I Public Spirit at Butltla.

l lpm r 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Jon l)a Silva is one of those l)Js who will. for the rest of his days. lind the words ‘the legendary" tacked on to the shift till his name. He and the Adorphiliacs are having their weekly party at this mighty venue. so he in effect.

I Red and Gold Room at Arta. l()pm» 3am. l-‘ree hefore l lpm: £7 after. Weekly. 1)] Michael ()‘Shea pops tip to spin only the linest salsa and Latin tunes to a very well heeled Arta crowd.

I Rockit at Bamboo. 5pm~3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. New cltth and bar ventttre that hrings some of the most worthy residents in (ilasgow together for funky house and R&B sessions. (‘ieoff Montford takes care of the former. while Paul Fox deals with the latter. goddammit.

I Sub Tropica at (‘tiha .\'oi-te. 10pm 2am. Free. Monthly. A hit of a departure in styles for (‘uha .\'orte as it emhraces classic salsa saniha and son mixed with Latin House. Brought to yott as an offshoot of the Radio Magnetic Latin show Stth Tropic with resident Mr Peaches. Look otit for guest percttssionists.

I Tantra at Trash. l()pm 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. Wall-to-wall drunk people: wahey? Lisa Littlewood and Iain Thomson play upfront house to a packed dance floor. with [)1 Rohert playing funky house. disco and indie in room two.

I Test at (ilasgow School of Art. Next date the.

I Tidy at the Shack.

lt).3()pni 3.30am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Let that infectious l’riday feeling take hold of you while 1)] Iain llanlon takes control of the dance floor.

I Lick It at the Mercury Lounge. 9pm 3am. £4. Weekly. [find of the week sounds and an anything goes approach make this a popular night at the new gay cltth.

I Tronicsole at the Arches. .\'ext date the.

I Urban at the Tunnel. 1 lpm -3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. An R&B session

the ldjut Boys rockin' sets all over the (‘('A. (ireat guests. interesting venue and a cltted tip crowd will make this a special one.

I Caledonia Soul at \y'oodsitle Social. .\'ext date the.

I Club Cuba! at ('tiha .\'orte.

9pm 2am. Free. Weekly. (let in touch with your Latin spirit at this classy night of dance. The finest Latino heats are supplied by Duncan. l‘arah and Shannon. Make sure you arrive early to guarantee entry.

I Colours at the Arches. l lpm 5am. £l(). 8 Feb. Monthly. Sander Kleinenherg. Circulation. Parks and Wilson and future hero for 2003 I)esyn Masiello rock the main room. Meanwhile. in Room 2 it's Suhliininal Sessions. with Richard I". Jon Mancini. Smokey and the Bandit and (iav llotiston. Jolly (iood. For this date only

'xl-Ijsl' curd llU/(lt’I'S gel £3 rifl‘mli'um't'

Iit‘kt'Isji‘n/n Ripping Recon/s um! I/lt' I’ret‘im‘l.

I Cube Class at ('uhe. l lpm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. ()ld-scliool liousc classics and up-to-date anthems are the order of the day at this packed Sat nighter. thanks to main room man Matt le l-‘ttnk. lit the hack l)M(i serves tip R&B.

I Disco . . . the X Factor at the Sotindhatis. l lpm 5am. £9 (£7). 8 l-‘eh. Monthly. Valentine's extravaganza at the ‘hatts this month. with Spanned special guest Silrtiy Kilk and also Billy Ray Valentine and Mr (iraiit ftinking it tip in the house room. 'lliey're pitching it as the hest Valentine‘s night of the year.

I Divine at (ilasgow School of Art (downstairs). lllpm 3am. £(i (£5 £4): £3.50 (iSA students. Weekly. It's heen going strong since 1990 and is officially the longest running residency in (ilasgow. so they know how to work a crowd with industrial strength funk. I Elektrik Sweat at Blackfriars. Next date the.

I Freefall at the Arches. Next date the.

I Freeform at Barfly. 9pm 3am. Free hefore 10.30pm; £5 (£4) after.


