guy. [an ((‘orbetl. But he’s not (ireekff Oh no. what are they going to do?! The film‘s jokes and its exploration of cross-culture is vaguely in the same vein as [fast ix [fast or Bend it like Berk/tum. but without any of the hard edge. Syrupy sweet in parts. moments are as hard to swallow as a shot of (Milo. ()deon. lidinburgh. Narc l Hit 0. (Joe ('arnahan. l'S. 2003i Jason Patric. Ray l.iotta. Bttsta Rhymes. 102mm. liighteen months after an undercover narcotics cop is gunned down on the job. trigger happy suspended 'narc' Nick 'l’ellis (Patric) is recalled to service to shed light on the seedy underworld of Detroit‘s drug trade. Teamed with the dead cop's partner Henry ()ak ll.iottal. Tellis hits the streets to engage in some good cop/bad cop behaviour. Mire self-consciously attempts to emulate gritty 70s cop thrillers like Serpr'm and The French (’mmertion. The result is a weak homage to the classics of urban realism. saved only by l.iotta's impressive turn as the no-rnessing cop’s cop. See review. l'(i(' Renfrew Street. (ilasgow.

Night of the Living Dead l 18) 0000 (George A Romero. l'S. I‘)(v8l Duane Jones. Judith ()'l)ea. Russell Streiner. 96min. Seminal black comedy shocker which spawned two increasingly nasty sequels and countless unauthorised imitations. A group of people barricade themselves into a farmhouse to seek refuge from the hordes of fiesh-cra/y undead. created by misfiring military experiments. Filmed on a shoestring in Pittsburgh. with real gore stipplied by a local butcher. Though it now seems dated. the rough and grainy qualities of the filtn only serve to make it tnore horribly convincing. ('(‘A. (ilasgow.

Nine Queens l15l 0000 tl‘abian Bielinsky. Argentina. 2002i Ricardo Darin. (iaston Pauls. lgnasi Abadal. 1 15min. Two small-time swindlers meet seemingly by chance in a Buenos Aires convenience store and agree to team up for the day. And then an opportunity to pull a major-league scam lands on their laps. as an expert forger contacts Marcos about a set of rare stamps from Weirnar (iermany. the so-ealled .\'ine Queens of the title. A huge hit in its native Argentina. Bielinsky's fast-moving Nine Queens is both an engrossing con-artist yarn and a sly commentary on a society currently in economic free-fall. Arts (‘entre. liast Kilbride. One Life Stand t l5) 0.. t.\lay Miles Thomas. L'K. 2000) Maureen ('arr. John Kielty. (iary Lewis. I ISmin. Thomas' self- funded digital film short in (ilasgow scooped all the major BAl'TA Scotland Newcomers awards last year. Fair enough; an incredible feat getting the film made in the first place. but Thomas not only makes good use of her digital camera. she‘s also crafted a heart-felt dratna about a single parent mother and troubled teenage son relationship. (il’l‘. (ilasgow.

The Pianist t 15) 0.. (Roman Polanski. l7K/lirance/(iermany/Netherlands/Poland. 2002i Adrien Brody. lirank Findlay. .‘vlaureen l.ipman. 1-19min. An intensely personal film from acclaimed Polish director Polanski. as he himself survived the Krakow ghetto. Tlit' Pianist follows the persecution of the Jews in Warsaw during World War II. The focus is on brilliant Polish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman (Brody) who escapes deportation to an exzermination camp and is left struggling for survival in the wasteland that‘s left of Warsaw. Adapted frotn Szpilman's memoirs and making Use of Polanski‘s own childhood memories. “The Pianist is undoubtedly a brave and ambitious project. Although rewarded by its w inning the Palrne d'()r at last year's (‘annes Film Festival. it is. however. debatable whether this film won on its worthiness rather than it being a coherent and compelling narrative. Selected release. Pilton Video lcert tbcl (Various. l.'K.

l99l 2000) Min tbc. Various video works tnade by residents from Edinburgh‘s Pilton Housing listate. l-ilmhoUse. lidinburgh. Pippi Longstocking it; 00 Smith/Michael Schaack/Bill (Biggie. ('anada/vaedenKiermany. 2000i 78min. There's something vaguely disturbing about a nine-year-old girl who parades down the street singing ‘()h what a fabulous day. I'm happy as can be' having just watched her father being washed out to sea. But maybe that's being


churlish. After all. Pippi l.ongstocking\ anarchic behaviour has won her a place in the hearts and on the bookshelves of many a child since :‘vslritl Lindgren lil‘sl unleashed the world's first riot girl. But in an age of sophisticated children‘s films. Pippi Longstocking with all her exuberance. fails to deliver. .\lacRobert. Stirling.

