Sweetest Thing,- inrt:ally hits you i:ke a tackier rendition of Road Trip--nteets-S'.t.’eet Home Ai’zrhtrihgr. But this n‘oyie n‘anages to pack a far greater punch. With a

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DOCUDPAMA THE WAR GAME (12) 47min 0000

\x‘.’l‘ile censorship is Eillélll‘ClYlél to all ‘ree T’tll‘ktil‘SS. you can understand tne end 63s estahlishment got at' t‘.'.'itcl‘;. ox er Peter \."."{ltkll18' VISION. of a ".uclea." assault on Kent. With ‘.'.”(-BSIer.'t society still freaked out by Hirosltiina and getting agztated oyer Cold \"x’ar escaatto'i. tne last thing r'tiddle England wanted to see was pig white ‘iashes. Clillfll't-E". wrth crusty. radiated skit ar‘o staryi'tg Citizens gunned (10W!) ny Dixon of Dock Green types.

."(l so. .‘or another 20 years. The Ha." Garrre was giyen only limited t'teattca "eease. Bu: no.2. part“. the spectre of Armageddor‘ hack on the pe..trcat agenda. this remains a scary \lSlOl) of .zt’e after the apocalypse.

(Brian Donaldson:

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