297 Bath Street. 240 I l l l. Ill. WC. WAI One Helluva Life tintil Sat 1 Feb. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £5 -£l8.50. Paisley boy. Tom Conti stars in the British premiere of this Tony Award- winning delight from America about the legendary tipsy matinee itlol. John Barrymore. See review.

Mum’s the Word Mon 3~-Sat 22 Feb (not Sun). Mort-"Thu 7.30pm: Fri -Sat 6pm 8; 8.30pm. £7—£l8. This sell-out show is back with Scotland's own Barbara Rafferty at the helm. Come and laugh with the best of them in this poignant and funny play about the joys of parenthood.


() (iranville Street. 0845 330 3501. [ll. TI‘. WC. WA]

Honk Thu 30 Jan Sat l Feb. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). Colourful musical courtesy of the Minerva Youth Cltib based on Hans Christian Andersen's Ugly Duckling.

Beauty and the Beast Fri 7 8; Sat 8 Feb. See Kids listings.


New Street. 887 l0l0. IH. WC. WA] Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! Thu ()—-Sat 8 Feb. 7.30pm. £7 (£3.50). All tickets £3 on Thu). 7:84 marks its 30th anniversary with an adaptation of Dario lio‘s attack on capitalism and corruption. See preview.


2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. ll’. H. WC. WA]

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Wed l2 l’eb. 7.30pm. £l0.50»£23. A unique collaboration between the Royal Shakespeare Company and City of London Sinfonia. directed by Jonathan Best and conducted by Richard llickox. Mendelssohn's complete score of incidental music accompanies the play to conjure the magical atmosphere of this enchanted tale.


I00 Renfrew' Street. 332 5057. Ill. WC. WAI

In Shirts Wed 5 liri 7 lieb. 7.|5pin. £6 (£4). l)evised piece directed by (irace Surinan in collaboration with second year students of the RSA.\ll)’s BA (contemporary theatre practice) looking at the cloning effects of modern living.


282 Hope Street. 332 900”. Ill. \VC. WAI

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Tue 1 1 Sat l5 l-‘eb. 7.l5pin (Thu inat l.30piii). £5 £48.50. Siobhan Redmond takes the title role in this new stage production of .\lui'iel Spark's inspiring landmark novel of Miss Jean Brodie. a teacher at the .\iarcia Blaine School for (iirls. directed by .\lui'iel Roinanes. Roinanes. who directed Invent/er Blue and A Streetcar Named Desire last season. Redmond‘s performance is generally powerful. though a little mannered in places while. among the students. Claire Yuille's clever. treacherous Sandy and Susan Coyle’s precocious Jenny are exceptional. Support L‘tilltes with Kevin .\lcfylonagle as Teddy Lloyd and Peter Kelly as (ioi‘don. Recommended.


25 Albert Drive. 0845 330 350l. Il’. 'l‘T. WC. WAI

When they Lay Bare 'l'hu 3t)

Jan -Sat 1 lieb. Spin. £l0. .\lark Sheridan’s ballad opera explores the history and sense of loss in the Scottish Borders. while celebrating the diversity of contemporary Celtic music. in a story adapted from Andrew (ireig's noy el. Sheridan is joined by Noise MacDonald. rock singers. traditional musicians and a classical quintet to tell the vibrant musical story of the ‘debatable lands‘. I’ur! ii/‘Ce/rit‘ (‘Ulllll’t'lfnllfifi


(i3 'l‘rongate. 552 4307.

Shining Souls 'l‘hu l3 l‘eb Sat l .\lai‘. Spin. £3.50 £ll (£3.50 £(i). l‘ollowing widely acclaimed productions in Chicago. lidinburgli and London's ()ld \"ic. Chris llaiman’s award—w inning play about the trials and tribulations ol a typical (ilaswegian family ttl'l'l\t‘s at the Tron. \Vriter llannan says of the piece: '1 wanted to w rite a play about ten characters who are hay ing a metaphysical day in the liast l'.lltl ol (ilasgow. I hope you come and laugh .‘our tits off.' An incentive. indeed. See preview and Big Picture. page S.

Glasgow Dance


253 Argy le Street. ()‘)()I 023 0300. |\\‘C. WAI

Alistair MacDonald and Sarah Rubidge Tue 4 Hi 7 l'cb. 7 l0pin. £5.50 (£4). See (ilasgow Di'aina. the Arches.

ST ANDREW’S IN THE SQUARE ()ff Saltinarket. St Andrew 's Street. 548 ()l)2(l.

Scottish Traditions of Dance Trust l'll'l 3| .lan. 7.30pm. £7 (£5). (‘)\'S Highland Dancing Team and Janet Johnston join Alasdair .\lacCiiish and the Black Rose Ceilidh Band as they take you on a musical dancing tour from sword to step dancing. I’ui‘l til (he/lit Conner/inns.

