Fans of blood. sweat and vosts should savour thzs chance to see Britain's too athlotos going hoad-to—hoad for world championship solootion. Spoo<l-inorohants Mark Low/is-Franois and Jason Gardonor wrll ho kicking off their (30m duoi tor a plaoo at tho World Indoor Championships lll March. And Jonathan Edwards. Darrel Cainos and Ashia Hanson will also be competing against rot)rosontatives from Russia. Swodon. Italy and a crack Euro Soloot squad.

I.o\.'.ris-Francis and Gardonor's (:lash is likoly to ho tho highlight of tho day. Wllll Euroooan (30m champ Gardonor preparing by training in Namibia wrth tour-tinio Oiytittnt‘ medallist Franho Frooorioks.

GB solootor lan Hodge says: ‘lt's a very hard (:alr to make. Jason has always had tho upper hand indoors. hut Mark was suporior during last year's outdoor soason.’

Unlrko hor opponents. you can also (:atoh Zhanna Pintusovroh—Blook. the fastest womai‘ on Earth.

Tho Ukrainian world 100m champion ‘.'/lll toaturo ll‘. tho (30m sprint. and says she can't ‘.".’£lll to It’EItilli to tho yonuo whoro sho made only ho." sooond ovor traok appoaranoo II‘ 1902.

She says: 'Giasgow is the olaoo where it all started for me more than ton yoars ago. It mll ho groat to return there. I'd iiko to think it could boa luoky onion for mo ahead of a massive yoar.'

On a controversial 1010. look out for tho introduction of the ‘ono striko' taiso start rulo. lr‘.<:roasing tho pressure. athlotos who rnako a sooond falso start Will Do disutialiiiod rogardloss of \.'~./'notho' they were responsible for tho first. Harsh. but it should rnako tor oxtra tonsion. relay Richardsoni I Kolvin Hall. Glasgow. Sun 2 Feb. doors opon l lam. ovont hog/Its lprn ITS) (5.13;. family liokot £23: Wit/w.ukalli/ofir:s./iot

Events are listed by date, city, then sport. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Maureen Ellis.


Curling: International Wheelchair Curling Bonspiel Braehead Arena. Kings Inch Road.

Radius. 885 I44l. 3pm. l‘rec. Iiight teams. including Scotland. (‘anada and world champions Sw it/erland. compete in this British tirst. ()Ismpic gold medal winner Rhona Martin will present the pri/es. hollow ing the merit. all wheelchair tlsers w ill be in\ lied to 11‘} curling themsehes. aided h} qualified coaches.

hursday 30

Outside the Cities Horseracing: Kelso Races Kelso Racecourse. Kelstt. III 573 224767. I.40pm. £7 £15 (£41; under Ios tree. National limit horse racing held in the soon to he re\ainpcd historic racecourse.

Edinburgh Ski Club

ski I snowboard I outdoor I social

Skiing 8 Snowboarding

Snowsport Scotland is the national governing body for skiing and snowboarding.

testmisit .1‘ 'tl

- ski holidays to top resorts -

- weekend trips 8: days up north - “"1 . . . . digit-"$1320 (-;,t‘.‘p-.*f.ti._.:1s ' b'kmgrwalkmgs‘ OUtdoormpStoo' gt :ss =' 's f .:,i:t?t .l-*.~.*'t,[\i:~.-:>"t - friendly atmosphere and social {'.IIIS2'SI1.7 iiist'otti. I-L'.‘7.I-.‘l ti and: (illllllkfiliuflh

as net:

events all year round!! :-) Meet us fora drink and a chat at the RAEBURN HOUSE HOTEL STOCKBRIDGE every Tuesday evening from 9.15pm, or (all 0131-220-3121

foran info pack. In? .:-:-=..-: s at «'5' .142

.2“). Elltl '.'-1 Stir o o ,n mtg-.14. ' sr‘r'.'.s;i_,:l II.I"‘-(ll“. (I 1.5 0, Sm, .‘ 8.. ,I._S;,.,,,Mkyr.m m;

92 THE LIST "l .la"

Rugby: Glasgow Rugby v Borders llughenden. 32 Ilughenden Road. 353 3468. 7.30pm. £l2 (£6): IamiI} ticket £25. Both teams will he hoping to stop Iidinhurgh running aw a) with the Batik of Scotland l’ro Rughy (‘up. and following their helt)‘ del‘eat h} the Borders in December. (ilasgow will need to make the most ol‘ their home advantage.


Curling: International Wheelchair Curling Bonspiel Braehead Arena. Kings Inch Road. Renlt‘ew. 885 I441. 10.30am & 2.30pm. l‘ree. See I'it'l 3l.

Football: Rangers v Aberdeen Ihrox Stadium. Iidmiston Drive. 0871) (:00 I093. 3pm. £l‘) £22 (£1 I I. In a lixture that's hecome almost as heated as an Old Iiirm tie. the I)ons are sure to get a tier} reception lt'ottt the home tans at Ihrox.


Football: Hearts v Dunfermline Athletic 'I‘ynecastle Stadium. (iorgie Road. 200 720]. 3pm. There's no lo\e lost hctween these two third place contenders. The .Iamhos need the support of their home fans to swing the tie in their ltt\ottt'.

