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Edinbrugh Drama, Brunton Theatre

Brunton Youth Theatre ’t‘hu IR l‘eh. ".‘illpm. £4; lattiil} tieket U5. .-\ neu \lto\\ de\ ixed and perl‘ormed h} the IN“ I} tormed lirnnton Youth theatre for l: l-l-}L‘;lt'-ttltl\,



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0141 240 11 22 ticketmaster

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(24 hrs with Bkg fee) (Online booking with Bkg fee)

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The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Royal Lycum, iEdinbu


l3 2‘) Nle‘ttlsotl Sll‘L‘L‘l. 53‘) (lllllll. Ill. \\‘('. \\'.t\l

Calamity Jane t'niil Sat 1 t-‘eh. 7.30pm t'l‘hn & Sat mat 2.3t)pinr

L‘ l 5.50 [25.50. When the l)e;ttl\\ootl stage brings the \\ rong Adelaide Adams

a .j_:«:,;.1 a I. rgh

Paisley born Tom Conti stars in the British Premiere of the Dublin Festival sellout and Tony Award winning show about matinee idol John Barrymore.

Mon 27 Jan - Sat 1 Feb

The Multi Award winning

Andy Gray

James MacPherson

Forbes Masson

' in ‘A phenomenon. Stunningly brilliant and funny' The Times

Tue 18-Sat 22 Mar

to the to\\tt\ moxie hall. ('alamit} \ in trouble again. Boone} mnxieal \xith good \Ullg\ and great laughs. \\llll iliti);lll \thL‘tH lll lllL‘ lC;ttl t'ttlt‘. SL‘C

re\ ieu.

Chinese New Year Celebrations Sun ‘) lieh. lpm. £4. ('ome and eelehrate the ('liinexe .\'e\\ Year \\ ith lidinhurgh ('hinexe Seliool’x \xonderl'nl prograimne ol ('hinexe traditional art. inelnding danee. song and lion danee.


l‘ottntainpark. l‘onntainhridge. Dundee Street. 338 ‘FS-l.

Just One More Dance t'ntil l‘ri .‘~l Jan. ltlfillam & l..illpin: 30 Jan 10.30am. l..‘~l)pm & 7.30pm. Returning from a sell—out tour at the ’l‘ranma} l£l\l spring. llllx l\ the remarkable \tor} of one man‘s journe} during the lloloeanxt.


2 In en Street. 52‘) (lllllll. Ill. ll. \\'(‘. WA]

The Rat Pack: Live from Las Vegas l'ntil Sat l l"eh. 'l‘hn l‘ri 7.30pm; Sat 5pm & Spin.

U250 L'l‘).5l). Drilt haek to the glamour of the Sllx and (ill\ through the mnxie ol l‘rank. Samm} and Dean. One Helluva Life .\1on 3 Sat S l-‘eh. 7.30pm tSat mat 3.30pm).

U250 U850. See (ilaxgtm. Ktng\ ‘l-llL'llll'L'. SL‘L‘ t‘e\ lL‘\\.

Stones in his Pockets Mon

ll) Sat 15 l‘eh. 7.30pm t\\'ed & Sat mat 3.30pm). U350 USS”. .\l;tt‘ie .lonex‘ auard-uinning eottted} about a pair ol' Irishman thrim n in at the deep end ol lltill}\\ootl lilm prodttetion. Direeted h} [an Melilhinne}. it \\a\ great l‘nn when it lll’xl \hou ed at lidinhnrgh‘x ’l'ra\er\e a few lexthalx ago; it'll he interesting to see it" it's \nr\ i\ ed the ehange in aelorx and the ll‘;ttl\llltlll to the big stage.


stars in

Noel Coward's


A fabulously witty comedy set in the glamorous theatre world of the Jazz Age.

Mon 24 Feb-Sat 1 Mar


A sz‘:\‘t$§413"{\aitet set to the

treatntakii‘laimus'e 0' Puccini’s cutss‘i: onera.

Tue 25- Sat 29 Mar


43 45 High Street. 556 05“). |\\‘('. \\'.v\] The Same Old Story and an Open Couple ‘l‘hn 31) Jan Sat 1 leh "Hillan C ttll l. 'l‘riittltlemalxerx prexentx llll\ dotthle hill ol p|a_\\ h} Dario lo and l'il'illlL‘d Rillllt‘. [Ii/lt' Sit/Ht ()/(/ SIN/W l\ .l monologue dealing \\ ith gender issues and .1” ()pt'n (it'll/l/F loolo at the eonxetpletteex ol an open marriage hetneen t\\o people.


15a l’enn}\\el| (‘oan HS 215]. There was a Man l‘ri 3| .lan. 7.30pm. £5 tL'Si. .\ neu prodnetion ol 'l‘oin \\'right\ onevman pla}. a tribute to the me of Robert linrnx.


IS 32 (ireettxide l’laee. (LVN (Moi-ill. Ill. \\'(‘. \\'.'\|

Bear in the Big Blue House 'l‘hu 30 Jan Sat 1 l'elt. See Kidx lixlingx. Beauty and the Beast ’l'lin l3 l‘eh Sun 1 .\pr tnot Stint. "fillpin t\\'ed tk Sat mat 2.3llpnit. £0.50 £34. ’l‘hix enehanting \lot'} eomex to lite \\ ith Disne} \ auard-uinning muxieal. See [H'LW lt‘\\t

ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (irindla) Street. llS -l.\'-lS. ll’. ll. ll. \\'(‘. \\‘.I\|

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie l'ntil Sat S l’eh tnot Sun/Mont. ".JSpm t\\'ed & Sat mat 3.3llpini. L'" US See (ilaxgou. 'l‘ltealre l<tl_\;ll.


l-‘err_\ Road. l.eith. 554 HHS.

A Bhanis Taigh Sat 1 l-eh. .S'pm. ill). lidinhnrgh (iaelie Drama (it'ottp presents .\ Bhainix 'I‘aig a traditional Highland \Vedding \\ ith entertainment h} Margaret Steuart and Donald \laeRae and daneing to the (’arn Dnhh (‘eilidh Band.

The Royal Nation Theatre's award

winning producti

of JB

Anesmne staging. rav. emotmn

.ii‘d Cl S‘.‘.t‘t‘L‘llit‘i SCOl‘O.

Tue 4 - Sat 8 Mar

‘Absolutely Sensational, E'cstatlcally Wonderful' ' The Times

Tue 29 Apr- Sat 3 May