('ambridge Street. 228 H04. ll’. ll. Tl. \y't‘. WA]

Horse Country l'ntil Sttn 2 Feb. 8pm (Sat tnat 3.30pm). £0 t£~l £5). The l‘it'st ol‘ the l’it‘sts winner on last year's lidinbttrgh l-‘ringe returns for a Welcome few days. (‘1 llopkitts’ absurd and ()TT parody of late 201h century culture is brilliantly performed by a great New York team. Don't miss.

Mr Placebo Fri 7 Feb Sat 1 .\lat' (not Mon). 8pm. £l0 (£4 £(it. Ben. lloyy'ie. Jude attd 'lat'itl are four different guys brought together in tlte name of medical research. Isabel iii/outlet]. Speedruni Wright's humorous tale of genetic destiny examines the relationships that become forged in such uncertain surrounds. This adaptatiott comes courtesy ot‘ the 'l'rayerse Theatre Company. See preview.

Edinburgh Dance


l3 2‘) Nicolson Street. 53‘) (i000. Ill. W't‘. WA]

Ballet Boy: Wed 5 a 'I‘btt b Feb. 7.30pm. £8 £lb. .‘yliehael .\'ttnn and William 'l'reyitt combine ballet attd contemporary dattce to bt'cutth-taking effect. A big hit in (ilasgoyy last year. Well recommended.


liountainpat'k. liountainbt'idge. Dundee Street. 328 978-1.

Just One More Dance t'ntil Fri 31 Jan. l0.30am & l.3()pm; 30th Jan 10.30am. 1.30pm tk 7.30pm. See lidinburgh Drama. l‘ountainpark Leisure ('ontplex.

PLAYHOUSE I8 32 (ireenside Place. 0870 (3063-12-1.

T e'riginal chareograp by Marius Petipa, choreographer of the Mariinsky Theatre and for the Imperial Russian Balletfischool

ith a company of 120 full orchestra



24 hr telephone boo

Ill. \\'('. \VAI

Swan Lake Mon 3 Wed 5 Feb. 7.30pm. £(i £30.50. l’etipa presents this beautiful tttastet'piece. classically staged atid .set against enchanting (iet'nian lait‘ytale castleS. dense l'ot‘eSls and moonlit lakes. featuring 'I-L‘IlillkUVSh} 's haunting score.

Nutcracker Thu (3 Sat 8 l‘eb. 7.30pm tSat tnat 2.30pm). £(i £30.50. The (‘hisinau National Ballet presents this beautiful classic \\ ith a l30 strong company atid lull orchestra. Since it premiered in Moscoyy in Woo. this ('ht‘istmas story about the little girl swept away by a magical dreamyyorld has becotne legendary. With respected Russian choretigt'aphet'. Yuri (irigoroy ich at the helm. this is truly unmissable slut-ti.

Central Drama & Dance


CUMBERNAULD THEATRE Kildrum. ()l 236 732887. ll’. ll. 'l"'l‘. \\'('. WAI

Shorts lit'i 3l Jan & Sat l l‘eb. 7.l5pm. £3.50. A dottble hill of one-act plays Written by ('ttmbernauld's Senior Yottth 'l‘heatre including Katrina Wilson's Dressing Room and ('t'aig (iallachet"s What [)0 you Hurt/(CC I’url of.\'urI/t [.(llllll‘k.\/Itl'(’ l'ottI/i Arty I't'xlit'ul.

The Crucible Wed 5 Fri 7 Feb. 7.l5bm. £3.50. Arthur Miller's tale of prejudice. Witchcraft. superstition and malice itt lot): Massachusetts. Part of Nor/It lunar/(shire Yum/t .rlrly l't'.\li\'tl/. Big Country Sat 8 Feb. 7.45pm. Free. ’I'itn Primrose‘s play about a nightly gathering ol~ teenagers presented by the l.y cetttn Yottth Theatre. l’ur/ offlVurtlt I.urturksltirc Yum/t xlrly' l't'ylit‘ul.

Fires Within Fires Thu 13 Sat 15 l-‘eb. 7.45pm. £3.50. Joint Scotland/Singapore multimedia project exploring youth issues ol belonging.

Swan Lake Mon 3, Tues 4, Wed 5 Feb

betrayal. peer pressure. repression. truth. order. hype and hysteria. l’urr oi'.\'ur1/i [.(llltll'k\/lil‘(’ Yum/t .-lrI\ I'i'xlii'ul.


Bron Way. North ('arbrain Road. 0l(i‘)8 3(i75l5. ll’. \\'(‘. \\'.'\|

Big Survivor! Sat 8 lieb. 7.45pm. £3.50. A group of reality TV shoyy contestants try to escape from a desert island in .\'orth l.anarkshirc Youth 'l‘heatre's humorous \s‘hodunnit. I’urt u/ Nun/I [marries/tire liWI/I .‘l/‘IS l't'ylt'i‘ul. Seasons and Rhythms Wed 13 a 'l‘hu l3 l’eb. 7.45pm. £3.50. .'\ll expressiy'e and collaboratiye dance piece by performers \\ ith special needs presented by (me iii a llttndt'ed 'l‘heati'e (‘ompany Redbttrn School atid Sounds of Progress. l’url ulfanI/t luriurks/tin’ Yum/t xll‘ly l-i'ylt't'ttl.



lay Square. 01383 223530. ll’. ll. \\'(‘. WA]

The Winter’s Tale Fri 3! Jan ck Sat

I I “Exquisiter b ca u tiful THL SCOTSMAN

a (

listings Theatre


'(v'l ’/ :~

Tom Paine, GilmorehilthZ, Glasgow

l l‘eb. 7.30pm (Sat tttat 2.30pm).

£5.50 £13.50. The ch‘s iii-house company returns t't'ont Iran to perl'orm this celebrated production ol‘ one ol Shakespeare‘s last attd lllosl hottert'ul Works. about a jealous attd irrational king arid the tar-reaching consequences of his actions. lh‘commended.

Speed the Plow Wed 5 Sat 8 Feb. 7.45pm tSat mat 2.30pm). £5.50 £l0.50 (£4.50 £7.50). Rapture 'I‘heatre ('ompany pet‘l'ot'ms l)a\ id .\lamet‘s play about the battle betyyeen art attd commerce in llollyyyood.

Private Angelo Mon to Wed 12 Feb. 8pm. £5.50 £l0.501£4.50 £7.501..\lilsc .\Iat'an brings liric l.inl\lalet”s ttoyel. loolsittg at the li\ es ol' ordinary people during World War II itt Italy. to Me With story telling and a liyc musical score. The Real Full Monty Keeps it Up 'l‘htt l3 Sat l5 l‘eb. 7.45pm tSat ttiat 3.30pm). £5.50 £|3.501£(i.50 £1 I501. The boys from the Real Full Monty are back in this saucy cotnedy about the mishaps of a seedy nightclub‘s opening night.

I. "I. . . a, ti JI'IVVI/(‘I'fll’I-f/l .t


THE FAMOUS 1966 moscow PRODUCT!" " . Directed by I / , YURI GRIGOROVICH Director of the BOLSuOt BA for 30 years ""J m

3 Q ‘r a

mflnMWa-q new, iii;

'suhject to availability and restrictions

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Nutcracker Thurs 6, Fri 7, Sat 8 Feb kings 0870 606 3424* caours 0131 524 3301 Mame...gamma

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