Like dreamers do

Just how romantic is Scotland? We consulted the poets, songwriters, authors and filmmakers

then asked YOU hOW they measured up. Words: Ruth Hedges and Jay Richardson

Hillhead Underground, Belle and Sebastian Where better to start than with those gentle wee souls of Glasgow indie music? ‘Sebastian met Isabelle outside Hillhead Underground Station. in Glasgow.‘ say the sleeve notes of Ti'germi/k. ‘Belle harassed Sebastian. but it was lucky for him that she did. She was very nice and funny. and sang very sweetly'

Our first pon of call and our first hit. We find Veronica and Ronan from Glasgow's West End. What does Hillhead mean to them?

'This station will always be special to me because it's where we first met.‘ says Veronica. ‘l'd lost my purse. Ronan saw me panicking. came over and calmed me down. He had a lovely. soft Irish accent and a mad look in his eyes. We went for a coffee and just hit it off.‘

‘Never did find y0ur purse th0ugh.' chips in Ronan in his lovely. soft lrish accent.

9 Romance rating: 9/ 70

The Cowgate, Irvine Welsh

With a Surging libido. Mark Renton's 'First Shag in Ages' in Trainspotting comes from an enc0unter in a club. The scene in the film was shot at the now demolished Volcano Club just off Dumbarton Road in Glasgow's West End. but the original novel has Old Town Edinburgh written all over it. The sassy Kelly MacDonald gets one of the best lines in the film: ‘Do you usually find this approach works With most girls. or lemme guess. You've never tried it before. In fact. you don't normally approach girls am I right? The truth is that y0u're a quiet. senSitive type but. if I'm prepared to take a chance. I might just get to know the inner you: Witty. adventurous. passionate. lovmg, loyal. TaXi! A little bit Crazy. a little bit bad. But hey don't us girls just love that?“

18 THE LIST Lit) .liiii til i i»li l’llllui

True to form. we find Gary and Jo from Edinburgh. ‘l'd seen her hanging around with her mates ouISide and decided to try my luck.‘ says Gary. 'She wasn't interested. but I kept seeing her around and eventually I guess I just wore her down and got her to come out With me.‘

‘He was so drunk when we met.‘ says Jo romantically. ‘But really sweet though.‘

0 Romance rating: 6/70

The Arches, Arab Strap

Falkirk's foremost romantic misanthropes. Arab Strab. are not the first band you reach for ll‘ those Cuddly, intimate moments. But we COuldn't help thinking of "The First Big Weekend' as we headed back into Glasgow. 'Then on Friday night we went through to the Arches . . . I ended up danCing with some blonde girll thought she had been quite pretty until last night when Matthew informed me that she had. in fact. been a pig.‘

Touching. no? Anyway. this is the hang out of Lynda and Scott from Glasgow. ‘I work here.’ says Lynoa. “but he comes for the happy hour. Our babies would be gorgeous. though hopefully with my brains.‘

V Romance rating: 7/70

v.1, z. -"4. \ ‘. , :.

Kelvingrove Park, Alasdair Gray Next spot on the map was just down the road. Kelvingrove Park is the setting of Alasdair Gray's spot of almost-epiphany in Lanark: 'He stopped outside the close mouth and pointed across at the signing silhouette of the park trees. "Let's go through the park."'

Here we find Gemma and Chris from Glasgow. ‘We come here just for the sake of being here


i’ook For rHSp/rat/on

together.' they say. though Alasdair Gray ‘.'.'as not their inspiration. ‘lt's quiet and it's nice.'

0' Romance rating: / f7 0

The Meadows, Edinburgh, a substitute for the football field in Gregory’s Girl, Bill Forsyth

Readers. we tried. We went to Cumbernauld and it was closed. It was pisSing down and they repairing the town clock. We didn't like it. Cumbernauld is the least romantic place .n Scotland. But Gregory's GM is the most TOlT‘alTI'C Scottish firm. So we faked it.

\i'y’e fOund a field and we found Samantha and Armando from Edinburgh. its just quiet and peaceful. a lovely place for a stroH.‘ said Samantha. Coming from Spain. I find this place unusual.‘ said Armando. Who is Gregory?‘

V Romance l‘af/ITJJ 7/70

Leith, the Proclaimers

The loveliest minutes ll‘. the whole of 2002 no question were the very first minutes when Craig and Charlie Reid sang in the New Year at Edinburgh's Hogn‘anay with 'Sunshine o." gt:- ‘Your beauty and kindness Made tears oiear ll“y blindness While I'm worth my roon‘ on this eartr‘ l will be with you While the Chief. puts stir‘shir‘e e" Leith l'll thank him for his WO'K Al‘Cl your birth and my birth.'

Down in Leith, we li‘ef Gary and Jo fron‘ Edinburgh. "God. I liayen't listened to this (“'0le ii years.‘ said Gary. "Romantic? Leith's :io' romaiiticf'

'Yes it is.' said Jo. 'lt's pretty when you cone down the Walk and there's pink streaks in the sky.‘ '0 Romance rating: :3 It)