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Die Another Day I DA; ooo 'l‘amahori. l'K/l'S. 3002i l’ieree Broxnan. llalle Bert). Riek Yune. 135mm. ‘Bond 20‘ openx with l)()" hetra} ed during a mixxion to axxaxxinate rogue North Korean ('olonel Moon. w hieh although xueeexxl'ul xeex him xuhxetiuentl} left to rot in prixon. Releaxed fourteen monthx later. Bond makex the unearthing of the indiridua! who hetra) ed him a pet'xonal \endetta. So far. xo diwrgent from the xtandard Bond plot. 'l‘hereafter. how ex er. Die Another Um relaxex haek into the familiar formula: glohe-hoping. girlx and gadgetx. 'l'he appearanee of lierr} 'x Ameriean agent. hikini- elad from the (‘arihhean xea. ix a direet referenee to l‘rxula .-\ndrexx‘ memorahle etttranee in Dr .\'o. And the new film thux eelehratex the Bond film franehixe'x 40th anniierxar) h} pa} ing hotnage to pre\ ioux filmx. How e\ er. Die Another Dar ix a top heax} filtn. with a great opening xet-pieee and dixappointiug finale. Still. liroxnan remamx more than tip to the role. (ieneral releaxe. Divine Intervention f Lil oooo tt-Ltia Suleiman. liranee/.\loroeeo/(iermany’ l’alextine. 2003) Min the. Like man) a reeent film eoneerning late 20th eentur} etlmie \kll'tttlxlim lliL' aeelainted direetor of (JIII'UIll't‘lt' of (l Uiiti/t/teurtuti‘e lookx at tlte lxraeli/l’alextinian eonfliet and plan up the ahxurd o\ er the politieall} po-faeed. .-\ i’alextitiian (Suleiman) hung in Jeruxalem ix in low with a heautiful )ottng woman tKhaderi from Ramallah. But their relatiouxhip'x fraught with ax mueh e\ternal tenxion ax internal dexire. \Vith hix underxtandahl} melanehol) dixpoxition. Suleiman'x eharaeter ix unaware that the hext )ou ean do ix ahxorh the ahxurdit). feel a hit of humanit} and tr} to keep the mind and xotil intaet. lt'x thix that makex the film expeeiall} interexting. (il’l‘. (ilaxgow; l-‘ilmhouxe. [{dinhurgh.

Donnie Darko t tfli oooo tRieltat'd Kell}. l‘S. Illtlli Jake (i_\llenhaal. l)t‘ew Barrynore. l’atriek Swa_\ /e. l l3min. Kell} ‘x dehut feature ix a inexitieri/ing xeienee fietion fahle whieh puxhex the eoneept of ettiematie time tra\ el into a whole tiew dimenxion. ltx .xomnamhulant teenage protagonixt xeemx to xlip into a parallel unnerxe. w ltere a giant detnonie rahhit ealled Frank proelaimx that the world w ill end - in 28 da} x. (i hourx. 42 minutex and 12 xeeondx. Set in 1983. thix genre-hending film ix not onl} aii intriguing meditation on titne traxel and a deepl} dixturhing horror moxie. it ix alxo a John llughex-xt} le eommg-of-age ttto\ ie and a hlaek eomie xatire on Reagamte greed.

mdn idualixm and (’hrixtian fuudaitientalixm. Seleeted releaxe.

Drifting Clouds I IS: oooo t.-\ki Kaurixmaki. l‘inland. tho Kati ()utmen. Kari Vaauanen. 96min. 'l‘he Seandinax ian direetor'x moxt xumptuoux work to date tw arm hluex. ltixh redx and deep greenxi tellx the tale of a eouple and their xtruggle againxt xtagnation hoth eeonomie and etnotional. While Kaurtxmaki ma} not eome aeroxx ax the part} ing kind. hix filmx eontinue to offer warmth. wit and xuhtlet}. l-‘ilmhouxe. lidinhurgh.

8 MiietlfiiO.

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t(’urtix llanxon. l'S.

