rtturder attd riot scenes to satirical stttdies of bored attd idle Attterica. Hanson explored the tedium of everyday life.

Blood Scotland Thu 3() Jatt. (tpm. A rtew series of montltly talks introducing contetttporary art to a new audience. The Underbelly of UberReality Mon .3 Feb. 12.45pm. Ken .\'eil. head of Fine Art at (iray's School of Art ilt Aberdeett gives a talk.

Second Skin: Historical Life Casting and Contemporary Sculpture Mon In Feb. I2.-l5pm. Stephen I-‘eeke from the Hettry Moore Institute itt Leeds gives a talk.


The Mound. (>24 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon-Sat l()am-5pm: Sun noon-5pm.

The Vaughan Bequest of Turner Watercolours l'ntil t-‘ri 3| Jan. Tlte annual airing of Turner's magnificent watercolours bequeathed to the (iallery itt 1900 by the London art collector Henry Vaughan. The 38 works datittg front throughout Turner’s career. are only ever shown in the month of January wltett daylight is at its weakest.

The Pleasures of Patronage I'ntil Sttrt 2 I-‘eb. A selection of works tttade with the support of the Patrons of The National (ialleries of Scotland since IQR‘) is on display including works by Piranesi arid Rembrandt.

After Hours Thu 30 Jan 62; Thu 13 Feb 6—7pm. The (iaIIery's doors stay open just that little bit later fora programme of talks. ittttsic. readings arid of course. art.

The Beach at Trouville by Boudin l’ri 3l Jatt. 12.45pm. I’rances I‘owle gives a talk.

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 624 (i200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Sat

l()am 75pm: Sun noon—5pm. ('afe. Calum Colvin - ‘Ossian: Fragments of Ancient Poetry’ I'rttil Sun 9 I-‘eb. Trained as a sculptor. ('alum ('olvitt combines two and three dimensional elements itt his work. His compositions are part studio-constructed still life. part photographic aitd part computer manipulated images. For this new body of work. ('olvin investigates themes of history. tinte. memory and myth. inspired by James Macpherson’s epic poetry The I’Ucms‘ (if-()vs'iun and Related II'ur/txv 1/765).

O Navigating Stevenson: Digital Artworks By Sara Gadd Hi 31 Jan—Sun ll May. Nine large-scale digital art works by Sara (iadd marks the first contputer-generated exhibition at the National (ialleries of Scotland. [sing the latest technology. (iadd has created a series of virtual spaces which recreates the celebrated author Robert Louis Stevenson’s journeys to the South Sea Islattds irt IRRR. NEW SHOW.

Robert Louis Stevenson I-‘ri 3t Jan---Sun l I May. An accompanying small exltibition of paitttittgs. drawittgs. prints attd sculpture celebratittg the life of the rettow rted author. Robert Louis Stevenson. NEW SHOW.

The Golfers: The History and Practice of Greenkeeping Wed 5 I’eb. l2.-I5pm. (ireenkeeping consultant Steven Hogg gives a talk. After Hours Thu (t I-‘eb. (i 7pm. The (iallery's doors stay open just that little bit later for a programme of talks. music. readings attd of course. art.


1-! .\'ew Street. 558 7604. Mon Sat

1 lattt (t.3()pm. I'ntil late on Bongo (‘1th nights.

Emily I'ntil Tue 4 Feb. New work by self-taught artist limin resulting from a grant she received front (‘HASIi. Scotland’s Millennium Awards Scheme which allows socially excluded young people to realise their project ideas. Images of Afghanistan Sun

9- Tue IS I‘eb. Photographs takett itt Afghanistan by Hottra ()adir attd Yama Yari offering a first-hand look at the current Afgltatt situation. NEW SHOW.


21 St Leonard's Lane. 662 l(il2. Mon Sat l()am 5pm: Sun ttoott 4pm. January Sale l'ntil Sttrt 2 I‘eb. [p to 40‘? off rttgs and kilittts. pltts reductions on a wide range of furniture. artefacts attd textiles.


l5a Penny well ('ottrt. 3I5 2l5l. Surfaces l‘ntil Tue tl I‘eb. Iidinbttrgh-based artist Steven Ilood shows 13 ttew paintings front Itis Surf/aces series. inspired by industrial landscapes attd images of urban decay.


75 7‘) Cumberland Street. 557 l()2(). Mon- I’ri l()am (tpm: Sat l()am 4pm. Mediterranean Heat Sat t Wed 1‘) I‘eb. Abstract landscapes by ('harles MacQueen RSW. R(il. NEW SHOW. Dreamscapes Sat l wet! I!) I"eb. A retrospective of paintings by Robert Leishman t l()lo WSW. Contemporary Glass Exhibition Sat l- Wed 1‘) l-"eb. ('ontentporary glassware featuring works by Jane ('ltarles. Sara Macdottald. Inge Patteels. lttgrid Philips. I‘Ieur Tookey attd Andrea Walsh.


I7 I!) Barclay Place. 477 2933.

Tue Sat llattt (tpm.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of paintings including reproduction art \'att (iogh. I)aIi. Monet. Kandinsky. Miro originals artd work by up-and-coming local artists.

PATRIOTHALL GALLERY (WASPS) Patriothall Studios. off-IS Hamilton Place. 225 I289. Wed

noon 6me Sat & Sun noon 5pm.