Outside the Cities

Football: Livingston v Kilmarnock \Vest l.othian ('ourier Stadium. Alderstone Road. Livingston. 0I50o 4l7000. 3pm. £thc. Inconsistent form has plagued hoth camps. but the points are most likely to head home with Kilinarnock.


Curling: International Wheelchair Curling Bonspiel Braehead Arena. Kings Inch Road. Renlrew. 885 I44l. I0am & 2pm. liree. See l-‘ri 3|.

Athletics: Norwich Union International Athletics Kehin Ilall International Sports Arena. I445 Arger Street. 357 2525. I Iam 4pm. £9 l£5l: latttil} ticket £23. Britain's top athletes take on competitors from Ital). Russia. Sweden and the ('zech Republic. See pre\ iew.

Football: Partick Thistle v Celtic I'Iirhill. 80 I-‘irltill Road 57‘) I‘)7l. l2.3()pni. £l5. the Jags will need to raise their game it the} are to mold another del'eat h) Martin ()'.\'eill’s men. Basketball: Scottish Rocks v Thames Valley Braehead Arena. Kings Inch Road. 5(il I I40. 5pm. £7 (£5); lainil) ticket £20. Despite a recent losing-streak. the Rocks are still among four teams \\ hose scoreshcets It;t\ e single-tigure det‘eats this season. Let’s hope an imprm ement in form can get them hack to their w inning w a}s.


Ice-hockey: Edinburgh Capitals v Solihull .\lurra_\'tield Ice Rink. Ri\ersdale ('rescenl. 337 (N33. ()pm. U) (£51. Ice hocke) league match.

Outside the Cities Motor-racing: Supermoto and Rally Hatch Knockhill Racing ('ircuit. Knockhill. Dunlermlinc. 0| 383 723337. 0.30am. I-‘ree to spectatc. Iii-octane motoring action in the 2003 season.

Outside the Cities

Horseracing: Musselburgh Races Musselhurgh Racecourse. I.ink1ield Road. Musselhurgh. 0I3I (m5 285‘). I.3()pm. £l0 £I5 (£51: under los I'rec. National hunt racing.

Tuesday 4


Football: Hearts v Rangers Ilampden Park. The National Stadium. Letherh} |)ri\e. (ith ()llllll. 7.45pm. Prices \ar}. (’IS (’up semi-linal. Memories ot' the 1)8 Scottish ('up tinal will no doubt he ringing in the hearts and minds ol‘ hoth teams. As with an} cup game. the outcome is tar from certain.

Wednesday 5


Basketball: Scottish Rocks v Brighton Braehead Arena. Kings Inch Road. 5hI l I40. 7.30pm. £7 (£5); lamil) ticket £21). The Brighton Bears are up there challenging for table leadership. so the Rocks must rise to the occasion it" the) are to he in with a title chance.


Football: Celtic v Dundee United Ilampden Park. The National Stadium. Lethcrh} l)ri\e. (ilh 6000. 8pm. l’rices \ar). It has been se\ en long _\ears since I'nited got their hands on silverware. lt' ('eltic haxc their minds on liurope. this could well he the (‘up upset ol‘ the )ear.

Saturday 8


UK Tug of War Championships Kelxin Ilall International Sports Arena. I445 Arg}le Street. 357 2525. l0am. I‘ree. In the build-up to the World ('hampionships to he held at the Kelx in Hall in I'Ieh 2004. the heeliest of Britain‘s tuggers heaie their war} to be crowned I'K champion. Sunda} sees a more international Ilmout‘. with the [K Indoor ()pen ('luhs Championships. in which teams from Spain and Ireland will also compete against the home nations.


Football: Hearts v Kilmarnock '1‘) necastle Stadium. (iorgie Road. 200 720I. 3pm. SI’I. toothaI| match.

Outsrde the Cities

Horseracing: Ayr Races A} r Racecourse. 2 \Vltitletts Road. A) r. 01292 264171). 1.40pm. £8 £l5. National Hunt racing.

Football: Motherwell v Hibernian l'ii' I’ark. .\Ianse Road. .\Iotherw ell. (llh‘)8 333333. 3pm. SI’I. loothall match.


UK Tug of War Championships Keh in “all International Sports Arena. I445 .-\rg_\|e Street. 357 2525. 10am. l’ree. See Sat 8.

Football: Celtic v Livingston (‘elnc I’ark. Kerr} dale Street. I’arkhead. 551 8653. 3pm. £23 t£l4t. SI’I. football match.


Ice-hockey: Edinburgh Capitals v Newcastle .\lurra}1ield Ice Rink. Rhersdale Crescent. 337 (i033. (rpm. £1) l£5l. Ice hocke) league match.

Wednesday 1 2


Football: Scotland v Republic of Ireland llampden Park. The National Stadium. I.etherh) I)ri\e. (ith 0000. 8pm. £l0 £15 i£3 £71. Scotland warm up tor their next liuro qualifier with a lriendl} against Mick .\lc(’arth} ‘s Republic of Ireland. Ireland are the clear taxourites to w in. but _\ou can't help but wonder which sltle RU) Keane \\ill he rooting l‘ol'.

Outside the Cities

Horseracing: Musselburgh Races .\lusselhurgh Racecourse. I.inklield Road. Musselhurgh. 0I3l (m5 285‘). l2.45pm. £l0 £I5 t£5l; under lhs tree. See Mon 3.