V I saw you not enough last weekend in Fast Iindters) as I was banished to Brookside. Maybe you can make the return trip soon. [7460/38

V I saw you, you worked for the World Wildlife Fund. and used to chat to tne in the momings on Sauehiehall Street. You had big hair and a sweet smile: I think you wore old skool converse. I liked our conversations. but stopped seeing you around. ['nfortunately. I'm back at home now. Wanted to say thanks for brightening rny mornings. and farewell. Natasza-xxoo- ginger haired barmaid. [7460/39

V I saw you on Birmingham - Glasgow flight. Wed 15th Jan 8pm. British European. You beautiful curly blonde girl with glasses and silver bag. rne the gtry looking on in awe. We walked next to each other at G airport. you giving me plenty of chances. tne being dumb idiot. Wish I had said hello - can't stop thinking about you now. Am intoxicated! Pls get in touch. give me a chance to rectify the blanking'.’ [7460/40 V I saw you You. the monkey. me. the rabbit onstage at the Bal’t‘owland with the Flaming Lips. I wanted to ask for your number but cotrldn't. Can I have your number'.’ [7460/4l

V I saw you Wuz in the Granary three and a half years ago. we have been together ever since and ijust want to let you know that i love you more than ever and that you are amazing. guess who xxx [7460/42


V I saw you working in the Filrnhouse Bar. You wear a circle earing. beautiful eyes. and slim body. You have quite long hair and a cute smile. difficult to forget. Be Mine! XXX [7460/43

V I saw you singing coyly at Flaming Lips. Red hair. collared shirt. chic alooftness with the indie-nerd to your left. I didn‘t listen to Wayne's advice on seizing the moment. Crurnrny. Rats. [7460/44

V I saw you .\'obby. eating healthy & listening to feckin‘ hip hop! Please clean the bin Steve! [7460/45

V I saw you Dazza. my wee noodle-neck. Come on honey. get in touch. I'm your chicken to you stir fry. Come debone me. Yours Shantell. [7460/46

V I saw you Kieran and Charlie in the Traverse bar. .\'iice. Love you long time. From Sloth and ()ctopus. XXX. [7460/47

VI saw you .\leer in the Traverse but yotr weren't here. XXX your Romanian fn'end. [7460/48

V I saw you Gabilex looking symbiotic at the Traverse. Liked your teenage bitemarks! Love you longtime! K + C [7460/49 V I saw you Hayden working at the Merlin. Where are you from'.’ Ireland'.’ [7460/50

V I saw you Doctor. You can take my temperature anytime!!! Nice arse. [7460/51

V I saw you sexy man wearing a funy coat and black nailpolish!! I‘m in love!! [7460/52

V I saw you Kev dancing to Whitney Houston (0‘ The Snatch Club. .\'ice .\Ioves! [7460/53

V I saw you Tristan at the Fettes Sports Centre. You looked much cuter before the peroxide. Love the netball girl with the not-so broken leg. X [7460/54

V I saw you Alfredo of Venezuela and the Royal Circus. You liked my shirt and I liked you. I would like to see you again. [7460/55

V I saw you Penelope in the store room on the CCTV monitor. You're such a naughty girl! X [7460/

V I saw you in the Go-go in lidinburgh on the 17th. Both wearing Converse trainers. I was the really short girl. Liked your shirt but was too shy to say hi. [7460/56

V I saw you starting the lawnmower in Morningside Road. Fancy a few Peronis‘.’ [7460/57

VI saw you Kristinte). 22yr. Austria. living in Edinburgh. what are you doing for Hogmanay's 20031"? Shall we try to go to Revolution again 2-) '.’ Spanish guy living in Dresden. [7460/58 V I saw you Fiona. Answer the question! Are you or are you not a member of the R.»\C‘.’!‘.’ Happy Birthday hope you have/had a great time! [7460/59

V I saw you in Cavandislt. super sexy. beautiful black(ish) hair. about 6 foot in your lovely shoes with size 8 feet with a perfect ass and oh the breasts! Gorgeous little scar on your face drtrnk otit of your skill]. Remember me‘.’ Remember anything'.’ I think you've stolen my heart. could i have it back‘.’ lol [7460/60

III III llll llll ll lllll

llllllll lilli II III llllII

VI saw you Grant working with me at the Fringe Office in I999. We said goodbye outside the Tron after lots of G&Ts. at the end of the Festival party and didnt even get your email! So where are you now. I would love to know how your doin'.’ [7460/61

V I saw you Sexy jj. in The Fishtank looking gorgeous with a cool red and grey top. Please go round the world with me! Baby pp [7460/62

V I saw you blonde girl in the Iistablishment (Saturday

I lth) with a pony tail. Your friend was getting off with someone leaving you all alone. Get in touch!!! [7460/63

V I saw you massaging cream into your lips. just before getting on a number 22 hits at the bottom of Leith - Friday 10th January. Your cool white hair caught my eyes... [7460/64 V I saw you too Doug. Also sledging like a fool. but refusing to eat fried bread. You've definitely got a fresh one coming your way pal. Love. Janet and Brendan xx [7460/65

V I saw you at the Vegas Hogrnanay bash. You. Beautiful Brunette showgirl with elbow length gloves and white feather boa. .\le. tall dark lounge lizard in the shimmery smoking jacket and cravat. Go on-line to relive the night and let's celebrate it all over again! [7460/66

V I saw you in Berlin. They call you Benzini. Ileaven really is missing an angel. [7460/67 V I saw you sexy. cute barmaid (0‘ Candy Bar. New Years- the outfit made me weak! c u again sortie time'.’ 1). [7460/68

V I saw you in my dream I saw you. We laughed together. travelled together. drank together. ate together. but we both had our own life.s. 29. 5ft7. male. [7460/69

V I saw you Mary from Commercial Street.l met you on the night bus Saturday l8th January. you were reading. we talked all the way home but I stupidly got off the stop before you. want to catch tip on some literary exchanges? [7460/70 V I saw you you served me. bigblack girl. We talked about the all tomorrost party's tour. Lets talk on songs about firming. I'll make you whine like Steve Albini's guitar. the bleep blop guy. [7460/7l

V I saw you hot. blonde and classy FC['K gir' 3 wise men on thurs 16th fell under your spell and are willing to bring regular gifts. [7460/72

V I saw you sexy irish man. you kermit. me fozzy. love u x[7460/73

V I saw you preaching Pratchett. talking ’I'olkein. babbling Banks. judging Jardine. jesting Johnston. reciting Rankin. whispering Welsh. Care to blether Black and communicate with Cameron. [7460/75



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I Left-leaning, intelligent, cultured, affectionate single man seeks mature-minded. independent woman vv ho wishes a serious and vv arm relationship. Box no. I’/45‘)/3.

Tall intelligent kind cuddly kinky Epicurean. seeks smart sexy vv ickedly adventurous woman. Looking for thoughtful conversation. provocative times. plus good food. the arts. and laughter. Write interesting letter.

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