Edinburgh Drama


Ladyw ell Way. .\itisselbiirgli. (io5 3340. ll’. ll. T'T. WC. WAI

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin iii 3) Jan a Sat l l‘eb. 7.30pm. £0 (£5). .\like .\lai'an and company w eay e music and storytelling together to bring l.ouis dc Berniere’s iioyel to the stage.

The Spookmaster Sat 8 l-‘t-h. See Kids listings.


ll.)l'l .. p)

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{lt‘ZClitlll'ltXl ljlt‘ty’ (littbff, ti y". i ,' i. lk' return to Scottish Inc-aim travels ctlUtllKl lllt; ~."/u".l. l" .iui ;.

of tilt; :stniittitil (nun fkltlllyj‘

K/llttbij/‘H v‘JUli ..til \.".’llll l‘..'\/ .‘ ‘.,, ll

l)\)(l‘)lt) tl ‘)'llk,l .\l Dkallllqll \

l.)f(:‘-/It:‘vV l/U/l i’llt;ti.’zt.

Hill 1.3/1?!) btrl l mitt: Mr Placebo lScilJtA vv:..,. .t

Ukplyjtltlllkfl I \)l ll it, \,l Itti ..',:: IkJ

rulttliU: iSl'iitm tachfivuun to“) (out. or.

an export!) rui‘iitfrl (li'tigp lt;.>lll .3,

prograii il‘fit't (Mt/rt il:)t;.‘s all i t;~.rt;l til it] of [Cl ibt‘) llltxtllt; Ulrta llk/li t), '(lCClctlll lt;(l At t Itcl (\All I \f‘v’ilmul lVlIleii‘i atlth Spice to illt; ever .ii .5}. [rave/st) l/ltxtl/U. Lt/HiIh/lyfli, I'm; 71' Fol/Sat I Mai

Ba'let 80y! Pl'uvll it} “in, it: more than Just a W tjiia‘nick

Michael Ntiiiii aial Within). l!t;v‘lll (Hort; t)t‘()t)(;r|y kt l\/\..'.’ll (1:) [tie

Qt;t)t'g}t; Pit/cl Uitl tour .)

(,tJi’ (Hit it;

ballet {ll lU cut llt;llll)k}l(ll y (lit r. t: l\ breathtaking t:llt~:t.l A. Liar: w.) lxy

audiences Ill tiltisgotu last ytxn f..(///l/)ll/tj/l I (tbllt/tt/ /)'IL,‘tll/t,‘. l"'./t.-</ :) <8 Hit/ (5 m).

Thursday 6

New Territories New Territories

Dial M for Murder Dial M for Murder i The l'eyer

The Fey er

('héri Chéri

.\itiin's the Word .\luin's the Word In Shirts

In Shirts

See Rock 3: Pop

Friday 7 ' Saturday a

.\iuttt's the \Vtit‘tl

See Classical

Dial M for Murder The l‘eyet


\Vayang lopcng

Can't l’ay" Won't l’ay' Can't l’ay" Won't l’ay' Can't l’ay" Won't l’ay'

See Classical

See Classical

Sunday 9 5 Monday 10

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

* Tuesday 11 Wednesday 12

New 'l'eiiitoiies New Territories

lt‘.l\t' \i' ll.t\ C

Dial .\l lor .\ltiitlei Dial .\l for Murder

Cheri Cheri

.\ltiiii's tlie \\I'l\l \liiiii's :lic \\l'l\l

ilie l’iiiiiei-l llie l’iiiiienl

Thursday 13

New lt‘tltliittt's l)|;|l lilt .\lltltlx‘i

\llllilll;' \I'lll\

See Classical

Ballet lloy I ()ne Helluva Life One llclltiva Life The r 'utcracker The Nutcracker

The Prime ol

Mr Placebo

See Rock 5; Pop

()ne llellm a Life

.\lr Placebo

See Kids

1 he Nutcracker

The Prime of

.\l! Placebo

\t't‘ ( .ll.\ l Ilt'

Stones In lll\ Pockets

Stones in his Pockets Stones in his Pockets

.\li' l’laceho .\li I’lacebo

liiiiiitriii \oiitli llieatic

Stones in his l’ockeis

lleaiily .|ll\l the lieasl

.\ll l’ltk Chit



Citizens Main Citizens Circle Citizens Stalls Cottier Th Gilri'mmhillCTZ King’s Mitchell Th Paisley Arts RSAMD Theatre Royal Tiamway


ii'r‘fin't‘dh" " Festival Th King’s Netherbow Playhouse Royal Lyceum haverse 1 Traverse 2


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