Events are listed by city, day, type, then alphabetically by name. Submit listings at least ten days betore publication to, by post or by tax on 0141 353 2803. Glasgow listings are compiled by Johnny Regan.

Glasgow Thursdays


I Bed-Sit at Bed (formerly the Velvet Rooms). llpm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Billy Milligan prov ides the student favourites in the hack bedroom and Scott ‘liingers' McMillan mixes up a stortn in the front bedroom.

I Bennet’s at Bennet's. l lpm 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. (iay. mixed. straight who cares‘.’ Jtist have a bloody good time. people. Shawn lovingly lays down the crowd pleasers in this ever- poptilar Thu night mash tip. Annie also provides high-octane tuneage

I Giggles at the Mercury Lounge. 9pm - 3am. £4. Weekly. (‘omedy night with Janey (iodley. Nina (‘onte. and up‘n'coining treats such as Barbara Nice and Tina (‘.

I Carnival at 'I‘rash. l().3()pm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. A weekly Mardi-(iras at this classic student venue. [)1 Robert mixes up R&B. while Steven Brown blasts out chillin' house and body grindin' Latino beats. There‘s also a hit of karaoke. if that floats your boat.

I Columbian at the Asylum Back Room. 8pm 7 lam. Free to (‘l‘Sl' memhers: £1 otherwise. Weekly. Put some hreakin’ funk in your trunk. with this entertaining night of student madness.

I Fire Wire at Bamboo. 5pm 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. (iraham i't‘l'g'llsoll mixes a wide variety of musical styles with occasional live bands in the same room. Jim Brady plays an eclectic mix of lounge grooves while (iavin Macleod drops classic house and disco.

I Freakmenoovers at (ilasgovv School of All i lpm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. l)ema and Mr .\'ice once again invite its to take a trip down the funky latte. .-\s tvvo of (ilasgovv is most skilled hip hoppers. they’v e got the skills to pay the hills.

I Homework at Vault. l lpm 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. Ian and Stev ic man the ho.\. so all insecurities over the tunes are dispelled. This night aims for student happiness without compromising the quality levels.

I Hype at (’ube. l |.3()pm 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Jim l)a Best teams tip

with the Hype crew to put on a night of

twisted. ultra-funky house. Plenty of cheap boo/e makes this a fun night ottt.

I Madhouse at the Shack. l().3()pm 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. ('J and Andy take you to the brink of insanity vv ith some of the most otllt'agcous and courageous student anthems.

I Old Skool Reunion at .-\t‘chaos. llpm 3am. £5 (free £2.50). Weekly. Old school techno classics and disco style tunes for the fren/ied students down Archaos way.

I Polo For Me at the Polo Lounge. l()pm lam. liree. Weekly. You. the lucky punter. take the helm tonight. as request cards are available over the bar and in the booth. .\'otice for the unimaginative ones: 'I Am What I .-\m’ is prohibited by law and punishable by spanking.

I Push and Pull at the Sub (‘luh. l)pm 2am. £5. Weekly. .-\ truly innovative Thu night from the Sub crevv. Their guest on 3() Jan is l’rance's most wanted radio-host and selector Ivan Smagghe. who stands at the crossroad hetvv een glamorous Parisian hype and musical integrity.

I Record Player: at (ilasgovv School of Art. l().3()pm 2.30am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Hi—l‘i Sean (Hi-l-‘idelityl and Htishpuppy (Divine) perform cheap deck stickin‘ to disceau. dumb electro and 80s phunk. They advise you to act tip. dress dovv n and play easy to get.

“it 2'

Mike Grant guests at Higher 'Groun, Sat 8 Fe

I Sidewinder at .v\d l.ih. Next date thc.

I Skint at the (‘athouse l lpm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Very much a night to reflect vvhat's going on in (ilasgovv at the moment. Tough chemical breaks and beats. rock and indie fora crowd much like the one outside the (iallery of Modern Art.

I Soul Shaker at MAS.

llpm 3am. £4 (£2 ). Weekly. :\n undiscovered gem. We have a mixed bag of electro. techno. house and funk courtesy of Dirty Larry. the Junkyard Dog and John Mitchell.

