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20 THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU’RE 30 Channel 4, Thu 6 Feb, 10.35pm 00

Remember twentysomethtng SttCOm Two Prnts of Lager and a Packet of Crisps? YOu knoxr. Ralf Ltttle and all those ex-HO/xyoaks TVDeS tnytng to do serious comedy: crap. '.'.'a$n't It? V‘Jelt :t's hard "f" ’o CO'TthrC‘ up that dim show In your head t'rhlle suffering; the ooehmg half hour of Hits. The one advantage of 20 Thrngs Is that you have no oreconceptto'ts n'r'th the bunch of fresn- to-telly actors. So. you r'rch't hate them straight

Our foztr heroes. Shona Isex‘sfah/ed hetero. Conrad :sex-stahxeo hornet. Zoe tdlt7liy natvet and Domnrc trrargtnally IT‘ISDgleISUCI are market researchers strut/mg to discover Just what makes those approaching the btg Three—O ttck. Though, you never aotually see them conducting any market research: unless gassmg outSIde the office durtng yet another tag break IS consrlered gatnful empIOyrvertt In 2003.

20 Thrngs IS slack. repetnttve. unfunny and dull, There's only one thtng y0u need to do before yOu're 30. Do not watch thus. tBrtan Donaldsont

Many reasons not to watch 20 Things

POLITICAL DPAMA THE WEST WING Channel 4, Sat 8 Feb, 8pm 0000

With its witty dialogue, super-fast delivery from an exceptional cast and fine detailing of the labyrinthine American political system, The West Wing has always been a winning dramatic series. But now, as its third season kicks off with President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) deciding to run for a second term, you can’t help but compare tough but liberal Democrat Jed Bartlet and his hard-working staff with the Bush administration. Final result: Dubya

and his hawks are wanting.

Among the plethora of problems plaguing the West Wingers as they strive for re-election is a military coup in Haiti, a forest fire in Yellowstone Park and the public revelation that Bartlet has MS. Tackling them in order, Bartlet avoids an armed solution, lets the blaze burn itself out (an ecologically-sound strategy that essentially ‘prunes’ woodland) and comes clean about his medical condition. Try imagining Bush reacting in this considered manner: ‘Bomb Haiti, drill for oil in Yellowstone and don’t tell

those newshounds about my illness.’

Sure, at times The West Wing can be awfully gung ho about America, land of the free blah blah blah, but creator and writer Aaron Sorkin keeps the issues satisfyingly complicated. And watching the new series makes one want to cry out: ‘Bartlet, I mean Sheen [no stranger to politics, nor to publicly criticising Bush’s war-mongering ways] for President!’

Perhaps most intriguing of all though, is the show’s new slot. Transferred from its safe Sunday evening berth to primetime Saturday night, Bartlet and co are taking on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Casualty. Now,

there’s a high-risk policy. (Miles Fielder)

CRIME DRAMA THE LAST DETECTIVE Scottish, Fri 7 Feb, 9pm .00

than DangerOus Dawes IPeter Daytsonl. alt-Jays the last detecttve to be sent Out on an Imponant jOD. You see. Dawes IS a decent bloke In a horrtble world: he talks to old Iadtes. takes hts ex—mfe's dog fOr walks While she gets It On \Vlih ytsmng ptlots and worst of all he COuntS as hls best frtend an unemployable loser by the name of Med tSean Hughes).

thh thus adaptatton of the Leslte Thomas (:rtme novels. ITV are looktng to flu the two-hour slot left In the schedules by the seasonal departure

Ntce guys finish :ast. NO one knows thts better

of Frost and co. Herero ties the problem Though fairly weu- tvhtten and performed. \.‘.'l‘.at COuId have mad an Interesttng. stzghtly offbeat 45 minutes 18 n‘ercnessly padded. Dangerous :3 a dull but 'h-Idly Itkeabte Character. and he apoea may de\e;op O\e" t-me. but for how The Last Defectvve as a pet of a slog. :Pau: Daie‘