Ztttlli liminem. Kiin liaxinger. Brittan} Murph}. l lllmin. l)ireeted h) .-\eadem} Award w inner llanxon tI...-i. (‘oiitii/eritiiili. xhot h} hip .\le.\iean einematographer Rodrigo l’rieto islnmn'x Permit and featuring the hig xereen dehtit of white ho) rapper liminem in a .xemi- autohiographieal tale ahout hix rixe to xtardom. 5' .Ili'lr ix a promixing propoxition. llow ex er. the film‘x plot ix .xparxe; it'x xuppoxed to read like a hip hop \erxion of RUt’kL e\eept tliei't"x no meat in the pie. l)txappointingl). all thix addx tip to iiminem prexenting a xanitixed \erxion of himxelf a.x pluek} underdog turned pedigree ehamp. (ieneral releaxe.

Everest tl'i t\'at‘ioux. LS. 2002) Min the. l.\l:\.\ hig xereen prexentation. l.\l.-\.\. (ilaxgow.

Final Destination 2 l IS thet oo

tl)a\id R lillix. LS. 2003! Ali (‘arter. .-\J (‘ook. .\liehae| Landerx. lllllmin. lillix' xequel to Itititi'x enitwahle xupernatural thriller eopiex itx reetpe of rixihle dialogue. B-lixt aeting and exeexxix'el) grixl}. lorltfotfxl) plotted xlaughter. lt ix thix hlaek humour that xa\ ex the film from horror xequel medioerit}. ax the likex of plate glaxx. pigeonx and proxthetie limhx eontrihute to an inxentne xeriex of Heath Rohinxon-inxpired f'atalitiex. all preeeded h} at leaxt one falxe ending. lillix xkilfull} orehextratex the xet pieeex htit doex lexx well with the xill} eoineidental litth hetween eharaeterx that the xeript eoniurex tip. See rex tew. (ieneral releaxe.

Gangs of New York t ts» ooo

t.\lartin Seorxexe. l'S. liltili Leonardo l)i('aprio. ('ameron l)ia/. Daniel l)a}-Lewix. loSmin. Thin) _\earx in the making and plagued with produetion prohlemx. Seor\Cxc\ long ehertxhed filtii ahout the hrutal xtreet gangx who fought for eontrol of a eorner of late nineteenth .\‘ew York (it) finall) arritex. and it'x a hig dixappointment. 'l‘he moxt notteeahle flaw ix that Seorxexe'x effortx lo tell ati epie \lot'}. w hieh eneompaxxex protot)pe mohxterx. the immigrant e\perienee. raeixm.

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Gallery Ill Bronwyn Rees The Long Road Home

32 YHE LIST 131. Jet" ‘12 l -’:t, .7088,

4'1 .’ i /' ;' .):'(f(f._\)!1‘>g;x).'- \2 _)\)l v.11" at)» Sat 44'“ , Edam

Dig it! Catch me If you Can

eorrupt politieianx and the Civil War. are \Crltilisl}' undermined h} a flimx) romantie xtihplot imohing l)i(‘aprio‘x xtreet urehin and l)taz'x purxe-xnateher. 'l‘hix hax the unwanted rexult of eompromixing a faxeinating hixtor} lexxon with teen-pleaxing rotnantie nonxenxe. Think (inm/fi'llrii meetx 'Ii'tunie. But men a poor filtn h) Seorxexe' xtandardx ix an interexting one by ttli}tiliC elxe'x. And if for no other reaxon. (iunei ix worth xeeing for l)a_\ - Lew ix‘ towering performanee ax the terrif} ing. eharixmatie anti-immigration gang leader Bill the Buteher (ieneral releaxe.

