Blak Twang guests at Mischief, Fri 7 Feb

usual .-\J attd .-\mhaxxador dish out the hext itt ragga and Rtkli in the (‘ooleiz

I Modern Lovers at t-lgo.

l lptn 3am. £4. 7 l-"eh. .\lonthl}. .\

\\\ ittging mi\ ol lunked-up northern \ottl. eleetronie exotica. rare gt'ootex and l'reak'heats lrom ('t'aig Jatnieson and Andre“ Divine.

I Nuklear Puppy at tigo.

10.30pm 3am. £8 £0 t£7t. l-l |-'eh. .\lonthl}; [lard ltotINC night leattiring residents Jason (‘orte/ and Phil York.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. l()ptn 3am. £5. \Veekl}. I-unked up meat house and danee Clit\\l(\ lt'otn Ste\ ie (E attd (‘allunt .\lurra}.

I Open to Torture at Studio 34. 10.30pm 3am. £ltl (£8). 3| .lan. .\lontltl}. .\'e\\ nigltt ol teelmo and eleetro pleasure in zt\\t)clttltott \\tllt Bill} \zixt) \ uher-eool 'l‘ot‘lttt'ctl RL‘L‘ot‘th. 'lilltx \e\\tott sees .\lareo ('arola \\ itlt a three deek mash-up.

I Perversity at the Venue. .\lonth|_\ next date 2| Feb.

I Planet Earth at ('itt'us (‘luh. l().3()pnt 3am. £5. \Veekl). .\lthlL‘ l't'om l‘)7(t through to IUS‘) or in other \\t)t'tl\ a healthy dose ol ptittk. next \\it\ e. neu romantie and eleetro pop.

I Pogo Vogue at Bongo (‘|uh. .\lontlt|_\' next date 3| l'eh \\ ith a li\ e \et lront .v\mon 'l’ohin tNinja 'l'une t.

I Roadblock at l’o .\'a .\'a. lllpnt 3am. l-‘ree helore l lpm; £4 £5 alter. \Veekl}. .\'ieei l" stops the trallie in had musie

\\ hen \lte digs tip the hext in lunk. tll\L‘t). house and hloek’ t'oekin' heat\.

I Rudy’s at ('aharet Voltaire. .\lonthl} next date ll l‘eh.

I Salsa . . . Salsita! at til Barrio. lllpm 3am. liree. \Veekl}. Hot and tier} salsa aetion lrotn the lil Barrio I).l team on rotation.

I St Valentine’s Heart of Darkness at .\lareo\ leisure (‘entte ~.5llpttt .‘Ntlll. [Ill \\ eekL‘lttl ltL‘kL‘l. l-l l't‘l‘. 'llte lidinhttt'gh (iollt \Veekend l't‘\ll\;tl leattiring all that t\ dark and hlaek. l.i\ e hands \ueh a\ S}nt|tette. the Sereaming Banshee :\irere\\. Sperm“ hale and li)e(’and} .\Jation tl‘t'i l~l lieht attd Rexolution ll} .\lgltt. the Sepia. JeSux l,o\e\ .\merika and .\la_\a 2‘) (Sat l5 l‘t‘l‘t

join the l)J\. perlormerx attd stalls.

Retnemher \triet tll'L‘\\ eode: goth. e} her illltl lelt\lt ottl}.

I Swaraj at ('aharet Voltaire. | lptn 3am.

£0 t£_l. 3| .lan. .\lontltl}. liaxt meets \\L‘\| as Asian inlltteneex are ht‘ougltt to hear on eluh rootu heats. Rexeheduled lit e \lltt“ lrotn the Shi\a Sound S_\\tem taking the daneelloor Hill] the Suarat residents and liuan l-‘erguxon.

I The Time Tunnel at .\l;l\\;t tlortnet'l} ('ltth .\lereador. lllpm 3am. £5. \Veekl). 'l't'end) \Vend}. Shouhi/ law and Belt} l’ord disrupt the \paee-titne eontintttttn \\ ith tunex lt'ont the ()ll\, 7ll\ and Sllx. ()r tna_\he it's just the aleoltol.

I Tokyoblu at ligo. llptn 3am. £3. 3| .latt. .\lonlltl}. l'p-and—eoming dotthle aet pl} ing their trademark hlettd ol lunk} ltollxe and elasxte gt‘oo\ e\.