U000st (am-3.305;. .. ¢

c ENTRY £3l£5 (BEFORE MIDNIGHT) £4l£6 (mi ' ~ “" . u A A

d 193‘ PITT ST,

cl 0141 332 mimsnack 19am

-o in MILL Ram) £1.50, VODKA MIX £1.50 ‘1'

A00 £1.50, SIDEKICK £1.50 . ct scan PS£1"’ " g V v

to ’0

listings Clubs

courtesy of Paul .\"Jie at this newly Weekly. The Watt hrothers present you r ' relaunched. classic (ilasgow ventte. with an eclectic mixture of classic sotil. ., I Urban Groove at (‘luh Bttdda. ftiiik. (i()s heat music and Latin tunes. l lpm—3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. l‘eaturing with a selection of big hitters thrown the talents of Domenic Martin. who in. You are just as likely to hear seamlessly merges L'S house and obscure Latino voodoo and dark jau. as garage. deep house. disco. soul. funk Michael Jackson or James Brown. All and jazz. while adding the odd dash of of which will force you onto the Latin and Afro grooves. dancelloor. ()ii I l lieh. the guest is ' h J l‘ Snowhoy. so check it out. . Glasgow Saturdays I Fusion at the Riverside ('ltth. Midnight~~3am. £l(). 8 lieh. Second ClUb hirthday celehrations for the cutting I Aerodynamico at the Liquid edge house cltth with l)Js Rohiti arid - l "‘t l“ ' Lounge. 1 lpm 4am. £6 (£5). 8 Feb. Michael Paterson and live percussion l A .911” thinly“); t1 ' t t Monthly. Nu-jazz. funk. soul. hip hop. courtesy of Andrew llone. Pre-eltih I in.” « W I ' Y, *t . - . - Bra/.illian heals and broken heats. all session at Room. ‘)pm midnight. . administered to your soul hy pll5.5 and I Gordon Miller at l’tiel family. (Bishophriggs). l().3()pm 2am. £5. ' "i i I Amatis at Sloan's. 8pm lam. £4 Weekly. l-‘tinky house at the new ‘3 " l i ' i | (£3). 1 Feb. Monthly. A real goth. .\'orthside eluh venture‘s resident. . «1 143.; ; its; 1 . . industrial. dark wave and rock night for I Groovejet at Trash. 1 lptii 3am. t.“ . . . these who fancy a good alternative to £8. Weekly. Paul .\"Jie presides over I i ‘, F31; ,‘ . , the ('athotise. the city's most popular R&B and soul ' 1 i“""*}‘{l*‘l * ‘1 l I I Bailamos at Havana. 9pm 2am. night. attracting a loyal crowd every 3 ' "'l U“ ' " Free. Weekly. 1)] Keith I) hrings you a week. I '1 S I t -: L ‘t 1': f ~ ' I l I world selection: salsa. R&B. Latin 0 Higher Ground at (’(‘A. l i t I ' ' chart action and whatever else moves 10.30pm 3am. £l() (£8). 8 Feb. , .q , you. Monthly. lligher (irotind contintte to I Base at the Tunnel. 10.30pm 3am. bring the tiiost respected spinners to the £7 (£5). Weekly. ('hris and Martin fore. with this night of high class " ' t- . i l l l llesketh. along with (‘hris Harris and techno. Mike (iraiit of l)etroit has a (‘V' ' Al Kent. weave a fine fahric of funky to die for and will he showing tis how s V l l ' l I l I ' house and R&B at Mitchell Lane's to mix records together on this line .‘ . finest dance emporium. night. l ' l l I Bennet’s at Bennet‘s. I Hi-Karate at Liquid Lounge. l 1.30pm 3am. £5. Weekly. l-‘eel the 8pm 3am. £8 (£6). l lieh. Monthly. lli- .. goddamn fttiik as Shaun and Annie give Karate add themselves to the enviahle 7‘55?“ if." the Bennet's party posse exactly what rolling roster now appearing at the Tit 0y they want: commercial dance mixed Lounge. ()Id cohort ('rawford Tait “A' t “A with a selection of 70s. 80s and ‘)()s rejoins the party. and Neil MacMillan 'V' . ; . | g e l“ 9‘"- hits. does his ttsttal trick of whippin’ the ,_ i "i

O The Boutique at (‘(‘A. Illpm- 3am. £l(). l l‘eh only. Big date of danceteria with [Us lirol Alkali and

crowd right tip. I Heads at the Riverside (’ltih. .\'ext

date the. >

;~:.i~ in ‘3 l (3!: 1H5 LIST 75