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Jute, 'am & re'uvenatiOn

For many, Dundee is the coming city of Scotland. And a renaissance has hit its restaurants as well. Here, The List samples a few of them.

I HW denotes the cost of a bottle of house Wine. The price ll) ho/d IS the average cost of a two-cat/rse eve/mtg meal, OXC/USIVO of drinks or gratuity.

Andres 'o:\‘ "t"'.:t:'.té '4'”? A1. 515‘. v 8." "t t ' ':.

Andre‘s culinar) standards are high. The tilt} l'rontage ol' its listed building on .\'cthergate doesn't look up to much. hut inside is tt little piece Ul' l‘rench elttss \\ ill] a grott ing reputation. The mentt is uncomprtunisingl) l‘rench and it's clear that \sc'rc dealing \\ ith a proper l-‘rench chel \\ ith the right idea about preparation. lt'esltness and presentation. and the large portions make l'nr superh \alue lor mnne}. s (ircat qualit) simple l’t'ench lare

- Sen ice a tad sltm “hen lull

Howies L"; 83.3." '.‘:, S'Jtrtrt. 37587123113235: 'v‘.<;" "no" I) IiCl: f: Iii} ‘f?:;" ::;;t' :;::t:" "1:12" §:t,"‘." Szt‘.

:;:;" ?:.1Ll::"‘: "‘.'.' EX“. E31; £15.50 A combination ol‘ classic and modern. this llnxt ies has a distinctl} dill'erent character l‘rom the branches in lidinhurgh. .-\s \scll as the main restaurant. there's a darkl) —lit. subterranean bar. a bright and air} lirst l'lnnr dining area for hire and c\ en lour stlltlplttnttsl) -designed hnnkahlc hotel rooms. All menus are set price and u hen )ou can combine dishes such as its succulent crab cake \\ ith stseet chilli jam as a starter \\ ith a main ol chicken \\ ith hlack pudding rnsti \\ ilh hone) and mustard dressing. it's prett} near impossible to resist returning. i’ttsslhl) the best modern restaurant in Dundee. + l’erl‘ectl) balanced and gorgeous menu - You'll ha\ e to hook ahead alread)

The Royal Oak

i,.' Ei'nzm Sim-4:2 Ii‘iéti? 2).}:34412

'..t: Stat "(:n" 1231):)”, 5:113 é}:;”‘ (Jesuit Zuni t,:,t:" T..t;-- Sat 'a"‘ fl" g;"'.l ' .75: £11

This is the epitome ol' the kind of place locals “ant to keep a secret and u ell \snrth seeking out. Situated in the middle ol a run-down industrial estate. it looks like an old man's puh outside and inside too, but is in tact the best puts e)or ol‘ curries in Dundee. 'l’here's nothing lane} about this Indian cuisine. just simple. hasic dishes such as chicken madras, king plan it hhuna and suh/i (one ol' the lets \egelat‘ian options) prepared almost tn perlcctiou. and presented in llltlllsll‘tltlsl) hig portions. ()uirk) hut ultimatel) great \alue and fun. + .\1assi\e portions til the hest melt-in-thc- mouth curt}

» You might ha\ e to ask tn lind the place

108 THE LIST" 11% i on I/‘ZXLZi

z" heart of qhndee’s renaissance

9 l;

Jute Cafe Bar

152 Nethergate. 01382 909246

Moe—San noon-4pm, 5—9pm {bar Open: MomSat ttavw‘r—mdnzgntz Sun

1 230pv12—nmdmght}.

‘r—iW £28.25. £13

The Dundee Contemporary Arts centre is the lows for the city‘s rejuvenation and right slap hang in the centre of the DCA. is the superb Jute bistro cafe bar. The large. cool and airy space of the main bar area plays a whole host of roles ever>thing from a relaxed. child-l‘riendl) calé during the day tn an accomplished and adventurous restaurant in the evening and a jumping pre-cluh har later on at night. The food is something tn behold. if you can tear your eyes away from the great \‘iCWs m er the Tay. Dishes such as spiced end lillet with paprika fries and slow roasted fennel aren't cheap. but they live up to their promise. and with a massive range of courses over lunch. pre-theatre and dinner menus. it‘s hard tn go wrong eating. Probably the best all round place in town to eat and drink in style.

+ This place 00le class

- Sen ice occasionally sul'l‘ers

The Ship Inn

.' r s. (r' SJUO. .. 333/ 7.: H.)

'V‘wrs ii “rush [JIHV‘ "\ ' ‘iuv g4!

‘/I\l‘ ‘v ' ' *vv‘ vv~ in us' 8‘ v\ ‘H H" ' '1wv~~ ix: SJ. ti .1 (’ ., s t: a/ .3.," .1

3 Cl fzii '.'!? (.tt'k’l‘t} £13.50

l‘il‘tecn minutes dri\e l'rnm the centre nl~ Dundee. the satellite seaside to“ n 0|. Brought} l‘err) has a genteel and quaint atmosphere all nl' its on n. A slightl} more sophisticated dining experience can he had do“ n at the sealront in the Ship Inn. The regular pub on the ground floor is deceptne. as upstairs is a compact. cos} and lricndl) little histro serx ing up t_\picall_\ “ell-prepared Scottish dishes

\\ ith supcrh \ iett s o\ er the “alter tn liile. Things such as hrcaded Arhroath haddock ot’ poached lemon sole \\ ilh chi\e cream are simple enough hut \\ ell executed. and guaranteed to he l‘resh nut ol the sea. The portions are prett} huge. e\ en at lunchtimes “hen the place lills up \er)‘ quickl} \sith discerning locals.

+ .-\ sea\ ien _\ou can watch all da)

- ('an get smoke) it hus)

Tapas Restaurant Bar

'él (I::"""(2'<: a 81'008. (3'38? 203527

'..t: 8a”. f:t:"‘ (I (>50 (21:25011M0".

' E‘ ' I. fsz CT 1

Dundee's Spanish restaurant goes from strength to strength. The small. sl)llshl)' decorated interior ol tiles and dark wood exudes a cool calm during the da). and the atmosphere builds to a sangria-snaked l'e\cr pitch on \seekend ex enings. Based on a traditional tapas set-up. the menu is di\erse and \aried including an interesting range nl' seal‘ood options. Around a third nl the menu is made up nl~ \egetarian options.

+ The sumptuous \ariet) nl‘ seal‘ond

('hees} Spanish mu/ak can grate

fl, «if.

its, ,.

Warm reception. Cool place.A little of this... a little of that...everyone’s favourite; relaxed, informal and all with style.






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