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The artists chosen to represent Scotland at this year's 50th Venice Biennale were announced last week at a gathering of the ‘great and the good‘ of the Scottish art world. The venue was a rather bleak lnverleith House in Edinburgh. currently without an exhibition. But on offer was some rather choice catering providing a bite of much needed colour.

In essence. the occasion was a charade: the announcements had already been made in the morning and so the point of the whole affair seemed rather lost. The Curators Kay Pallister and Francis McKee. both Glasgow- based. had travelled the length and breadth of ‘Glasgow'; from Orkney to Oban and from Berwick to Lewis visiting 100s of artists in the process in order to ensure a well informed selection. Such a well informed selection that of the 25 artists chosen to take part in the Biennale. 19 are based in Glasgow. This is the first time ‘Glasgow' will be represented at the Venice Biennale under the project title Zenomap. What I hear you say. perhaps, is ‘Zenomapofscotlandinglasgow' would have been more fitting.

Zenomap. the phenomenon. has been imtiated by the Scottish Arts Council and the British Council and is conveniently housed in Glasgow School of Art I think that might be in Glasgow. where surely it can't be the same Francis McKee who is a research fellow and who teaches on the MFA?

Of the 25 artists selected for the project. three have been chosen to exhibit within the Palazzo Giustinian-Lolin (the 'Glasgow' pavilion in Venice). Claire Barclay (bits of wood and leather). Jim Lambie (dribbling paint bin bags) and Simon Starling (pot plants and curtains) will exhibit in the ornate interior of the Palazzo with its silk-lined walls and masswe chandeliers. Let '8 hope the Palazxo doesn't detract from their work!

I Disagree? Ema/l ait(a}//<

Exhibitions are listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Glasgow Galleries


7 Bomnont (iar'dens. 33‘) 42Sl. (ll-ll 33‘) 422-1.

L’Alliance Francaise dans Ie Monde l'ntil Fri 28 I’eb. An exhibition celebrating the Alliance‘s \\or'k o\ er the last 120 years.


lb-l \Voodlalltls Road. 332 0028. Mon l'it'i Iftam 5pm: Sat lflam l2.3l)pm. Winter Collection l'ntil fir-i 28 l‘eb. ()riginal paintings by regular galler) artists.


253 :\t‘g) le Street. l)‘)()l (I22 0300. Kathleen Little l'ntil Sun In ten. Digital floral \Htl'ks by Kathleen I.ittle inspired b} poems she has \\ ritten o\ er the last ten '\ears. Iler collection of poetr} “ill be launched on Thu l3 l-‘eb.


1‘) I’arnie Street. 552 777‘). Mon Sat noon 5pm.

The New Year Show l-‘ri .‘sl

Jttlt \Vc‘tl 2ft I’eb. :\ rni\ed \lltm ol- (ilasgtm paintings b} new and regular e\hibitors. In Nun/u (llltl ('i'uiiiiit's. artists including Iilspeth Atkinson. Br} an Ii\ans. I‘iona (lraham and Max id Marshall e\plore the familiar and not so familiar sights in (il;tsgo\\. NEW SI l()\.".’.

New Paintings I-‘ri 3| Jan “ea In I’eb. .\'e\\ paintings b) next e\hibitor's including still life b_\ Marion Laurie.

St Valentine’s Jewellery l‘ri .‘sl Jtttl \Vc‘tl 2f) I't‘lt. .\'e\\ \utt'k It} .IL'“ L‘llcl' of the month. .\|ar|e) McKinnie.

April Young l-‘ri 3| Jan Wed 20 Feb. Ne“ figuratne sculptural \\0l'I\s.


l2‘) Bath Street. (l77o3 222323.