Possession l 12m 00 l.\‘ell latiuie. l'S. 3002i (iwyneth Paltrow. Aaron lickhart. Jeremy .\'ortharn. Jennifer lihle. l02rnin. Adapted from AS By'itll's Booker Pt'i/c- winning novel. I’nvvevvion takes place in two time frames. ln present-day London. lowly university researcher Roland Michell llickhartl and brilliant feminist don Maud Bailey (Paltrow l are thrown together by the discovery of a cache of letters that suggest that two Victorian poets Randolph Henry Ash t.\'orthami and (‘hristabel l.a.\lotte tlihlei were secret lovers. But as the academics pursue a series of clues. their ow n experiences begin to echo the 19th-century lovers. While Laliute can't hope to replicate the pleasures of the page. he does bear otit Byatt's sly thesis that her \ictorian couple are less hung-up about love and sex than their angst-ridden modern counterparts. l'('l. (‘lydebank

C9 Punch-Drunk Love 1 ISi 0000 Watt] Thomas .-\ndcrson. IS 2003) Adam Sandler. [zrnily Watson. Philip Seymour Hoffman. 89min. ‘An art-house Adam Sandler film.‘ is how the precociously brilliant Anderson has described his film. Written specifically for the low brow comedian. Sandler. it‘s a bew ilderingly off-killer romantic comedy. set in Anderson's favourite cinematic territory. (‘alifornia's San l‘ernando \‘alley. ('locking in at jtist S") minutes. l’unr/r- Drunk Love lacks the grandiose sweep and emotional potency of .lluenuli'u. Yet with its concern for lost souls and its formal inventiveness. l’unr/r-Drtmk [.me is most definitely a PT .-\nderson film. and one which breaks the generic rules in telling its ow it Name tale of romantic redemption. See review. (ieneral release.

Real Women Have Curves t 12m ... (Patricia (Htt’doso. [-5. 300.“ America l"errera. Lupe ()ntiveros. Ingrid ()liu. ()0min. Real ll'unien explores the predicament referred to in feminist theory as ‘double jeopardy". meaning that a woman of colour is doubly oppressed by racist and sexist attitudes. Taking things further to quadruple jeopardy. the young lead in this film. Ana (iarcia ll‘erreral. is tirade to suffer. mostly by her own community and particularly by her selfish mother (()lili\crt)sl. for being female. poor. Mexican and fat. While all this sounds pretty grim. it's not because this small but perfectly formed film takes an albeit romantic view that those strong enough to throw off their shackles. cart and will succeed. See preview and review. l'(i(‘ Renfrevv Street. (ilasgow; l'(i('. lidinburgh.

The Red Shoes tl’(ii 00000 lfvliehael Powell & limeric Pressburger. l'K. 1948i Anton Wallbrook. .\lar'itts (ioring. .\loira Shearer. 133mm. Ballerina Shearer is torn between an autocratic impressario and a starving young composer as she dances her way towards madness. Remarkably ser'iotrs treatment of the subject matter is helped by superlative design and cinematography in this classic piece of Pow ell/Pressburger expressionism. (il’l‘. (ilasgow.

Repo Man t Isl 0000 (Alex (m. t‘S. 1984) Harry Dean Stanton. limilio listevel. Vonetta .\lc(iee. 93min. ('ult fave blend of social satire and offhand sci-ii. as naive punk listevc/ gets a job repossessing cars and old hand Stanton shows him the ropes. (it‘eat stuff. ('(‘A. (ilasgow.

Romeo and Juliet t Ill .0000 (Hal l.uhrmann. Australia/['S. 19%) Leonardo l)i('aprio. (‘lare Danes. 120mm. The Strict/v Ballroom director‘s treatment of the Shakespeare tragedy is a magnificent riot of colour. action and sexy teen romance. without any need to sacrifice the text. To call it ‘.\lT\' filmmaking' misses the point that the camera tricks and in-jokes don't in any way distract from the fact that l.uhrmann has completely grasped the issues at the centre of the play. An intoxicating. breathtaking tnix of (‘atholic iconography. high carrip and street violence that's both deliciously feverish and studicdly cool. ('(':\. (ilasgow.

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“Sad, Hilarious & Irresistible” Sunoiw TIMES

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by Marie Jones


See what hanoens when a malor Hollywood studio descends upon a small village in County Kerry, through the eyes of two aspiring Irtsh movie extras Jake & Charlie.

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