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Richie Hawtin & Sven Vath

Cocoon (Iluh, lot/a: 7/to Sound of

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Moshi Moshi Nu Sounds; from Japan tl uogol I... l ontlon soul Ja// playot Ntk Woston has put togothot‘ anothor storming :;olot:tton ot ohsouro .Japanoso lllll)()l'lf;, Including tho oxoollont Mastors; at Work rotntx of E arth

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DJ Milo’s the Wild Bunch Sto/v of a Sound fit/stout (Strut tJtllllOt'l .0... Suporl) trok through E;()tll(}

of tho oatly 80:; soul. hip hop.

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Attack. tl lonry Northtnoto X. Androw Richardson»

76 THE LIST ' .Jtl' ' -, t»:

595 ram FUNK

Glasgow Saturdays continued

I Homecookin’ at liaha/a.

lllpm 3am. l‘ree hel'ore l lpm; £5 alter. \Veekl}. [)Js Ste“ art .\le('a|lum and Joe Higgins keep the musie jammin' and the danee liloor jumpin' all night long. Rtkli traeks mixed \\ ith the odd elassie and old-skool ltuourites. .ltlst \xateh ottt t‘or t’oothall pla) ers.

I Homegrown at Bamhtm.

5pm 3am. £8 tun. \Veekl). Ste\ie Middleton l'rom Sole p|a_\s a l‘unk}. soull‘ul house set \\ ith (ia\ in .\lel.eod. Junior and .l-.\le pla} soul and R&B. and Nolan and James (iardner do “hate\ er the} want. A line line—up tor a Sat.

I Jamboree at Reds. l lptn 3am. £7 l5). \Veekl}. .lohn l._\ons and Martin llesketh ol \'e|\et Rooms tame mi\ up a blend ot' eommereial Rtkli and soul. I Joy at 13th \ote (‘at'e. Next date the.

I Kevin Austin at ('amas t:\rtal. ll)..i()pm Rant. [7. \Veekl). (‘outinue daneing “hile the li\ e entertainment are taking a \\ ell -deser\ ed break to the main rootn sounds ol' ltlltls. diseo and eluh anthems.

I Kube at Blaeklriars Basement. 8pm latu. H. l l‘eh. Monthl). SYI). Sak and Ra do their ptmerl'ttl teehno thing one more tittte in this \lerehant ('it_\ basement.

I Life at Lite t('orinthiani.

lllpm 3am. £5. \Veekl). .»\ l’ormidahle night ol' l'unk l'or those \xho like their entertainment mature. but still jatumin'. I).l Skud. and Ian 'l‘homson present a seleetion ol‘ sotll. ltltlk and disco augmented \\ ith original samples and loops to guarantee a ne\\ take on l'amiliar sounds.

I Lifeboy at the .\lereur_\ Lounge. 8pm 3am. £4 hel'ore l lpm: L'S alter. lipstait‘s .loti l’leased continues his residene} \xhile drag aets and musie pro\ ide the tun do\\ltsl;tit‘\.

I Lush at the Polo Lounge.

lllfillpm 3am. £5. \Veekl). l-‘eaturing .-\nd_\ in the ’l'roph} Room \sith hits l'rom the (ills to the Hos. uhile 'l'om pro\ ides an up~lront danee selection in the tnain room at the eit} ‘s prettiest ga} eluh.

I Mamassan at .'\tl l.ih. Next date llk‘.

I Mad Dog at Soundhatts. .\'e\t date l5 l-‘eh.

I Melting Pot at Rl\t‘l'\ltlL‘ ('luh. \L‘\l LlillL‘ the.

I Mish Mash at the Liquid Lounge. Next date the.

I Missing Link at .'\tl l.ih. .\'est date the.

I My Machines at (ilasgtm Sehtml ol‘.»\rt. I lptn 3am. Until [5). Weekly The} \e had some ot' the greatest names in teehno eome and bless their deeks. so the} kntm ho\\ to mash it tip. I Papacool at .'\tl l.ih.

l 1.3(lpm «lam. £5. 8 l‘eh. l-‘ortnight|_\. The lines! in jaH. soul. l'uuk. elassie and rare gt‘oo\ e. put dtmn h} \tondet't'ul l’apaeool eolleetix e. And tuo nights this month great?

I Rapture at Media. 1 lptn 3am. [the \Veekl}. 7()s and Slls elassies [tom James Russell. and guest |).ls exer} tuo ueeks make this a lull night ottt.