{9 Subcity Station Launch at the Arches. l lpm 3am. £tbc. l3 l-‘eh only. Big launch night for this great student station. (‘luhs from all over the city are turning tip for the party. too. Thirty -strong Bra/illian drumming troupe Samba Va Bamba. (‘hakra. l.ive Sciences ttlltl the lilectric (‘ztlc are gillsl a fevv of the collectives dropping by. Show support.

I Theorm at the Vault. l lpm 3am. £4. 3() Jan. l)eep funky techno in the company of three of the tip and coming l)Js on (ilasgovv 's underground scene (‘raig Hamilton. Barrie Hodge and Max Raskin.

I Trash at Trash. l().3()pni 3am. £4 (£2 ). Weekly. More of a spectacle than a night out. w ith drunken students and footballers from wall to vvall. Insanely cheap drinks mean a huge queue almost every night.

I 1210 at Baba/a. 8pm 3am. l-ree before I lpm: £4 (£3) after. Weekly. literally underground club housing some huge vocal house and garage loveliness deploy ed vveekly by Ian Thomson and Vance.

Glasgow Fridays


3 Abnormals Anonymous at (ilasgovv School of .-\rt. llpm 3am. £tbc. l4 l-‘eh. Monthly. Valentine's day special at this friendly gay cluh. :\:\.v\- XX is the title of this special night. and the dress code is a rather unflinching ‘l‘uck Romance'. David |.eddy and .‘ompaiiions do queer performance. there‘s free makeovers and music from Hushpuppy. Mooncat and (‘ritical Mass. To reiterate. a club of e\qtiisite originality.

I Aerodynamico at Ad lih.

llpm 4am. £tbc. 7 I’eb. Monthly. l’h5.5 in ftill effect at this trendy har dovvntovvn. Broken beats and ia/ly

nevv ness are the sounds.

I Afterglow at .-\d l.ih.

llpm 3.30am. £5 (£4). l4 l’eh. Monthly. Iissential mod sounds. Hammond inn and northern soul from the liriday Street regulars. This month‘s guest is Jimmie Mac from :\u|d Reekie (lidinhurgh l.

I Archaos at Archaos. l lpm 3am. £5 (£2.50). Weekly. .‘vlainstream chart dance. soul and cheese at one of the busiest l-ri nighters in town.

I Axis at Soundhaus. l lpm 5am. £tbc. Members and their guests only. 14 l-‘eh. Monthly. Thomas Krone is the guest at this underground techno and electro night at the venue off the beaten track.

I Bebado at Riverside (Tub. \eyt date thc.

I Bogota! at ('uha .\'orte. 0pm 2am. l'ii'ee. \Veekly. Barrio illlkl Riltlltl Magnetic main man Mr l’eaches entertain the troops.


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I ' LIST* .

." "

Kinky Afro Urban Beat stop off on their UK tour (or six hours of

music from the undisputed Godlathers of Balkan house music and their legendary. devastating three-deck house mixes. Sub Club. Fri 37 Jan.

The Boutique The guys behind Glasgow Underground bring us this mouth-watering night of house with Erol Alkan (pictured) in the main room and the l(_ljtli Boys workin' the bar. CCA. Sat 1 Feb.

Superfly This wild psychedelic cabaret steps up its crazy behaviour. appearing twice a month. Ian Lamarra and Duncan Supertly are the Dds. and there's the usual array of live gubbins too. Brilliant. l/i/oodside Social. Sat 7 and 155 Feb.

Medicine Wheel The Rub a Dub people pull off a bit of a special one here. with Mr Do and Electrolunkyshit showing us what underground Detroit really sounds like with the ghetto—tech sound. Sub Club. Fr/ 7 Feb.

Higher Ground Higher Ground deserve respect for ackriowler‘lging and championing some of the most innovative techno producers and Dds ill the world. lliis month they bring in Mike Grant of Detroit. who cut his teeth working alongside all the big names in that city's enviable techno history. CC/l. Sat 8 Feb.

Subcity Radio Launch Party The undergrounr‘l radio station launches again. and to celebrate they're holding a bad mother of a party in the Arches.

l we samba. house. techno. electro and everything that's good about life. Arc/res. Thu Iiif'eb.

Abnormals Anonymous Valentine’s Special This progressive gay club favours weird electro and performance art over the usual hard house and general cheapness. and on this special night. called AAA XX. there's a smattering of live art. loads of music and makeovers to mark the occasion. Here's to originality. Glasgow Scboo/ of/lrt. Fri 1-1 Feb.

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