I UTI presents: Blue at Studio 34. ll),3tlptn 3am. £S «£5 memherxt. l4 l-‘eh. .\lonthl}. l'nderground teelttto night leattiring resident l).l\ Semai. Johnn} ()h? and ‘l‘ortnod .\lor. \Veleoming speeial guest .lerome t|)on't. l’gl} liunk. l|)drau|i\t lot a ttigltt ol X-t'ated teehno attd eleetro. \\ ith deeor to tnateh.

I Velvet at ligo. llptn 3am. £(t t£5l. 3| .latt. .\lotllltl}. .\ llL‘\\ uomett'x night lor ga} girliex and their \peeiall} in\ ited ho_\ lriendx tmett eatt Ultl} gain tltllllt\\tttll il aeeotttpanted h} a lad} l. hosted h} .\lieltelle t.lo}. \Vigglet.

Chart & Party

I The BIG One! at .\lood. 0pm 3am. lit'ee helore l lpm; £3 alter tlree to mentherxt. \Veekl}. .-\ l'antaxtie start to the \xeekend as _\ott ea\ort to all those pop el;t\\te\ lt'oltl tlte l;t\l the tlL‘c;ttle\.

I Cyber Subway at Stthua} \Vext lind. "pm 3am. £4 t£| l. \Veekl}. :\n interaetit e eluh e\perienee lor lllttxt‘ \tltl puppiex \tlto t\t rather than talk to people. \ote itt ad\anee lor the drinks pt‘olttoltonx and the tnuxie polie} online or h} S.\|S or me the ‘digital ether \ulma} polling stationx' in the name on the night. Sttrl to \\ \\ \\.\tll\\\;t} \\L'\lL‘tltl.L‘tt.ttl\ lor more into. I The Dog’s Balearics at Re\oltttion. |l|.3t)ptn 3am. 5 helore midnight: £(t alter t £3 £-lt. \Veekl}. 'l‘lte hext |hi/a and ehart danee numherx l'rom throughout the \utumer.

I Four Play at .\laxxa tl'ormerl} ('luh .\let'eadot. -| lllpm. l'ree. Weekl}. .\lainxtt‘eatn danee aetion and alter olliee anttex t\\t|lt happ_\ hour l't'om 4 Spmt. It's holttttl to get Iltt‘\\_\. lt‘L‘L‘ Ctllt'} on g‘tlLNl- list. just email guextlixttn eluhmaxxaeom or la\ tll3l 33h 423-1.

I Office Affair at Suhua} West llnd. ~lpm 3am. Free helore 0pm: £5 alter t£4l. \Veekl}. (‘hart ltlttCS. hullet and eheap drinks \\lt;tl else do )ou need to tnake a tool tll-'\tH|1\L‘lli itt lrottt ol )tttt

Collettg‘ttLN .‘

I Office Party at (‘a\endi\h/I)i\a. -lpm 3am. l‘ree. Weekly .\'e\t night ol alter \tork silliness attd eheex} lttn. llueking ht‘onem. games and tnore to keep the \tttletl IlliISSL‘S entertained. Bullet lot' pre hooked parties tax \\ ell as a l‘th piek tip \L‘I'\ teL‘l.

I The Party Continues . . . at Peppermint lounge. lllptn 3am. £3. \\'eek|_\. 'l'lte l’eptk'rtntnt [,ounge all-stars hrtttg the \xeekend t'e\e||et\ the hext mttxie \eleelton in toun. Ste\ie (i. .let‘em} 'I‘homs attd loh} Saltonstall drop Rtkli attd elaxxiex alottg\ide an uplront mi\ ol ehart ltll\.

I The Subway at Sulma). 7pm 3am. £ l. \Veekl}. See lltu.

I Why Not? at \Vh} .‘\'ot'.’ ltlptn 3am. 3 helore l lptn; £5 £750 alter. \Veekl}. (hart. danee and house lor the \teekend

Edinburgh Saturdays


I Ascension Goth Club at 't‘exiot Rim l’nion. lll.3l|pm 3am. £-l llot' memherxr. S lieh. .\lonthl}. In asxoeiation \\ ith lidinhurgh l'niterxit} '\ (iotlt and Roek SttL'lL‘l} CUIllL‘S llltx L‘llL‘L‘t'} ttl|.\ ol up-to-date darkness leattiring all the latest goth. roek attd industrial great\.

I Asylum at Stttdio 24. llptn 3am. £5. S l‘eh. |-'ortnightl}. 'l‘he .\Iisxion's dottn attd dirt} hrother \peeialixing in roek. nu tttetal and other hardeore \otltttl\.

