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King Tut’s, Glasgow, Thu 23 Jan

King Tut's: think guitar bands, leather-clad roadies and rock’n’roll, right? Think again. Nashville electronica synth-pop threesome Venus l-lum brought a modern, synthesised edge to the proceedings with a set full of quirky, idiosyncratic beats and soaring female vocals. Looking suspiciously like Scooby Doo’s

mate Velma, Annette Strean may look cuckoo but she sings like a lark. So the tone was set for an evening of most eccentric, if enchanting sounds.

Next, a bloke in a pineapple-print white suit, 70$ porn star orange vest and big ‘tache got on stage, followed by a girl with an 805 hairdo and plume of chifton scarves hanging off her jeans. Enter Gus Gus. ‘We’re here to pump you

ti» Gus Gus give Tut’s a clubbing

ROCK JESSE MALIN King Tut’s, Glasgow, Wed 15 Jan

It's not bad work if you can get it. being Ryan Adams' best mate. Just ask Jesse Malin, whose debut album The Fine Art of Self Destruction was produced by the boy wonder himself. and whose own output pl0ughs a similar c0untry-rockin'

hanging. lhOUgh. because Malin's a gifted troubad0ur in his own right. A sold out Tut‘s was whOOping and hollering at his every affable anecdote. including one ab0ut being collared by the NYPD for drinking on the streets. which dovetailed into a dedication of the next song ‘Arrested' to Pete Townshend. And in ‘Brooklyn‘. at least. he‘s got a song which matches Adams at his best . . .

furrow to his more successful buddy. Let there be no talk of coattail-

expect to see him taking a similar trip


up,’ she says, kicking off her shoes. And so they did. Biggi Veira, Buckmaster,

Earth and President Bongo are the four remaining madcap members of the once nine-strong Icelandic outfit signed to Darren Emerson’s Underwater Imprint. Their set started off on a trippy, dub-house tip but soon exploded into a battery of driving techno beats as the venue’s metamorphosis into a contemporary club space was compounded by strobe lights, cacophonous whistling and gaunt youths wearing Soma T-shirts and punching the air in

energetic appreciation. (Louise Prendergrast)


80$ MATCHBOX B-LINE DISASTER Venue, Edinburgh, Sun 19 Jan .0000

Sunday night at the Venue and the rawk massive is out in force. The male friend I'm with has just been asked. on the way back from the gents. to punch a stranger hard in the face. Because he’s got toothache. Strange but also scary. much like Brighton's 808 Matchbox B-Line Disaster. a truly mind-blowing band caught somewhere between the Cramps and Napalm Death. Singer Guy McKnight beats his chest. weeps and stares maniacally at the crowd in between aural assaults on the mic while the band certainly packs a punch hard enough to

take that guy's mind off his toothache. (Catherine Bromley)

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in association M3}: Sityiinis 2': Denotes-lust'announoéd _. :71

skywards soon. (David Pollock)


SUNHONEY «u MYSTERY JUICE one King Tut's, Glasgow, Sun 26 Jan

Given that Burns' night fell the previous evening, it was fitting that the first part of this Celtic Connections event featured traditional Scottish music with a contemporary twist. Mystery Juice's version was funky and sample-laden while Sunhoney too would have made Rabbie proud.

n if

Keep it in the Cosmic famin

Singer Ailith's lilting vocals warbled sweetly over drums. guitar. bass. bongos and unrestrained fiddle. culminating in some fine Gaelic chanting.

A stage barrier and fresh towels signalled the arrival of the VIPs. But the pomp stopped there as the now four affable scruffs that are Cosmic Rough Riders stepped on stage. Humorous banter ensued between band and audience. many of whom were family members spanning four generations. The band were selling t-shirts

and cheekily quipped: 'You'll get a discount if you show your bus pass.‘ to cries of mock indignation from the ladies. 'Don't mention Danny Wylie.“ bassist James Clifford's mum advised. 'He's left. Couldnae stand the pace.’

There were several moments of inspired. heavy guitar action. but it was the iangly. altcountry numbers that they do best. the Cajun flavoured. hippy lament. 'Glastonbury'. going down extremely well.

New track “Sunrise' was also a winner and 'Country Home' as an encore touched a

few hearts as the boys sang a capella. harmonising like angels. (Louise Prendergast)

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130 Jar:


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