Re: Soulsa (458)

I couldn't stop laughing when I read yOur article on Andy Unger. Now I don't doubt for a second that he's intensely passionate about his music and he's probably a decent guy. but I think he's getting a wee bit carried away.

Yes. house music. like any music, can be inspirational. euphoric and sometimes even life-changing. but instead of being swept up in his enthusiasm. I couldn't help but cringe at his overblown pretentious quotes. “We as a species have something intangible and house music touches that. We dance to a beat which is a reflection of the beat of our heart. The 4/4 house rhythm directly corresponds to the heartbeat and we've been dancing to it since the beginning of time.’

It's no surprise that Glasgow Fabulous takes the piss out of Glasgow DJs. They're a pompous lot. Deflate the egos. guys. and stick to playing records.

Lauren Craig Glasgow

STAN BY YOUR MAN Re: 8 Mile (459)

Thanks for the tickets to 8 Mile. which I won in yOur promo. I hadn't seen any of the hype to which Catherine Bromley referred in her review. but I had been intrigued by the previews and l was interested at what might unfold.

Although I agree with most of Catherine's criticisms, for example the sparse plot. I think it's unfair to sum up Eminem’s performance as merely ‘alternating between directionless rage and sensitive big brother'. True, some of the scenes with the cute. blonde little sister were naff and I wasn't convinced by the ex- girlfriend, but his acting was surprisingly good. He had presence. There was intensity. frustration. uncertainty. attraction, revenge.

2 THE LIST 30 Jan—13 Feb 2003

from (hat-up to shatk-up in IS days


React, The List,

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Brittany Murphy, his muse and lust interest. lit up the screen. And, Mekhi Phifer, who played Future. is obviously a sex god. So thanks again for the tickets.

Heather Walker via email


Re: Celtic Connections (459) l was at the excellent “blues extravaganza' gig featuring Tam White and Rab Noakes at the Old Fruitmarket. Although the gig kicked off just after 9pm, I was forced to miss the majority of the set by headliner Hans Theesink as he didn't come on till around 10.30pm. spoiling what had been up till then a brilliant show.

Please remind the folks at Celtic Connections that not everyone drives home. Please put bands on earlier.

John Mcleod Paisley


Re: Lost in the male (459) Your little poser in issue 459: ‘Sex and the City an education or turn-on?‘ Since when was this an either/or proposition? Cos I got news for ya. kiddos . . . it's a turn off on both counts.

Here's the problem I got with this show. We're presented a bunch o' stereotypes who supposedly represent all manner 0' women. There's the slutty vamp, the romantic optimist. the humorous cynic. the kooky broad . . . blah blah. And we're supposed to daydream and wonder 'which one am I?'

There was a time when any gal who really had any sauce would reject this kinda pigeon- holing right outta hand. But not anymore. sister! This show exists for one reason only. Johnny TV-Mogul wakes up one day and realises there's a whole generation of us young gals who are single. got no dependants. half-decent jobs and are earning good scratch. And by some weird oversight.

and the City is Harvey Nicks and yOur mates are H&M.' When cardboard characters in a TV show are the expensive originals and your real-life friends the cheap copies. that‘s a world outta whack.

Sophie Stree

via email

we ain't being advertised to! We let 'em package us. stylise us and turn us into a brand. sisters. And do we complain? No. We congratulate them on their artistry and tune in every week. Maureen, babe. you gave it all away when you said: ‘Sex



Re: The word girl/Lost in the male (459)

The recent fiery debate on Sex and the City that has been f0ught on the letters page has got me so riled up that I would like to make a couple of points of my own.

In response to Ms Stree. I would say that I particularly enjoy the fact that The List has articles on a wide range of styles from popular to cult. One of the main reasons I buy it is that it is one of the least censored magazines available. If it were to start censOring articles because the subject matter was too 'mainstream' or about 'popular' subjects (such as Sex and the City) then I would stop buying it. When it comes to mainstream releases then it is good to know there is a magazine that will reView these topics without prejudice.

I am in no way trying to say that I like Sex and the City; in fact I read most of that issue but not that article. I find the letter of the issue (459) quite funny. lt rightly points out that Sex and the City is about four women who find it difficult to maintain happy relationships. However. it then goes on to mention men fearing confident women and that they should watch this show for ‘sex and relationship tips for boys'.

This show is based on a whole bunch of people who don't have the first clue about how to keep a stable relationship. If people want to find a partner. they should not look to the world of TV for advice. especially not a show abOut failed relationships.

The fact that the characters are not real is important. They are fictitious and their attitudes change constantly because the series is written for entertainment. not relationship advice. It is about ratings not helping your life.

Oh and when it comes to the phwoar-factor. that is just men giving you honest feedback. dearie. Maybe there should be a programme about men and relationships to help some girls out there to understand us men a bit better.

Patrick Jones via email

We give the So/ to those who like Sex and the City and we give it to those who don't. The crate is yours. Patrick. Get the boys round for a drink.





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