Flatshare continued [BIKE—


I Leith. Single room in fully furnished shared flat. Living room/kitchen ck full (iCll. £220 pcrn + bills. Tel: 01314781120.

I Leith. Large single rootn in fttlly furnished shared flat. Large liy ing room. dining kitchen ck ftlll (iCll. £220 pcm. Available on short-term lease. 2 months only. Tel: 0131 478 1120. I Room available in warm. sunny Leilh flat. to share with 2 friendly. sociable gay men. £150pcm + ('T + bills. Ideally looking for a n/s female who is friendly ck sociable. Tel: 07813 150 I76.

I Single room for friendly ferrrale in lovely Leith flat. Sanded floors. (iCll. power shower ck cable tv. £230 pcrn including all bills + telephone. Sharing with 2 females ck cat. Tel: 0131 554 4186.

I Live in vibrant Leith. Comfortable room in well eqtripped friendly flat with cat. Wotrld suit n/s professional female. £265 pcm including all bills + telephone. Tel: 0131 554 0927.

I A large room available in a friendly (‘entt'al flat in Leith. sharing with 2 others. 15 Minutes walk from Princes Street. £217 pc‘lli+l1llls.:\ll mod cons. Roorn available from the 1st February. Tel: 07789 394 064.

I Large double room available in friendly Leith flat. to share with a student couple. (‘lose to (‘ity ('entre ck all mod cons. n/s preferred. £280 pcm including all bills. Tel: 07753 389 336 or (ll 31 476 4256.

I Monday-Friday flatmate sought for lovely dotthle roorrr in Central flat at top of Leilh \Yalk. \Yotlld suit n/s professional female. perhaps conmruler. £200 pcm. Tel: 07767 298 449.

I Short-term - mid- February until mid-April. Lovely double room (R tmn bathroom. (‘entr'al flat. Strit friendly. n/s female professional. £500 pcm inclusive + telephone. Tel: 07767 298 449.

I Spacious double room available in .\'ew Town garden Ilat. Sofa. ty ck video in room. Strit n/s professional. .-\vailable now. £330 pcm including all bills. Tel: 07989 076 990.

I Broughton area. Flatmate required to share with 4 others in large. sunny flat. (it'eat views. n/s preferred. £192 pcrn + bills. Tel: 0131 556 6101.

I Room available in refurbished Broughton flat. sharing with 1 male. 15 Minutes walk from town. Available now. Gay friendly. £250 pcm + ('T + £150 deposit. Tel: 07960 779 127 after 6pm. I Room available immediately. Well presented flat in Montgomery Street. Sharing with two 30 something gay guy s. n/s. £275 pcrn including ('T + hills. Tel: 0131 556 3217.

116 THE LIST Iéii Ja"»— ‘3 r-t:~r: 2111.;

I Friendly, easygoing, n/s. professional female required for large double room in City Centre. .\'ewly decorated flat. includes GCll. stripped floors. living room. garden & all mod cons. £285 pcm + bills. Tel: 07952 587 364. I Spacious double room in lovely Meadowbank flat with shared garden. Wotrld strit professional 25+ to share with one female. £275 pctn + CT + hills. Tel: 07974 577 841.

I Large double room with err-suite in rrrodem. fully ftrmished 2 bedroom. Centrally located flat in llolyrood Road. Suit couple. Available February. £360 pcm + hills. Tel: 0131 557 2997.

I Large double room in Newington flat. sharing with l gtry. Beautifully furnished. GCll ck original features such as shutters. fireplaces etc. Suit yottng professional. £280 pcm + (‘T + bills. Available from the 1st March. Tel: (1131 240 3141 or (H31 668 2813.

I Large single room in fully furnished. nicely decorated Centrally located flat. to share with 2 professional females. Immediate entry. £243.34 pctn + (‘T + bills. Tel: 0131 667 3246 after 6pm.

I Double room in lovely fully furnished flat. sharing with 2 easygoing others. lixcellent location ck only 2 minutes from the Royal .Mile. .'\ll mod cons ck (iCll. £225 pctn + ("1‘ + bills. Tel: 07786 385 136.

