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The post-fire site is focus of heated debate 3

rom humble beginnings as a

shallow SOLirce of salmon. the

Clyde emerged as one of the greatest shipbuilding centres in the world. a confluence of international trade fed by every ocean of the globe. The rivers decline is well-documented. but its majesty runs through Glasgow's conSCiouSness. something renowned SCulptor George Wyllie is seeking to celebrate with a film on his planned creation of a giant Crystal Ship.

The 30m by 40m structure will stand above a bridge where the Clyde meets the River Kelvrn. with Wyllie hoping the EISm- eStimated preject will emulate the Eiffel Tower or Anthony Gorn‘ley's Angel of the North.

‘l wanted to do something big for

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Scotland that's regenerative. and the Clyde is why Glasgow has a Merchant City and fine buildings' he says. 'I wanted to show respect for what it's done for the City. and I'm hoping this gets people excited and starts a dialogue to get boats back on the riyer.'

And eXCIted we should be. because he intends to randomly illuminate the Crystal with climatic sensors linked to univerSities and ODSGWéttOl‘lGS around the world: 'Hawaii. Venice. Partick it's an international SCulpture with international input. relating to the voyages ships made in the past. The Clyde is a poor. neglected piece of aterx-xay and we've got to

Firefighters forge ahead

Old Town programmers optimistic Words: Henry Northmore and Mark Fisher

he events of 7 December are still ringing arOund the capital.

The good news is that those most directly affected by the

Old Town fire are fighting back. Most enterprising of all is Karen Koren who is nurturing a plan to rebuild the Gilded Balloon as an arts venue. not just for comedy but for a range of "popular arts'. Sensitive to the concerns of local reSidents. she's proposing to Cut the number of bars and to fOCLiS on the creative side. 'I want to do theatre in an infOi‘mal setting and to nurture new young talent.‘ she says. ‘We ‘«.'./ant something modern and ton-yard looking wrth a rehearsal space. a small studio and a larger venue}

There are still many negotiations to go before this dream is realised and Koren has been putting her case to politiCians. In the short term. she has made three staff redundant and. although she expects to have a Substantial Fringe programme at Teyiot. ner August comedy line-up will be smaller than in recent years. Meant-.fnile. she's planning a benefit gig at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre on 20 March featuring Dylan Moran. Mark Thomas. JO Brand. Lynn Ferguson. Steven Frost and Phil Kay.

Edinburgh clubbers have felt the loss of the Belle Angele more immediately. 'l'ye never been Out in a pub or a Club past 1 1.30pm for the whole of January and. for me. that's unheard of.‘ says Bobby Anderson. the club's yenue manager and events co-OrdinatOr. who thinks the disaster does at least open the door for others. ‘The lack of venues means that ia'hoeyer's deing duality nights is probably going to do Ciute he says. 'It might in‘prox e other yenues and give them a chance.‘

But what will be hard to replace is the atmosphere of the area. LOuis Sinclair McNally. who had a studio tnere. lost 20 years' worth of paintings. ‘In the Gilded Balloon yeti x-xere actors. graphic deSIgners. directors and organisations who were unrelated to yOur work.’ he says. 'It did gl‘.'G yOu that feeling that you were in the heart of it. There a sense of spirit that old Edinburgh lost. It was a place with drunks. homeless people. hostels. students and these dark wee alleys that you go and listen to lt‘LlSlC in. It had a City feeling and I don't know if that would exrst in a new burldrng.‘

Crystal ship for the Clyde

81 -year-old makes film debut. Words: Jay Richardson

‘I want to do theatre in an informal setting and nurture young talent’

restore it. to pick up the mer's energy. It's an artery but it's a blocked arten at me iiioment.'

With funding fl‘Ol‘.‘ Scottish Screen. the films traCing of the Clyde's histon. and projected regeneration ‘.'.l“ he the 8‘ -year- ord Wyllie's first tiit‘e beliznd a (:ait‘er'a: 'l'n‘

a wee bit £tj)[)l'()il(}ll8l‘.(?. but was l‘-(?\.(}l’ afraid of a challenge. I'm heir‘g re- generated by my ()‘.'.x't j)"oje<:t.'

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I On the back of her glorious Success in Chicago. Renee Zellweger is believed to be 'ready. willing and able' to resume her v good role as Bridget Jones for The Edge of Reason. The good news for her is that screenwriter Andrew Davies is creating a more streamlined Bridget compared to the original film for which RZ had to Stack on a bulky 20lb. Summer 2004 is the expected release date . . . The Mr Men are also set for a re8urrection later this year. having lain dormant for 15 years. The adventures of Misters Cool. Rude and Good. and Little Misses Bad. Scary and Whoops will be revealed later this year. despite the original creator. Roger Hargreaves. having died in 1988. His son Adam has taken up the pen . . . More kids stuff comes with news that crime scribe Elmore Leonard is set to lay down his personal smokin' guns in favour of an adventure story Starring a wild coyote and a retired canine who swap lives in the Hollywood Hills . . . Back on the subject of waif- like wifies. and Geri Halliwell is rumOured to be unleashing a third album in the late Summer. Pete Waterman and Daniel Bedingfield will be weighing in with their various. um. talents.