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380 George Street Edinburgh 0131 225 3408


Lunch from 12pm


Drinks promos every Wednesday and Sunday from 5pm - 8pm


Live music & DJs from 10pm - 3am

Mon: Mark Mowbray Tues: Guaranteed Pure Wed: The Groove Train Thurs: Guaranteed Pure Fri: Feel Good Sat: Guaranteed Pure Sun: Fuego Latino

I Open ‘till 3

50 THE LIST .ia" ‘: E -’:t, 1’"


Pop music is nothing if not illogical. The king of rock’n’roll, Michael ‘sadly plastic’ Jackson, can fork out $100m on an album that no-one wants, whereas people like Reel Big Fish can release modestly-produced balls of energy for albums, tour near incessantly and, strangely enough, accumulate up an obsessively loyal fan base. Infectious ska punk pop made by smiley Amercians: who’d have ever thought that would work?

I Reel Big Fish play Barrow/and. Glasgow, Tue 4 Feb.

I Bronx Sanmel l)o\\'s. (i7 71 .\llltstlale Road. 423 ()ll)‘. H.3(lplt1. l‘l'CL‘.


I Pod 1 and the Ruffness the liquid Room. ‘)c Victoria Street. 225 2564. 7pm. £4. l.i\e electronica. drum & bass and hip hop sounds.

I Madman is Absolute, Churn and Set in Silence Studio 24. (‘alton Road. 558 3758. 7pm. £3 £4. .\lore e\treme rock and hem} metal shenanigans from Zealoiis.

I Chains Un-done The Venue.

l7 2| (‘alton Road. 557 3073. 7.30pm. £5. l.ocal indie act.

I Kevin Montgomery with AI Perkins The Village. l() South l-‘ort SII'L‘L‘I. l.L‘lllt. 47S 73“). 8pm. Roots Americana from .\lontgomer) and steel guitar st_\lings l'rom l’erlsins.

I STML, Diadem and Toy Bannerman's. .\'iddi‘_\ Street. 550 3254. 3.45pm. .\lot'e qualit) guitar hased rock at 'I‘hee ('rypt the home ol' all thing scu//}. rough and rock.

I The Counterfeit Clash \Vhistlehinlsies. -l (i South Bridge. 557 5| l4. llpm. (‘lash and other punk)


I Celtic Connections also see lolk llsllllf_‘\

I Andmoreagains and I)I‘rlli' King lllhs \Vah \Vah llut. 272a St Vincent Street. 22] 527‘). 3pm. S()l.l) ()l'l. llmm. \\lto could this he‘.’ (‘ould it he a certain l‘r‘a/Iled acid rocker from the late ()(l\ \\ ho has just pla} ed at the Queens Hall and is roundng off his latest tour \\ ith a secret gig using: the name ol one (it his hands songs‘.’ .\'o

I Boo Hewerdine ’I‘ron 'l‘heatre. 'l‘rongate. 552 42(37. 8pm. £0. .\lainstream singer/song“riler \sho has also collalmrated \sith liddi Reader in er the last ten _\ears. l’url n/(‘c/lir ("Miner/runs.

I The Alarm and Kirk Brandon

'l‘lie (iarage. ~l‘)() Saucltieltall Street.

332 ll2ll. 7pm. {ll Nostalgia ti'ip lor lo\ers ol po-laced rahhlei'ousing rock lt‘ont the earl} S’lls.

I AtomBombPocketKnife (ilasgou School of .-\rt. lth Renlrcu Street. 3320601. .\‘pm. [5. includng entr} to l)i\ine/.\l_\ .\lachines club night alteruards. Rumhling. tumbling; post- hardcore outlit lrom ('hicago on their first trip to liurope \\ llll their new album (im/ li/Ms l/Ii’ .ll)’/’/\' in to“. (io

I Open Stage Blues Jam .\'ice'n'Slea/_\. 42l Sauclnehall Street. 333 9037. 2pm. l‘ree. lllues session.