I Red and Gold Room at :\rta. lllpm 3am. l-‘ree hel‘ore l lpm; {S alter. \Veekl}. l).l .lorito and Bill) .\lilligan tnan the decks tor a line night ol‘ Latin house. 'I‘his \\ ill seriousl} spiee up )ottt' life. it that‘s \that's reqttired.

I Remedy at .-\d Lih. llptu 4am. £5. \VL‘L‘kl}. l);t\t‘_\ 'l‘llotltsotl. (iolttt l)a\e} and someone \\ ithottt l)a\ e_\ in his name ()u en ('alduell get into the tetrh—house groox e \\ ith the .\d Lih masshe.

I Saturdays in Bed at Bed tl‘ormerl} the \'e|\et Rooms).

lllfillpm 3am. £7 tL‘fil. 'l'he l'unkiest Rik” ill the (it) roeks the lug hilk’ls bedroom on a Saturda) in lied \\ ith the legendar} Ra} mond Woods. .litn da

HOUSL 'Tl ()HNO SUB CLUB FRIDAYS Sub Club, Glasgow, weekly Fri

Wilkes and Twitch: chief pimps at the Black Rabbit Whorehouse

Sometimes you look too far afield for the best. Sometimes the best is right on your doorstep. Glaswegians are notoriously hard when it comes to partying, and often the strongest rapport is between a home crowd and home grown DJ talent. You need only look to Jamaica Street and the Sub Club for proof that nobody knows good music better than Glasgow people, and that eschewing the big names is still route one to great nights that endure when the cottage industries have come and gone.

Fridays at the Sub Club are representative of the fierce talent that Glasgow has, and of its discernment when pooling the best from around the globe. The monthly roster reads like a who’s who of great local talent: Heads Up, with Fenetik boss Paul Cawley; Medicine Wheel from the brilliant Rub 3 Dub crew; Kinky Afro from local faves Matthew, Robin and Ayawara; the Black Rabbit Whorehouse from two guys named Twitch and Wilkes; and Bughouse with Dan and Chris, still one of the best nights around.

This fortnight, Medicine Wheel and Kinky Afro pull off the double delight of landing (respectively) Mr De and Electrofunkyshit from Detroit, and legendary Balkan house collective Urban Beat for two mouth-watering sessions. Mike Donald from the club enthuses about the prospect of Mr De playing there: ‘This is the real sound of the Detroit underground right now not just techno but a kind of hard, funky sound that some people are calling ghetto-tech. It’s a real coup for us to have him play here.’ Matt from Kinky Afro is similarly excited about having Bosnian house collective Urban Beat play at the Sub: ‘Their music just oozes the Subbie vibe. We’re always looking to break the mould as far as producing club nights is concerned - a Bosnian three deck house mix is definitely rare. Even more so when crossed with Ayawara’s filthy African breaks.’ (Johnny Regan)

at the eluh in Ro}al li\ehange Square. A great soult’ul house session on this “ell-deserx ed part}. I'm / /-i-/> ott/t' '.-l- Itsl't‘un/ lIU/(lt’l‘X et'l ltd/f/H'it‘t' tit/mission.

I Streetlife at Liquid Lounge. .\'e\t tlillL‘ the.

I Subculture at the Sub ('luh. llpm 3am. L'lt). \Veekl}. 'l‘he tinest house night in Britain gets haek into the groin C under .latnaiea Sit‘t‘t‘l. ll. ll.\ a qualit) underground t\\el\e ineh. llarri and l)omenie \\ ill he pla_\ing it. 0 Superfly at the \Voodside Soeial. lllpm 3am. L'the. l and IS l‘eh. .\lonthl_\. Superll) has just got t\\iee as good. appearing on the Ist and 3rd Sat

Best and his musieal anties keep )ou awake in the trout hedroom tnaking this ne\\ Sat night one of the most popular in the ('it).

I The Shack at the Shae-k.

10.30pm 3.30am. [7 t5). \Veekl}. Let _\our hair doun and Ii\ en things up on the daneel'loor to the sounds ol' all )our Shaek lmottrites.

. The Shed tll lllt‘ Sllt‘tl.

ll)..‘\()pm 3am. to. Weekly Demand is high tor this one. so get there earl}. 'l'uneage deplo} ed h) [H R;t_\mond l)a\ren in the tnain hall. RtUi alieionado ('ltt'is llL‘\l\L‘lll in the Loll. I Soulsa at MAS. llpm Sam. [8. \Veekl). And} and Shae l) are ill eharge