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Glasgow 07050 248164

Edinburgh 0131 332 1342

Don't Miss Out on Fun Dinners and Events for Single Men and Women with

ItAI lit lI-JN 0141 333 1321 eomauncu a. GLASGOW


Scotland's foremost Multi-Activity Adventure, Social 3 Sports Group This month: 2" '-i. a: 3' . 3'. In Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Stotland SPICE-change your life... for good! for FREE into pack tel 0131 317 8822 Or visit our website on wwwspicescotlandxom


tdinburglr, tron Bar, Hunter Square ith feb. Glasgow, O'Neil's, Merdunt Square 5th fell.

I Bus tickets needed. Iimpty yotrr pockets. I want your foldings? For March show. Iidinburgh. Will e-mail/ post details if requested. "Pinned 'I‘houghts". l3/2 Panmure Place. Iidinburgh IiII3 9IIP.

Tattooed people wanted as subject for artwork - for further info please call 07974 476 728 or e-mail: tattooedproject®

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I Red Hot Chilli Peppers tickets. ('an anyone swap 2 tickets for \Ved 5th March for 'I‘Irursday 61h'.’ Please contact (ieira on ()7766 556 59].

I Hip hop DJ wanted for scratching ttrition. (‘all .\Iarc (I781l 2|6 320.


I Singers, Songwriters, Bands. Do you need a ('reatively Prodtrced Top Quality Demo ('I) to help promote yourself and/or your music‘.’ We provide a complete Music Recording and Production Service combined with Marketing and Promotional Assistance for new artists and songwriters. Phone ()1324 882 882

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I Intremational Pen Friends. :\ng 8 to 80 in 210 countries. Details from I.P.I". I II: New (‘ity Road. (ilasgow. (i-I 9I)Ii.

Photographer specialising in modern black & w hite portfolios for actors. models ck performers. ()n- location photoshoots from £85 inc proofs.

Tel: 0131 653 0682 www.manhattan



small flat move specialists

Moving boxes. bags and a bed?


friendly dependable stress-tree

0131 229 8361


established I993

Effective Life Coaching Your heart's desire'.’ (io for it now! A life coach can help yotr achieve extraordinary results. (iood for life. great for business! Call 0131 476 2585

Reiki Energy Healing Warning to relax and enhance your energy. creativity. and relationships?

Reiki balances. restores and

revitalises mind. body. and spirit.

Call 0131 476 2585

I Life coaching: Do you want to improve your life'.’ Relationships. career. weight loss: Whatever your goal. we can help. I’ree trial session. (‘all Lynne (“505 til-1020 www.coachrnylitecouk



Gestalt Psychotherapy ()ne-to-one help with life problems. self-exploration

& personal growth. Iiree initial consultation. Scottish (iestttll .-\ssociation member. Chris McKinneIl 0131 667 9658

Discover the Ossian Whole Mind System approach to stopping smoking and lifestyle change. '/.eta Solutions - Specialists in State- of-the-Art mind-body therapies at the Pentlands-Ossian (‘linic. Tel: 0131 440 9862 or 07919 447 695. www.2etasolutions.

New year, new with dramatherapy Act now to change your future. (‘ontact Sharon Hall 07952 205 620 or visit wildegoosetherapy

Connective tissue massage Postural integration. Iinhance your litness with this profound form of massage. Suitable for those who do yoga. athletics. dance. Carolyn Milbank 0131 557 5826

Sahaj-Marj: Heart-centred meditation A natural path of transformation

from within that balances spirituality with everyday life. No fees. ()pen to all regardless of background or persuasion. Contact: 01875 830 358 (Edinburgh) or 0141 339 1343 (Glasgow)

I New Year New You? Personal Health (‘oaching on food. diet. exercise and lifestyle with dramatic results. Interested? (‘ontact Dr. Ruth Hay ()7799 ()72 8| 2 or mth_hay(a‘

Ladies’ Only Massage Are you stressed? l'ptight'.’ Desperater need to unwind‘.’ Then indulge yourself with a relaxing massage. right here in Morningside. with a qualified female masseuse. Call 07947 271 078 for further details Natural erection formula. I‘or safe & long lasting results. Natural erection formula. Natural penile enlargement. No pills. No pumps. No mess. Natural penile enlargement.

I Saw You V I saw you coming out of energetics studio on Saturday 15 February and Saturday 15 March. well relaxed with a kick in your step...had you learnt something new‘.’ You can give me a massage anytime. I'll phone (I131 557 9567 to get you booked in. [vouchers available] ' I saw you giving a fantastic massage. your hands worked like super healers where did you learn that skill'.’ Will we meet at energetics again next week‘.’ Phone 0131 557 9567 to get booked in together.

don't rely on the I saw yous.... get your more out of your love life.

Massage skills for friends and couples.

Saturday 15 February Ex Saturday 15 March 2003 10am - 5pm £40 for each day [£60 for both days if booked before 7 February 2003]

Stand III] for yourself

Ergonomics and energy: learn the Alexander Technique Sunday 16 February 2003 11am - 4pm £65 per participant @ energetics studio

MW "If We Q7 "it unfit,

email T: 0131 557 9567 to reserve your place

Studio @ 14a Broughton St Lane, E


your answer to health & relaxation "

Classes I Courses I Complementary Health Therapies 1

'l'arot. ('Iairyoyance. ('ry stals.

Complementary therapies & much. much more! S(‘()'l‘l..—\Nl)‘S BIGGEST PSYCHIC FAIR! ()Vcr 45 stalls! l8 Free Talks! \dmission £3.50 (£2.50 mnel Weekend £5 (£411 rider Io‘s free (must be with an adult Body & Soul ("3| 226 ‘61" \smumdyandsoulesentsxom

Massage @ Home Power Fuel.

.Mttssagc ’I‘herapistl ; Beginners Classl ('lrnrcal Aromatherapist. All treatment czuried otit at your'own bone or wukplace. Massage table. Ct)\’t.‘l.\. towels and oils all brought to your location. ()ver In years experience. References available. Contact Peter Fraser on 07050 130 329 or by e-mail: 3 galbanum®

V; starting I2 February + ongoing mixed level classes Medicine that moves you into the 2lst CenturyE

Call Morgan

0'3! 226 294! 07870 824 I33

3 Feb 2033 THE LIST 1 13