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On the pressures of the job, the Catholic church and flying nuns plus an exclusive

screening of The Magda/ene Sisters

The stand-up raconteur turns high-drama movie star in Revengers Tragedy

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' 0 Eve Dent”:

Richard’lKIéD me i: Provocative sculpture from the internationally ‘A Doctor Who Tordls of Form?!- .;.faflt'a.5v . _ . - ta, art. FortierIQDanseg'Création; acclaimed post punk radical experime" Goatlsla‘nd"; The Scotsman _ Myanmar;

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Erasure Feeder Rik Mayall Rob Newman gushes airtime (mundane; {H's-,0

Dave Eggers Teenage Fanclub bread - betweenfldafice, installatign, Kipper‘ids.

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Apex tickets available up to Stelarc

Lisa Watts seven days in advance of Aaron wmiamson‘»

events at lust £5 Stevie Wishart ,

theafiw WSW! art and. ' V. e Guardnan

information and tickets:

THE ARCHES 0901 022 0300

TRAMWAY 0845 330 3501


You’ve got 15 days to live 1 I . v- I . ' Y ‘1; online programme & links at " www.newterrit0ries.co.uk

Q Scottish - 0 Arts Council @bmt‘c

lAWANDEDINBURH - " 7” Scottish ,. EVENIS GUIDE i 4 Arts Council

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