I No rooms available in spacious Marchmont flat. ()ne single ck one dotrble. £200 pcm for the single & £212.50 pcm for the double + deposit of £212.50 for both. Available from the 14th & 21st February. Tel: 0131 228 1748.

I Marchmont. Single furnished room in big flat. Large living room. kitchen & bathroom to share with one professional gtly. £285 pcrn + CT + hills. Available now. Tel: (1131 228 1467.

I Single room available in a clean. bright. newly furnished flat on Marchrnont Crescent. n/s llatrnate wanted to share modern flat. £230 pctn. Available from the 1st February. Tel: 0131 477 7103.

I Room for n/s in Marchmont. £180 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 229 4104.

I Central. Large double bedroom. lixcellent shared facilities. Suit couple. £85 pcm including ('T. Tel: 0131 229 5124 or 07808 297 812.

I Large single room available in Marchmont flat. £230 pctrr + ("I + bills. Immediate entry. Wotlld suit n/s professional female. Tel: 0131 229 3732.

I Marchmont. Large, bright dottble room overlooking the Meadows. in well decorated flat with 2 bathrooms. sharing with 2 others. ()ver 24 year old professional preferred. £250 pcm + bills + 1 months rent 8;

1 months deposit required. Tel: 07703 977 228.

I Large sunny room available in friendly flat. n/s essential. £240 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 662 4153.

I Room available in Marchmont flat from the 1st Febrtlary£200 pcm including (T + £100 deposit. Mature professional preferred. Tel: 0131 662 4713.

I Single room in beautifully kept & well-equipped New-ington flat. available now. Sensible. tidy cit gay friendly male or female wanted to share with one other. Suit student or professional. £250 pcm including bills + CT. Tel: 07952 I84 668.

I Single or twin room available in pleasant Blackford flat sharing with | other. .\'ear Kings Buildings & btis routes. Suit male or female young professional or responsible student. £225 pcm + bills.Te1: 0131 668 4727.

I Room in shared flat in Waverley Park. £200 pcm + bills. Student [referred Tel: 07887 888 742. IM moms 'I‘I large shared farmhouse. Beautiful country location. easy drive from Iilinburgh. ()wn car essential. Resident must be very self suflicient 8; used to living with others. £125 pcm. Tel: 07766 554 046.

I Single room, Brooklow Street in .\'ewington near middle & St. George's Squtu'e of Edinburgh City. only 20 minutes walk. £177 pcm. Tel: 0131 477 9158.

When you telephone the Hotline you will be asked for

1. Your name, address,

postcode and phone nm'ber, including dialling code

2. Up t030words of description aboutthemom, tenta'tdtypeofpersonsougt 3. Acontact numberfor wodd-be-flatmatestoring

The List magazine comes out fortnightly on a Thursday and weekly during the festival. Your Flatshare advert will appear in the next available magazine and will be included for one issue only. Subsequent insertions must be telephoned in again. The Mia iorflalshae is 12pm m the Tiusday before ptbitation. Each telephone call will be charged at 75p per minute and should last about 3 minutes. Calls from non-8T and mobile phones may cost more. If you need help or are concerned

about anything, please call our Helpline on 0870-120 1504.



V I saw you again Craig from Stranraer at WH Smiths Glasgow Central Fri 13111 Dec. 9.30pm. You in black leather jacket. Let's meet fora drink 1'“ come alone this time. Morag. [7460/1

V I saw you but you weren't there! Yotr left your wallet in the rehearsal space!!! [.7460/2 V I saw you two misbehaving in the Sotmdhaus toilets (big gtty with centre parting. sexy Irish blonde). Don‘t come back. had people! [7460/3

V I saw you monkey boy. [.7460/4

V I saw you in the Byres Road Library with your brain tattoo on 8/1/03. Want to meet again? [7460/5

V I saw you curly haired skanky hairdresser (Yaldal? Wanna perm ma short + curlys? Hope so! John X. [7460/6

V I saw you on Sat 1 l/l/(B. You had blondish/brown hair + a nice pink top with black trousers. Call me gorgeous. [7460/7