Acts of Faith Iiri 3t Jatt wea 12 Iieb. Thu Sun noon (tpm. Recent paintings by Max Hague with l()‘i of all sales to be donated to Maggies (‘entre NEW SHOW.


25 Marcltntont Crescent. 22‘) 2()(i3.

Mon Fri 9am 5.30pm; Sat l()am 2pm. Mixed Exhibition A photographic gallery arid framing workshop featuring a range of framed mounted images w itlt space for local photographers to show their work.


Palace of IIolyroodhouse. ()2()7 3 I 22233. Daily 9.30am 4.30pm.

Leonardo da Vinci: The Divine and the Grotesque l’ntil Sun 30 Mar. £4 (£2 £3): family ticket L'lt): ttttder 5s free. Designed by Benjamin Tindall .»\rchitects. the £3m Queen's (ialley opens w ith the largest exhibition devoted to Leonardo da Yittci ever held itt Scotland. l)ravvn front the Royal ('oIIection. which holds the world's finest group of I)a \'inci drawings. the exhibition features 73 works which explore the Renaissance artist’s life-long obsession with the human fornt. I-‘rom his attempts to define perfect proportion to his distortion of the human face to explore its comic potential. the exhibition includes studies for this masterpiece The Lust Sup/in". self- portraits attd designs for festival coslttntes.


(‘Ierk Street. 068 ZIJI‘). Mon Sat

l()am 5.30pm.

Dream Scenes t'ntil Sat I t-‘eb. .\t.-\ Iiitte art student at Iidinburgh ('ollege of Art. Rachael Macarthttr investigates reality arid imagination in this exhibition of work.

Hugh Walker Mon 3 Feb Sat I Mar. Photographic works by Hugh Walker inspired by a recent visit of Sltettyatt itt north eastern ('hina.


I5 Rtttlattd Square. 22‘) 75-15. Mon l'i'i 0am 5pm; Sat l()am 4pm.

You and Your Environment t'ntil Fri 2l Iieb. Itttages. original work attd text detailing the first RIAS Millennium Award projects to receive funding.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnverleith House. Ittverleitlt Row. 552

7 l 7 l.

0 Jim Lambie: Kebabylon I'ntil Sun 23 Mar (lnverleith House: Tue Stttt l()am 3.30pm). A solo show of new work by the celebrated (ilasgow -born artist Jim Lambie. Best known for his psychedelic floors. his involvement iit the (ilasgow music scene has ltad considerable influence on his work as lie is fascinated

listings Art

by the way itt which music. like art. can transform a social ettv irottntent. Working with everyday objects. the show features works tnadc specifically for the show along with other recent work. lambie is also representing Scotland at this year's Venice Bienttale.

Zones of Inhibition t'ntit Sun 23 I‘eb tIixhibition Hall: Mon Iiri

l()am 3.30pm; Sat & Stttt noon 3.30pm). An exhibition on fungi frottt botlt a scientific attd an artistic poittt of view. looking at botlt its identity arid Ils economic significance.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings (iaIIery. l()I) Princes Street. 225 l5()l. Mon l-'ri l()am opm.

Art to Go I'ntil I-‘ri I-f I-‘eb. .’\flordable paintings. prints attd drawings by artists from Australia. Bangladesh. ('anada. Malay sia. Singapore. South Africa attd tlte I'K.


l(i Ilowe Street. 225 2()l(). Mott Sat l()am 5.30pm; Stilt by appointment. Antique and Contemporary Eastern Carpets Iidinbttt‘gh's newest Iiastern rug attd carpet gallery set up by Briatt MacDonald features a fine selection of contemporary rug art front the Iiast as well as atttiqtte rugs attd tribal bags.


l()b’ Holyrood Road. For more information call 55o 7076 or

w w w.djinniditto.co.ttk. Mon Iiri

9am 5pm.

0 Djinniditto - The Other Slide Sat b’ Sat 15 I’eb. The work of over I()() contemporary artists will be projected onto buildings across the city itt Iidinbttrgh art collective Djittniditto's ambitious and innovative project The (filter Slit/v. Iiach venue will host the exhibition for one work attd the chosen pieces will rotate sequentially in otte- ntittttte slots giving up-and-coming artists w ell-deserv ed exposure bttt at the same time. reacltittg new audiences. NF‘.".‘



l(t I)ttndas Street. 558 I200. Mon I'ri l()am (rpm; Sat l()am 4pm.

Joan Eardley BSA (1921-1963) I'ntil Wed 5 I‘eb. As part of a series of exhibitions by 20th centttry Scottish masters. a small selling show of oils attd works on paper by Joan liardley

t l‘)2l No.3).

Recent Acquisitions I'tttiI wed 5 I'cb. Work by gallery artists past attd present.

Simone ten Hompel t'ntil Wed 5 I‘eb. A new collection of work by this (iermatt trained silversmith.

Alison MCGiII Mon l(l I‘eb Wed 5 Mar. Drawing inspiration front aerial landscape. new abstract paintings by this .‘ottng Iidinbut'gh-based artist. Nfl‘." SHOW.

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At the Lyceum students can get tickets for the Sunday Show for only £2! That means you can see all four plays in the Spring Season for under 10!



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