Suite Art l'ntil 'l‘hu (r I’eb. .\ series of \seekl} exhibitions each slttming the uot'k’ of a different student currentl} attending (ilttsgtm School of .-\rt. With an opening e\er) I-‘rida.\ from 5pm. Kate Jo. Kate Robertson. Barbara Wilson and John ()‘('onnel| Slit)“ \\ot’k until 3() Jan

follou ed b_\ Vanessa Wen“ ieser. lili/abeth .\le} er. ('hristina Reenberg Jensen and Mette l’edersen t3l Jan (r l‘ebl.


185a Bath Street. 222 2830. Tue Sat lltarn 5.30pm.

Winter Show t'nril fit it Jan. Paintings. glass. ieueller} and sculpture by over 30 artists including (‘her'_\ Iene |)_\ er. Alan King and .-\uda Paterson. ROGER BILLCLIFFE FINE ART|34 Bl)lhs\\ood Street. 332 4027. Mon l‘ri 0.30am 5.30pm: Sat Illarn lpm.

The February Collection Wed 2‘) Jan Sat 22 l-‘eb. (‘ontemporan textiles and a ire“ selection of je\\ ellei') and ceramics b) British studio designers. NF W Sl lOW.

The February Selection Wed 3*) Jan Sat 22 l-‘eb. Scottish contemporar) paintings b} gallct‘} artists.


It) King Street. 553 0733. Tue Sat

I |.3()am llprn.

Inspiration and Collaboration 'l'hu 3t) Jan Fri 28 l-eb. ('urated b} John .\I Blundall. an e\hibition of bunraku puppets. .\'oli masks and related material. NH"! Sl l()\.‘.”.


350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4‘)(l().

Inc Sun llam (rpm: Thu llarn Spin. 0 Gordon Matta-Clark: The Space Between t'nril Sun 23 Mar t('(‘.r\ I. 2. 3 tk (r). Rarel) seen “orks b) the American artist (iordon .\latta-('lark “ho “as central to the .\'e\\ York art .scene Ill the l‘)7()s. Klttmn for his process of ‘culting’ car\ ing huge sections from buildings he also dcurted his attention to performance art. photograph}. graffiti and minimalism. l‘or the e\hibition at the (‘('.v\. curated b.‘ I.isa le li‘tnr'e. a number of artists books and a reconstruction of (fur/time \\ ill be in the fo} er leading to photographs and films documenting uorks like Splitting in the main galler) spaces.

Time Flame and the Elements Sat | lieb. 3 5pm. A galler} talk with James :\tt|ee. co-author of the publication accotnpan} ing the Gordon Malta-('lark exhibition.

Rosalind Nashashibi Strn 2 lieb. 3pm. (ilasgtm -based artist Rosalind Nashashibi \ll()\\\ t\\o lfrrnm films which e\plore communities and nchltbottrhoods in .-\merica's heartland. 'l‘he (ilasgou School of Art graduate has been shortlisted for this )ear's Becks Futures and \\ ill be going to the Venice Biermale as part of Scotland's pa\ ilion.


73 West Regent Street. 22l (i370. .\lon Sat llIam 5.30pm. Mixed Exhibition l'ntil further notice. I’aintings. di‘axsings and sculpture b_\ l’eter 'l'homsori. (iraltam I‘lack. .\'ael llanna. Stlsan liaton. James '1'“ eedie. Jonathan llood. I.isa Smith and man} others.


I58 Bath Street. 33l 4060. Mon 'l'hu noon lam; l-i'i tk Sat noon 3am.

My Cup Of Tea l'ntil I‘ri 3| Jan. .-\ photographic e\hibition of tea-drinking celebrities launched b} the Tea ('ouncil in aid of ('ancer Research I'K. Portraits of ('laudia Schiffer. Richard .v\shcroft. .\|innie l)ri\ er and Jodie Kidd are among the celebs. and photographers include Rankin. Amelia 'I'roubridge. James (iooding and lilaine ('onstantine. LASI CHANCE. IO Slit:


3| ('hisholm Street. lentrance through salonl. 552 7|flfl. .\|on \Ved. I-‘ri k Sat lll.3(lam 5.30pm: 'l’hu Ill.3(lam 7pm. SaunaHorseMap t'ntil l-‘ri l4 l‘eb. .-\nglo-S\\edish collaboratnc installations from Jim Ramsa). Kristan ls'orner and .Iakob .-\nckars\ard.

GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 22‘) l‘)‘)(r. .\lon ’I'hu tk Sat lllam 5pm: I-‘ri Sun llam 5pm.

The Great Book of Gaelic t'ntil Sun ‘) .\Iar'. ('oirterrrpoi';ir'_\ ('eltic culture is celebrated in this e\hibition about The (hull BUN/x. a 2|st cenltir} Hun/s tit/\‘t'llx \xhich brings together the uor'k of more than 2()() visual artists. poets and calligraphers from Scotland and Ireland. l~‘eatured artists include John Rune. Will .\lacl.ean. ('alum (‘ol\ in and Steven (‘ampbell and the exhibition at (}().\I:\ is the start of a major tour of the artxsork before it is finall} bound together into one corrrplete book.

Nu l‘ntil Strn lb I‘eb. (‘olour portraits and \ideo uork from NuAr'ts. a collaboration beI\\een photographer Jim l’o}ner and \ ideo filmmaker (irahanr .\|acl\er. \xlro \sorked \\ ith the _\oung people \\ lro congregate outside the galler') the goth. rock. hip hop and skate fans gi\ ing them a chance to gixe o\cr their \ ie\\ point.

Site Mapping I‘ri 3| Jan Still 4 Ma). I.inda lleserner. Andre“ Bick. Rolf Bier. I’ia I'l‘le and Sonita Singui are among the line-up of artists \\ ho explore multiple forms of abstraction. NI W St l()W,

listings Art

l ST *


~00“?!th h l H" 0' :u some

Gordon Matta-Clark: The Space Between lhe first Scottish showing of rarely seen works by the legendary American artist Gordon-Malta Clark. The exhibition features film. photography and drawings by this central figure from the New York art scene of the 70s. (DC/l. G/t'isgow. until Sun 23 Mar.

Djinniditto - The Other Slide From the Scotsman to the Royal Lyceum, buildings across Edinburgh will host this innovative slide project initiated by art collective Djinniditto. featuring the work of over 100 content;)orary artists. Scotsman Building. Edinburgh, Cat 8 Sat 15) Feb and then various venues until Sat :3 Apr. See Art list/rigs.

Jim Lambie: Kebabylon A major solo show for Scotland's Venice Biennale representative .Jim lainbie featuring works made from eveiyday objects. /llV(9l'/Gll/l House. Royal Botanic Garden. Edinburgh. until Sun 23 Mai:

Navigating Stevenson: Digital Artworks by Sara Gadd Robert Louis Stevenson spent the last six years of his life travelling the South Sea Islands. Inspired his journeys. Sara Gadd has created a series of virtual spaces that i‘eCieate these trips. National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh, Fri 3/ Jan Sun I I May.

Iftikhar Dadi and Elizabeth Dadi Lighlboxes portraying iconic non-Western figures and billboards depicting mass media South Asia imagery from lftikhai' Dadi and Elizabeth Dadi. Street l evel. Glasgow. lue -l Felt-Sat 1:3 Afar.

Renewing Rebuilding Remembering A look at how cities such as New York. Beruit. Sarajevo and Manchester rebuilt their urban life following traumatic events. I he lighthouse. Glasgow. t/iit/i’ Fri 1.! Mai;

III Communication An internationally renowned line tip of artists explore the ways in which conrinunication has been dramatically altered Wllll the growth of the internet. Dundee Conteiiipoiarl’Arts. Dundee. uiiti/ Sun 93 Mai.

Peter Lynch New richly textured tniniinal paintings by Glasgow School of Art graduate Peter I yncb. Ing/ebv (taller . f'diiibui'gh. Wed 5) / eh Sat 8 l'l’lt'll'.

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