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Feel the eve

Still pondering over what to buy this Valentine’s Day? Energetics may have the key to unlock that loving feeling. Words: Catherine Bromley

od bless 'em. they mean well. but if your

boyfriend/girlfriend offers you a relaxing back-rub or

a neck massage and they don‘t happen to be gifted in the art. you usually say one of the following: ‘Maybe later. eh'?’ or. ‘No. you’re all right. I feel better already.’

Why‘.’ Because as painful as the feeling of having a row of woodpeckers strapped to your shoulders can be after a stressful day. it's nothing next to the throb of Chinese burns inflicted on your aching body by a cack-handed. if well- meaning. amateur.

Thankfully we no longer have to suffer in silence because holistic heath and bodywork centre Energetics is now holding as part of its wide range of complementary therapies. studio classes and courses workshops designed to teach couples and friends the art of gentle. soothing massage. ‘There's been a lot of enthusiasm for it.‘ says the centre's co-ordinator and resident therapeutic masseuse. Louise Roy. ‘lt came out of couples complaining to me. like the wife who complains that the husband can't do a good massage. so there was a need there to work with people.‘

Teaching the five techniques of massage. honing your quality of touch and giving you the confidence to undertake a massage without fear of having to apologise later. Roy‘s first workshops of the year are timed perfectly to coincide with Valentine‘s Day. Choose from either a one or two-day workshop (the first of these is held on Saturday l5 February) and look forward to pampering and getting pampered whenever you feel like it.

If. on the other hand. you want to treat the one you love (this may. of course. be yourself) to a personal consultation. there’s no shortage of complementary therapies available at Energetics to relax. nourish and address various aspects of your well-being. You may choose to spend an hour in the

Learn the five techniques of massage under the guidance of therapeutic masseuse Louise Roy

hands of Louise Roy. as I did. and having done so. I can testify to its many merits.

Not only does it soothe all the aches and pains away. but Roy also performs a detailed evaluation of your body's alignment. bringing attention to aspects of ergonomics that force you to think about the repetitive actions you perform each day. What's more. as your body relaxes. so does your mind and. in a kind of half-sleep state. problems or difficulties in your life are suddenly seen with great clarity. As Roy commented at the

end of my session: ‘some people have their best ideas while having a massage'. ‘some Ie Massage aside (the treatment room is also h i used by practitioners of Indian head massage. have t e _r aromatherapy massage and reflexology). having a ! massage

Energetics also provides consultations on acupuncture. homeopathy. nutrition. craniosacral therapy and professional life coaching. Weekly studio classes help you to work that body. be it via yoga. chi gong or Pilates and if you‘re hard pushed to decide what treatment‘s for you. book an appointment for an information session. This takes 30 minutes. costs £15 and this fee is redeemable against your first consultation. (Catherine Bromley)

Basic Massage for Friends & Couples runs as a one or two-day course (£40/£60), with sessions held on Sat 15 Feb and Sat 15 Mar. Places must be booked in advance (specifying whether you want to attend the one or two-day course), before Fri 7 Feb. For full details of complementary therapies, studio classes, courses and workshops available at Energetics, check out or call 0131 557 9567.

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