I Merika .\Jice'n‘Slea/_\. 42l Sauchiehall Street. 333 0637. 9pm. (iuitars. beats and samples comho \slio \sill shortl} release their debut single ‘( iet Yourself lilected'.

I Madman is Absolute and Churn ’l‘he l3tlt \ote (life. So (ill King Street. 553 1038. 0pm. £3. llea\iosit_\ ol the dair) metal \ariet}. I Geoff Martyn ’l‘chai ()\ na. 42 ()tago lane. .357-152-l.;\lhum launch for this singer/song“ riter. once a member ol' inn is. \\ lto l‘t‘col'tletl saltl alhuni lire (I, the Home of 7271 at this \er_\ \enue.

I The Haze and Mydas Stranherr} l'iclds. 5h ()s\\ald Street. “3-15 “53 02S"). 7.3llpm. H. ()\er» l-ls \llo“. lndie.

I Robbie and the Brothers (irand ()le ()pr). l’aislc} Road loll. 42” 5306. 7.30pm. H it'3 inemhersi. ('ountr}.

I Bon Jovi Tribute Bourbon Street. “N (icorge Sll'ct‘l. 5520141. 7pm. £5 t£l2.5() \\itlt dinneri. llair l'oL‘lsCI‘ \otltttlalllses liltl tlo lllL'_\ llSL‘ the right brand of liairspra} '.’

I The Solution .\tet'huill‘s. 4t)

High Street. 552 2135. ltlpm. l’ree.

I Jamie Barnes and Cochise .\IacSorle} 's. 42 .lamaica Street. 24% 55%. (rpm l-‘ree. Residenc} tor the Rtkli \eteran. pla} in; three sets tonight. I Rock’n’reel Satnuel Dim ‘s. (F "l \llltstlalt‘ Road. 43.5 llllln. «5.5lll‘ltt. l'll'L‘L'.

I Open Stage the Hall Bar. loo \Vootllantls Roittl. Sol lSIH. ~l Split. l‘t'ec. \Veclsl} \essiolt lol' local musicians.

I Live music the Hall liar. loo \Vootllalttls l‘ioatl. 50-1 L527. 0pm. l‘rce.


I Blank Space, Nixie Kye, the Dawn Parade and Willow (.itlk‘tlttlllilll l§;tL‘l\|‘;lL‘lsL‘l'\. .5 (‘lllcclt\lcl'l_\ .Sll‘t‘t‘l. «170 filll. 7.5013111. [-1 lll'L‘L‘ to residentsl. lndie line-up headed h} Blank Space \\lto released their .\I\ /)(l\'\ nil/I l/Ii' .l\ll'(lllrllll\ allntm last )L‘ill' to acclaim. and Mn» li;i\e recorded a double .'\»side ps} ch pop single to “._'l\L‘ ;I\\;t} on [he lotlt‘. .l'llCl'L‘.\ also melodic po\\ er noise act .\'i\ie ls}e. John Peel l'a\ourites the Dan n Parade and _\oun;_' local act \Villou.

I Toledo, Faithful and the Assassins Sulma). (it) ('ougale. 225 (i700. 7.3llpm. Ll. .\nothcr triple hill ol local indie lor the Sulma).

I Alfonzo, Chapman, my Electric Love Affair, Grapefruit and Emergency Red (‘ommples il‘ormerl} ('luh Jam i. ll) ('ommercial Street. l.eilh. 555 5(322. 8pm. £5. The l.eith Hand lllf_‘ltl returns \\ ith the great and good ll‘ollt the local scene. .\l\\a_\\ \\ot'llt taking; a chance on discmerin; some new hidden gems.


I Vivamelodica 't‘ollwooili 'I'lieatre. .lail \\'}iid. til ".\‘(i 27-ltltltl. 7.3llpm. Ur tb-l l. \.l\illllk‘ltltllk'il L'L‘lt‘l‘l'dlt‘ lllt‘ l‘t‘lt‘aM' ol' their ne\\ lil’ \\ ith a set ol songs and \ isttals.

Glasgow I Celtic Connections also see lolk listings