The following lntormation is confidential. Your name and tel or e-mail will only be revealed with your permission.


Full name:

Address: Tel no: Mobile: E-mail:

For matching purposes, it may be helpful for us to know your annual income. (please tick) 1": Under £15k 7": £15-25k

f"? £25-35k . £35k+

TYheotglswiEgRirngnlcll-tfin will be passed to your Valentine partner F Female M = Male - I am alplease tick) I y . . F seeking M , M seeking F , M seeking M . F seeking F My date of birth: Height: I would describe my build as .(please tick) g g . . Slim Athletic . Average Cuddly My ethnic origin is My religion (it any] qualifications (please tick) g g _ ~

. School College University Work-based My occupation I smoke (please tick) I : Regularly . A Occasionally Never My favourite type(s) of music are: My top three hobbies or interests are: My friends would describe me as: YOUR IDEAL PARTNER Viihich of the following best describes your ideal partner? (please tick) .. . Older than you . . Younger About the same 7 Any i“. Taller than you f. Shorter .H : About the same .' :Any 6: Slim in. Average A“ Cuddly Any ." _: Earns more . fl. Earns less : : About the same 5 Any .fl Smokes regularly 5.: Occasionally i a. Never 5. Any Their qualifications (please tick) .7 School i i College 77 University 7‘ Work-based How would you describe your perfect mate: BOOKING FORM If you ARE enclosing Valentine's card(s) tor your matches, please complete. One card and : Extra cards and matches [:1 How many?

match please at £10 please at £5 each.

If you ARE NOT enclosing Valentine's card(s) and would like us to supply, please complete.

.: One match please : Extra cards and matches [: How many? at £12.50 please at £7.50 per match. I am enclosing a cheque/postal order for £ ..................... ..made payable to Be my Valentine.

Please return to Be my Valentine, c/o Box no PO/460/1, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE.

RULES AND DISCLAIMER: You must be aged 18 or over to use this service. Be my Valentine can not be held liable tor postal delays. Your Valentine match(es) will be the best match(es) personally selected from those participating in the service but there is no guarantee that your best match will meet your exact requirements. Participants who decide to meet will do so at their own discretion. This service is operated by Be my Valentine. Please do not address enquiries to The List. instead please email: . ' " C mm or tel: 0131 661 2814. Be my Valentine will only pass your first name and tel no/e-mall to your match(es) once you have granted permission via the RSVP supplied. Your details will not be passed on to any other party. By completing and returning this term you consent to the

collection and use ol this data In this way. Be my Valentine may contact you about further events.

Everyone should get at least one Valentine card on 14 February - and not from their mum. So how can you guarantee that the postman will be stopping at your door with an exciting and mysterious envelope? It’s easy - and you could meet someone special... Be my Valentine is a new. fun. confidential Valentine’s Day service for singles by singles in the Edinburgh and Glasgow areas. And at just £10 for your first match and £5 for an extra go. we think it‘s probably the cheapest matching service in the area. Here’s how it works.

V You fill out the form opposite and send it in, with a cheque for £10 - plus either a Valentine's card for your mystery match if you want to buy one yourself or an extra £2.50 so that we can buy one on your behalf.

V We personally search our Valentine’s profiles to find your Valentine match(es).

V You receive one (or more) Valentine’s card(s] and a brief description of your Valentine match(es) - anonymous at this stage.

V You also receive an RSVP which you can then use to get in touch with your Valentinefs] via the service, at no extra cost, if you wish.

V Your Valentine also gets a “Happy Valentine’s Day’ card, your anonymous profile and an RSVP too. The rest is up to you!

Completed forms must be received by

12 noon. Tuesday 11 February to ensure* delivery on 14 February (*subject to standard lst class post). Send your completed form, your Valentine's card(s) if you wish. and a cheque made payable to Be my Valentine. to: Be my Valentine, c/o Box no PO/460/1. c/o The List, 14 High Street. Edinburgh EH1 11E.

Enquiries: This service is operated by

Be my Valentine.


or tel: 0131 661 2814.

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