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Art meets clubs meets music - where else could it be but DJINNIDITTO? \x‘v’or/Is: David Pollock

l'l sltt\\\‘_ Iivi Illllslt event. club night cxtiviorilinau'e every Djinniditto is a special Ht‘t‘,l\ltll‘ and one that promises to be ttnlike my you‘ve st‘t‘lt or llt‘TIl'tl formed as it concept at the ‘II-i iif 7fllll_ the orggims'tlion (for that‘s will” it ls'. ills i' ~ in :iriisix‘ i (\lli‘i'lIH‘l grew from hotIse parties to I sidcncy at lgo. a mention in The line‘s clubs of II‘ year and a Ill ol the month slot for co-organiser l' ~I \I:i<_:ee in Wm wmniml. all in the space of a year.

\tvl. despite the lather si/eablc setback that was tlt- (‘owgate lire putting paid to ;= ot‘oti'i'tvwl mote to la llellt‘ \tw-l‘ ('llt"lllllit_' two months of t'I I. 'z\ Il\ for the club and the

“opt-ring of ‘I planned lliiii'nH-tny hush). lljc‘ (lltl l""tl~u'k sg‘nril means Dunniditto v "I continue at its spiritual l"‘l‘l4‘ in ligo for the foreseeable lI"'Il‘t‘

We wanted to (lo something that wasn‘t typically l~iIinbui‘gh—esqtie. which means yuppie—throwback .miwrsity students going to corny clubs and/or tlte wannabe. rich—kid "I‘ve been privateIy—cducated. bttt I‘m from the ghetto" ethic.~ says Magee. half of the Djinniilitto engine room along with fellow artist ("trace \lziran. ‘Wc just wanted to create an alternative night where the beat matching. “seamless mixing" thing wasn’t an issue and being humbled by good music was.' t g

Although the musical mentt ls predominantly electronic and. specifically. electro. .\lagee and his fellow l).ls are not afraid to throw anything from garage rock to house classics into the mix. I)jinniditto has been likened to the east coast ()ptimo ('()ptimo is

72 THE LIST -' "5w: /

You are you

the lies! clttb l have ever been to.‘ says Macgee). but the most comparable factor is that both clubs are tapped into what Magee calls ‘the creative mm".

As well as its independence. Djinniditto is also prottd of its function as a platform for new visual artists. .\lagee and .\laran are the people behind the heavily-publicised The ()I/It’l’ Slide exhibition. and Magcc is keen to point out that the club serves an important purpose as a gallery space: ‘We‘ve clawed away at people. maintaining that this isn't just a club night. and that we do exhibit a hell of a lot of art. We‘ve worked with some of the most awesome contemporary artists in Scotland right now people who‘ve exhibited in the l‘ruitmarket. Stills and the (‘ollective - and a lot of well-known and respected

gallery curators from around lidinburgh come down to see it

‘A lat Of respeCted and have become Djinniditto gallery curators come down to see it and have become regulars’

regulars. Which I love.‘

So does .‘ylagee think he's causing a scene. quite literally. in the capital‘.’ ‘Well. we‘re just facilitating the scene.‘ he says. with unwarranted humility. ‘But I think it‘s bands like the Magnificents [who have played Djinniditto] who are creating it. I‘ve done my damnedest to work with them. because they‘re like no one else I‘ve heard before and they jtist wouldn't sound like that if they weren‘t from lidinburgh.~

He continues: ‘But Djinniditto‘s got a reputation for haying an exclusive audience and I can't think why. because anyone who comes down will see that it's a very worthwhile thing. I've left clttbs at three in the morning feeling messed—up and brilliant. and not giving a fuck if I make it to work the next morning and that‘s exactly how I want people to feel when they leave l)jinniditto.‘

Ego, Edinburgh, Fri 7 Feb


Word Up

The latest club news

SKINT RECORDS ARE KNOWN for their massive big beat tracks and cracking videos (remember Christopher Walken getting down to Fatboy Slim’s ‘Weapon of Choice’?). A good opportunity to celebrate both is the We are Skint video tour 2003 and a run through their best and worst vids from the last few years. Edinburgh Filmhouse, 15 February and Glasgow Film Theatre, 16 February.

REBEL WALTZ USED TO BE A mainstay of the City Cafe. Edinburgh; now they've moved to Barcelona and things are going great guns with Murray Richardson playing out at the 1200 capacity City Hall. Upcoming guests include DJ GreQOry. Big Hair and DJ Linus. So if you are down Spain way why not pop in and say 'hi'.

Murray Richardson

TOM WILSON IS DOING A meet and greet at both Edinburgh and Glasgow HMVs (30 January, Argyll Street and 31 January, Princes Street respectively) at 5pm in support of the release of his latest collection of old skool anthems Bouncin' Back. Expect a short DJ set and a signing session.

TROUBLE AT THE BLUE NOTE is no more. In fact (for the meantime} Edinburgh's Beat Jazz Basement is no more. Festival Inns have re-christened the venue the Peppermint Lounge and cancelled all the Beat's nights. Dds had been booked up until March but are now homeless. Plans are to change it back in June let's hope they stick to them. But if you just can't go Without that Trouble . . . sound. Hobbes DJs every Monday at Pivos. 9pm—3am.

AND FINALLY A BIG THANKS to all the folks who attended Mischief’s Charity Bashment: they went on to raise well over £1000 for the Drake Music Project Scotland.