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I Actor Tam Dean Burn is a well travelled man. This fortnight he's taking his stage version of Irvine Welsh's Filth to One Yellow Rabbit's theatre in Calgary. Canada where. unlikely as it may seem. he hopes to find the biggest population of Hibs supporters outwith Scotland. Apparently. like Tam. they're mad for the Hibees out by the Canadian Rockies. so he's hoping it'll be a home from home. In January. though. things were more tricky. He had to get to Edinburgh from London to perform in a rehearsed reading at the Traverse Theatre. Only problem was he'd left his passpon in Glasgow and. in these times of four and nouroolo. some airlines insist on photo ID even for UK flights. So the resourceful actor brought a selection of his press cuttings and theatre programmes to the airport to prove who he was. 'I had cuttings. but was worried cos they were all Headstate. Seizer and You '/l have had your Hole rather than the eminently respectable work I've been doing more recently at the Citz.’ he told Insider. In the end. it was his photo in the Almeida Theatre's programme of Chekhov's Platonov that swung it: easyJet the cultured airline.

I ‘This time it's war' was to have been the tag line for Battle Royalo 2. sequel to the ultra-violent Lord of the Flies-like high-school-kids-killing- eaCh-other thriller which provoked the same kind of knee-jerk panlc in Japan that Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange did in this country upon its original release. But now that septuagenarian director Kinji Fukasaku has succumbed to prostrate cancer (he died on 12 January). will we never see the pretty teen misereants of the first film wage war on . . . who? The government? However. fans of a bit of the old ultravlolonco should note: Kinji's son, Kenta. who wrote the script for the first film and its sequel, has taken over directing Battle Royale 2. which was filming when Kinji died in his 72nd year. Insider only hopes the 29-year-old ‘boy' will retain the first film's burooucrat-boltlng sense of anarchy. brought so gloriously to the screen as a kind of furious live action computer game.

I Insider has become aware of a new and worryan phenomenon sweeping across UK television. No. not more Big Brothers and Popstars Riva/s, but “the Curse of BBC3'. Auntie Beeb's new channel (actually it was formerly BBC Choice) had just scored big with a 20-part documentary series following about sometime footballer/sometime actor (but mostly just loud mouth) Vlnnlo Jones. However, while in Cape Town

being filmed filming a new action movie. Ultimatum. Jones allegedly assaulted three women at a party. By the time you read this. Jones may well be under lock and key and/or awaiting trial. None of which bodes well for BBC3. Then there was the channel's other lucrative docu-soap. a series about Zoo Ball and FatBoy Slim. Ooh! That's right. they've split. Insider imagines BBC3's commissioning editors are feeling not a little heat. Whatever next: a documentary about George Dubya Bush and his hawkish administration? Heaven's forbid anything should happen to that 21 st century warmonger . . . More on the BBC3 line-up on page 97.


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Clowes run thing

I Cool beans! Comic book artist-cum-screenwriter Daniel Clowes and

A ND THAT‘S emerge

directOr Torry Zwlgofl. are to follow their terrific collaborative adaptation of Clowes' strip. Ghost World. with another. Art School Confidential (a satirical

look at the modern art world which also originates from the pages of Clowes'

ongoing comic. Eightba/l see issue seven). OK, perhaps that's not the newest news. but get this: Hollywood studio United Artists (the one founded by a collective of actors including Charlie Chaplin during Tinseltown's golden age) has signed a ‘first-look deal' with Mr Mudd, the production company behind Ghost World. One of Mr Mudd's business partners is the actor John Malkovlch. who is to star in the forthcoming and aforementioned Art School Confidential. What this all means. if you'll forgive Insider for being a little over-enthusiastic. is that we may be seeing more of Clowes and Zwigoff's efforts on the big screen. Clowes, who according to the Internet Movie Database is ‘the only comic book artist ever to be nominated for an Oscar'. is putting final touches to the Art School Confidential screenplay and the movie will begin filming this year. A less happy side effect of all this filmmaking activity may be a long wait until Clowes gets back to the drawing board to produce another issue of Eightba/l.

The Front


‘lt’s ironic because I used to shoplift from them years ago,

so I like to think this is my way of putting something back.’ Goldie. on being the shiny new face of Burton '3 Menswear and role model for proto-k/epto junglists and light- fingered drum 8. bassers everywhere.

‘It should be like Pretty Woman, but with the visual energy and excess of Scarface.’

Ex-Hol/ywood madam Heidi F/eiss on reports that her life story could be turned into a mowe starring Nico/e Kid/nan.

‘They look as if they’ve been using face cream.’

Danny BOy/e bemoans the healthy glow of Ewan McGregor and Jonny Lee Miller, which may hamper their return as herom addicts in Porno.

‘Who really gives a shit that I wanna be with Britney Spears? Do you think I should not like someone because you don’t want me too? Fuck that!’

Limp Bizkit lrontman Fred Durst lets off some steam ab0ut his chOice of SOL/(9928.

‘I won’t wear skanky clothes that show off my booty, belly or boobs. l have a great body. I could be Britney.’ Teeny punk popette Avril Lavigne plots to become Mrs Durst.

‘Sleeping with Jack Nicholson is like sleeping with Einstein.’

Actress Lara Flynn Boyle With an interesting take on relativity.

‘The government is run exactly like The Sopranos.’ George Clooney predicts Dubya 's ‘bada bang' in Baghdad.

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