Who Goat Island

What Imagine a cross between Marcel Proust and Vincente Minnelli. throw in some dialogue from TV show My Mother the ('ar and a Spanish ventriloquist. then mix in voices from the dead. memories of the past and a general sense of fear and you have It's an Earthquake in my Heart. You gotta be there. A welcome return of the LS Goat Island company.

When Arches. Glasgow. Wed 5--Sat 8 Mar. 7.30pm.

Who Helen llerbertson and Ben (‘obham What Twelve punters at a time get to see Herbertson perform a delicate. intimate. dream-like dance in a box for 18 minutes in Mar/211m Series. The select audience who saw it in Australia simply raved.

When Arches. Glasgow. Tue 4—Fri 7 Feb. 7pm. 7.45pm and 8.30pm.

Who The Great War

What It’s World War I. except those burning trees are made of parsley and those trenches are being bombarded by toy tanks. This ‘live animation' is a spectacular feat of puppetry and video from Rotterdam’s Hotel Modem. with a powerful undercurrent of terror and helplessness.

When The Arches. Tue 1 I—Sat 15 Feb. 7.30pm.

Aaron Williamson: saints

Tensions: double solo

Who Alistair MacDonald and Sarah Rubidge What Make your own entertainment in Sensuous (iengrap/iies. a collaboration between Glasgow musician MacDonald. a Creative Scotland award winner. and ex- choreographer Rubidge. The audience will put on richly coloured costumes and their actions will trigger ‘polyphonic worlds’ of music and projections in an improvised installation. When Arches. Glasgow. Tue 4—Fri 7 Feb. 7pm—l()pm.

Who The National Review of Live Art

What Non-stop adventures and experiments as new and established counter-cultural names swarm around the Arches for live days. Among them are Glasgow"s Ian Smith (Mischief La- Bas). exploring grief through him. painting and lampposts. Aaron \N’illiamson deconstructing religious iconography in Lives oft/1e Saints and Stelarc with his talking prosthetic head. Names include Angelica ()ei. Bobby Baker. Forced Entertainment and the big-chinned comic surrealism of the Kipper Kids. And Topsy er‘et is performing in the amusement arcade next door.

When Arches. Glasgow. Wed I‘) from 7pm. Thu 20 from 3pm. Fri 21—Sun 23 from noon.

New Territories runs 3 Feb-15 Mar, various venues, 0901 022 0300.

Helen Herbertson: 18 minutes

Goat Island: Proust meets Minnelli

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