V I saw you think you're a Polish goddess seen u in Arches cafe bar wanna meet tip for some vodka sessions. Boaby. X. [7460/8

V I saw you short haired dungaree girl. The style suits you! Love Miranda + Samantha. [7460/9

V I saw you beautiful orthopod. Do you ().R.I.F. broken hearts as well as bones? If so I'm tip for some elective intervention. Love missaligned. [7460/10

V I saw you Mr Stripy scarf in Brel on 9/1/03. Yotr are my dream sortie true. Get in touch and we can compare accessories. ['/460/1 1

V I saw you or didn't sitting in your room getting high. completing Grand Tourismo on the highest setting. Leave your room Alan. so we can go ottt together! [7460/12

V I saw you cute Geordie Girl in .\'evisport. Can 1 scale your peaks? Dub night Saturday"? [7460/13

V I saw you at Brel. You have blonde hair & blue-green eyes tlike a mermaid but without the scales!) I love you! I need you! I want you! NOW! [7460/14

V I saw you mini me. Please stop following us and realise how much we love you. Be my friend forever! I only live live tninutes from the station. [7460/15

V I saw you hunky gtiy in the Tron. looking at me the whole evening. Think your name is Charles. Please contact. [7460/16

V I saw you small bear smiling tip at me from your warm duvet den xxx. [7/460/17 V I saw you in ()blomov (W.F.ndl drinking vodka/ cranberry. with a wee tin-tin tuft. May I make your day last longer. [7460/18

V I saw you Frances B at the dog show. You are one hot dog bow wow wow. [7460/19

V I saw you Tony big boy can't wait to see you again. Can't come quick enough! Peter x. [7460/20

V I saw you in on Friday - you were blonde - sophisticated & lotrd. I heard you call?! My jaw dropped. I want to hear you scream more!!! [7460/21

V I saw you Michael. in my bed after a hot night of passion and eating. Love R. [7460/22 V I saw you 2 gor‘geotls animated brunette "girls" in the Tron bar. Yotr said you were Tasha and Patries. Live life to the ftlll. c ya around! Or contact me! [7460/23

V I saw you new "I Saw You" box in Blackfriars. Back to making ourselves look popular troops'.’!! [7460/24

V I saw you Miss Shaw and I'm requesting to be your ['.\' chief weapons inspector. I must regularly visit to catalogue your beautiful biological and neuro- chemical capabilities. It's best hen. [7460/25

V I saw you my darling Chris in the (i171. on 1 1 Jan. You are the man for tne - I adore you!! Be mine forever? K x. [.7460/26

V I saw you I spied with my tiny wee eye a foxy chick with a lovely smile. [7460/27

V I saw you Sid \‘icious fan from Arlington St - working in the GFT. You looked bemused. [7460/28

V I saw you sexy Simon working in Blackfriars. I love your Thai moves! XXX. [7460/29

V I saw you John at Tron at Possible Worlds. back in October . Me the baldy guy sitting behind you. We smiled. said hello. that's it. Let's talk. drink. walk. [.7460/30

V I saw you Seeking a gorgeous female from Fopp. Glasgow. 2.30ish Fri 17th. You were being served ch 1 was at the front of the queue. You were wearing a black jacket with ftrrlined hood. [7460/31

V I saw you sexy. older manager of Mao Restaurant - Dark hair. sultry swagger. Would you like to serve me more than starters??? x [7460/32

V I saw you on Gatwick Express You Grampian star me business tycoon. Lets travel together. call rue you have my card. [7460/33

V I saw you Kev. .‘iou queen. in Windhoek. in bed until 3. .»\t least now when we're in bed its not jtrst col. ur ill. keep being cool. l'll learn to wink just for you. Tam. [7460/34

V I saw you in blockbusters Byres Road. You were wearing a light coat and recommended play it forward. [7460/35

V I saw you gorgeous Ruth the dentist. 'La I)olce \'ita' indeed when you're near. [7460/36

V I saw you Rebbeca the Parasitologist on Dec 23rd outside Bonhams. You trsed to work in the Rubaiyat - I used to cotne in and talk to you. I fancied you like mad and still do bill was too shy to ask. fancy a drink and a chat? [7460/37