Ghost Ship l lSi O. tStexe Beek. l'S. 2003i (iahriel Byrne. Julianna Marguliex. Ron lildard. ()lmin. More formulate ‘haunted houxe' horror from Thirteen (ilimti direetor lieek. the old} innoxatiou heing the marine xetting. an ltalian luxur) liner found drifting off the eoaxt of Lahrador fort} )‘earx alter it myxteriouxl} dixappeared. When the erew of the .xal\age ttighoat .-\retie Warrior hoard the xpook’}; .\larie ('elexte-like \L‘xxcl the} lltttl a fortune in unmarked gold htillioii. l‘nfortunatel). it'x guarded h_\ the unquiet xpiritx. The one eye-eatehing xequenee oeeurx in the firxt ll\ e minutex. hut. there'x nothing elxe to grah one'x attention. leaxt of all the unxpeakahle dialogue uttered h} xaliage eaptain B}rne. and the (‘(il imagex are fun). the plot logie fu/lier xtill. (ieneral releaxe. Ghost World 1 l5) 0.... t'l‘err) '/.wigoff. LS. 3001 i 'lihora Bireh. Scarlett Johanxxon. Steve Btixeemi. l l lmin. Daniel ('low ex adaptx hix own eult eotnie with [wigoffl opting not to tranxlate parrot-faxhion. htit to dixtil the exxenee of the .xouree material. 'l'hux. eharaeterx. xetting and tone are xpot on. hut the epixodie nature of the xerialixed xtrip ix xhaped into a low ke} xlot’} re\ol\‘ing around high xehool graduatex [fluid and Reheeea tliireh and Johanxxoni who temper dixguxt with the hland w'extern world of xhopping mallx and theme re.xtatirantx with e_\nieal hemuxement. The dialogue. humour. produetion dexign and performaneex are a world apart from lexxer Ameriean teen fliekx. Cameo. iidinhurgh.

The Good Girl t lSi O... t.\liguel .-\rteta. LS. 2002) Jennifer .-\nixton. John (‘. Reill). 'l‘im Blake .\'elxon. 93min. :\tti\lotl hreakx aw a} frotn her xafe image ax "that kook)‘ aetrexx froin l-‘rii'nili‘ h} making a film with direetor .-\rteta and xerihe Mike White. who firxt made their tnark with the manellouxl} edg} (‘ltut‘k uml Burk. Here the} eaxt .-\nixton ax dowd} xupermarket girl Jtixtine Laxt. a protn queen w-ho‘x loxt her erown and w hoxe painter huhh} Phil tReill) l xpendx more time with hix hext friend Buhha (\elxoni than he doex with her. Her ehanee for a great exeape eomex in the xhape Holden tJake (i) llenhaali. the Salinger-ohxexxed eheekout boy who lttllx for her. \Villt lcxx foeux on her image. .»\nixton gi\ ex a

\ ulnerahle and aeeomplixhed performanee. And though The (inml (iirl laekx the anarehie energ} of ('Itut‘k um! Burk. it ix newrthelexx indie filnuuaking at itx hext. Seleeted releaxe. Halloween Short Film Evening teet't the) t\'ariotix. l‘Ki .\lin the. :\ xeleetion of dramax and animated xhortx. eolleeted under

the banner. ‘Sei-l-‘i Storiex'. ('(':\. (ilaxgow. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets tl’(ii O... t('hrix (‘oltimhtix l'S/l‘K. ltltlli Daniel Radelif'fe. Kenneth Branagh. Rohhie (‘oltrane lotlmin. lt‘x the htw-w i/ard'x xeeond )ear at llogwartx Sehool of Witeheraft and \Vi/ardr} where e\ il foreex have releaxed a \ ieioux xerpent into the eorridorx. \Vho'x lo hlame'.’ lx it llarry‘x rival pupil l)t'aeo .\lalfo_\. the loreahle giant llagrid tRohhie ('oltranei or a m} xterioux former pupil who eommunieatex through the pagex of a magieal diar} 1’ Whom er it ix. the) 're

petrif} ing the pupilx and xetting looxe an arm) of xeurr} itig xpiderx. ()nee again faithful to the original novel. thix film ix darker than the firxt and getx more quiekl} into the meat of the xtor}. And with the xame faiitaxtie eaxt of Britixh eharaeter aetorx. it'.x another .xure-fire hit. (ieneral releaxe.

