With art, theatre, music and dance, NEW TERRITORIES is Glasgow’s annual festival of the imagination. Here’s a selection of the big ideas. Wolds: Mark Fisher

Who (‘Ieaning Women

What It's the avant garde. but you can dance to it. Live a! Nazi]! Dist-o l‘eatures clothes horses and electronica. Industrial. punk. electro. techno and heavy disco rock Helsinki style. More in (‘luhs next issue.

When Arches. (ilasgovv. Fri l4 Feb.

1 lpm—3am.

Who liorkheard Fantasy

What Like lovv-tech Lepagcs. Tim and (‘hris Britton have been ploughing their uniquely British. uniquely silly and uniquely inventive l'urrovv for 28 years. A selection of shovv titles says it till: The l'il/l oft/1e HUHM’ (If ( '.s'/I<’I'('ll(’.\'. 'I'lu' Bur/wry of'Surrcu/ and Single Grey Hair Salami Show. They join .\'evv 'l'erritories to run a multi-media vvinter school and create a public ‘living installation’.

When Arches. (ilasgovv. Wed lZ—Sat 15 lich. lpm—7.3()pm.

Who 'I‘ensions

What A double solo‘ from Quebec and the celebrated Paul-.-\ndre l‘ortier. He and the younger dancer Rohert .\leilleur perform an intense and technically demanding dance complemented by video on the theme of age and solitude.

When 'l’ramvvay. (ilasgovv. Hi 28 Sat l Mar. 7.30pm.