0 Audio Deluxe at llotte}eottth. llptn 3am. U”. S l‘eh. .\Ionthl}. Smooth. \tttllltll ltothe at this shindig hosted h} resident ('raig Smith lllllxlt lluxhl and alter a month ol lree parties it's titne lor the hig one: the lust hirthda} hash. Joined h} Mr V. assistant to .\laxtet's at Work. \\lto\ pla}ed eter} eltth that's \\ot'|lt p|a_\ing in llt\ nati\e .\'\'('.

I CC Blooms at (‘(‘ Blooms.

ltl.3t)pm 3am. l'ree. \Veekl}. [)1 All} l\ haek again \\ ith tnore ol her trademark high—eamp-to-house deeknieal e\perti\e at thix a|\\a_\\ hoaehing ga} name.

I Colours Live! at the liquid Room. .\'o ('olourx in lidinhurgh during lieh httt there are ttto in Mar to make up lor it.

I Conception at to iot Ron t'nion. .\lontltl} ne\t date | Mar.

I Diggity at the lixtahlixltment.

Ilptn 3am. £(t t£l oll \\lllt thet'l. \Veekl}. l).l liahttlo/ and Hart) |.(i get dottn “fill their had xelxex. pl;t)ittg

\\ ildxt} |e Rtkll. hip hop and street soul. I Disco Inferno at ligo. .\lontltl) new date 33 l'eh.

I The Egg at \Vee Red liar. | lptn 3am. £--l t£3.5tlt. \Veekl). Still the hext mix ol' indte. ollx garage. northern \olll. ska and \ttlllttllt'dL'kS )ott't‘e Itkel} to \tagget'

listings Clubs

Kombi Yo dude. eheek out the best in surf Culture with lIVC' bands.

drum 8. bass. stan beats. lunk and more. Hang tert good buddy. and other gnarfy metros. The Bongo Club. Fr; 3] Jan.

Big Beat Time it unreieome the true masters of (lapeefloor Jan to tl‘etr new home after the traumas of the Old Town fire. The New Mastersounds wfll be live and direct to make ll‘.!S an extra special resaaneh to retnetttber. Cabaret ‘./o/:‘a/re. Fri /' Feb.

El Segundo A massive date for ldtnburgh's rand Scotland's for that matter» hip hop community as El Segundo mark the launch of Penpushers' /. as: Vest/go of /‘/()/IS/7l tg player. The Bongo Club. Fri /’ Tel).

Audio Deluxe Free parties at" through Jan. and new a first birthday speciai with special guest Mr V. Audio Deluxe. yOu're spelling us. The Honeycomb. Sat 8 Feb.

lmpotent Fury There's nothing lke a night of no boundaries. no pretensions. fun and froltes. and a (:e'tatt‘. Fred Deaktn (Getng Places and lemon Jelly: is just the man to orchestrate the madness. The Venue. Sat 8 Feb.

Luvely Seven years of sauetness so expect fireworks tas we?‘ as massages. a marquee. hot house tunes and plenty of give- aways). Few clubs last this long so check out Just what Lovely have been doing right all these years. The [JUN/(i Room. Sat 8 Feb.

Flippin’ YOu'ye had yettr surfin'. now :ts skattn' a celebration of a" that rocks skaters worlds wrth a head 9 head showdown from the hip hop skills of Nasty P and Rtehie Rufftone. The Bongo Club. Thu 13 Tel).

Obscene A positzye young pup tn Lttyely's eyes as drum & bass night Obscene reaches the grand old age of one. "Dark Soldier' Ray Keith guests. The Venue. Thu 73 Tel).


aet-oxx. .\ \\ ell |o\‘ed institution that relttxex to ehattge.

I Extra Width at (iaia. lllptn 3am. £3. S l’eh. Stuart (.\log\\;til. Keiron tli\o|t and Nast} (i \t'eleome \et‘) ‘l‘eeial f—‘llC\|\ Alan .\|e(iee t('reation Reeordx. l’optonexl and BI’ l‘allon ttttanager and puhlieist to the “MN ol l.ed '/.epp. .\lat'e liolan. .\'e\\ York Dolls and man} more) hring [IS the hest itt roek. roll and att_\t|ting else that take\ their lane) at this l)L‘;llltl)i\eo \peeial. THE LIST 79

.3.‘ .Jztt‘ 1.3 501‘ "