Hey Arnold! The Movie tt'i t't‘uek 'l'ueker. l'S. 2002i \‘oieex of Speneer Klein. Jennifer Jaxon Leigh. Paul SorVino. Tomin. Another Niekleodeon eahle 'l‘\' eartoon makex it to the hig xereen. liut where the 'l‘\‘ xeriex dealt with down to earth matterx. the Hun ie hax holted on to it an merhlown xlor} about a ruthlexx propert} de\eloper intent oit eommereial gain oi er rexidential xpaee. ()f eourxe. .-\merieati foothall-headed Arnold and hix palx are fun ing none of thix. .-\nd hired help and mereenar} hahe Bridget. the film ix prmided with xome hiin xpeed aetion xequeneex. Seleeted releaxe.

High Society tl'i O... t('harlex Walterx. [3. 195m Bing ('roxh}. (iraee Kell). Frank Sinatra. ('elexte llolm. lll7itiiti. (’laxxie muxieal entertainment froin the MGM xtudiox, itt w hieh a rieh hiteh playx hard to get with a .xtring of xuitorx. The plot of I’llfltlt/t'lllllltl Sim-\- goex otit the window. htit with xtarx like thexe. xt}le ix ei'er}thing. l’(’l. liaxt Kilhride. I Hired a Contract Killer f fit 00» l:\k’t Kaurixmaki. Sweden/l‘inland. lWlli Jean-Pierre Leaud. .\largi ('larke. Kenneth ('olle). Ntek) 'l'exeo. 80min. Shot on loeatiott in London with a Britixh and l’reneh eaxt. the glum l‘innixh maxeriek'x firxt film entirel} in linglixh ix a hlaek eomed} and a homage to lialing. Leaud xtarx a.x a xuieidal l-‘renehman who unahle to go through with it - employx a xpeeialixt to do him in. htit then meetx ('larke’x eheer} flow er-xeller and findx a new reaxon for e\ixtenee. But ean the eontraet he deelared null and \oid‘.’ .-\n ironie. mox ittg and highl} atnuxing tale. told with the l'inn'x ttxual eeonom} atid hleaknexx. l-ilmhouxe. iidinhurgh.

I Spy t 11M. tBett} 'l‘hontax. l'S. 2003i liddie .\lurph'\. ()wen \\'ilxoii. litmke Janxxen. ‘Jomin. lS/w with in) little eye. xomething heginning with l‘. l‘lop‘.‘ (lot it if] one. The odd-eouple pairing of eoekxure .\lurph} and laid-haek \Vilxon in thix reworking: of the 1%le 'l‘\' ad\enture .xeriex wax a piteh with a lot of potential. l‘nfortunatel). the elementx erueial to a hudd) xp_\ eaper humour. tight aetion xequeneex. xhatp hanter hetween the prineipalx are prett} mueh ahxent without leax e here. \Vilxon pla) x a xeeond-rate xeeret agent who ix foreed to team up with world ehampion ho\et‘ .\lurph_\ ax eo\ er for a mixxion to Budapext to retrie\ e a terrihl) hi-teeh xtealth fighter plane. xtolen h) .\laleolm .\lel)owell'x t)pieall_\ nefarioux. foreign tto .»\merieai armx dealer. Budapext lookx prett) and there a few xl} digx at Jamex Bond and .Hmmn; Int/initith htit there ix preeioux little elxe to reeommend the mm ie. (ieneral releaxe.

In Heaven as on Earth t 12m t.\lariott llanxel. ('anada. 2002i ('armen Maura. Jean- l’ierre (‘axxel. l)tdier lie/aee. Stlmin. 'l'hought- proxoking drama ahotit an unhorn hah) who warnx hix pregnant mother that he doexn't want to leax e her womh to eome out in thix world and preferx to die inxtead. (ii’l'. (ilaxgow.