Events are listed by date, then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to glasgow®, by post or by fax on 0141 353 2803. Listings are compiled by Jane Hamilton.

Book events

Anne Donovan The Arches. 253 Argyle Street, ()‘)()I 033 0300. ppm. liree l‘rom Waterstone's Argyle Street or the Arches. Anne l)ono\'an tli\L‘ll\\L‘\ her new no\ el. Btu/(Ilia Du. in conjunction with \Vatet'xtone‘s Scottixh Book ol‘ the .\lonlli.


University of Strathclyde Talk Royal Concert Hall. 3 Satichiehall Street. 353 8000. 6pm. l’ree. The final l'tiix'ersity oi Stt‘atlicl_\'dc talk in conjunction with lliix year's (‘eltic Connections.


Time Flame and the Elements (‘(‘A. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 353 4900. 3 5pm. liree. A gallet') talk with James Attlee. co-author of the publication accompatwing the (iordon Matta-(‘lark exhibition. The Space Between. See Art llxlingx l'or lull details oi exhibition.


Scottish Green Party 'l‘ron Theatre. ('hixitolm Street. 553 S587. l3.30 3pm. l‘ree. Take part in llii\ montth meeting of the (ireen Part} and bring along )our ideax for future campaigns.

aecoaos MUSIC FAIR


Discovering the Christian Faith St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and All. 3 (mile Street. 553 3557.

If)..‘~()ain I330pm. liree. A worlultop exploring the ('hrixtian faith with Illlkx l'roin Sixter lxahel Stinth and Rm Dominic Ind and including a \ isit to local places ol‘ ('ht'ixtian \Hil'xlilp.

Other events

3D/2D Craft and Design Fair Ro}al (‘oncert Hall. 3 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. ltlatn Spin. l-‘ree. ('outeinporai'} ci'at'twork \(tltl directl) h} the maker»

Other events

Green Drinks Blacki‘riaix. 3r» Bell Street. 553 593-1. (inillptn. l-‘rec. ll' )tlu‘t‘e interexted in green i\\lle\ or work in an associated indtixtr}. head down to Blackl‘i‘iars fora chat with some like- minded people.

Tuesday 4

Book events

Gerry Cambridge Borders Book. 233 Buchanan Street. 333 7700. 7.30pm. The Scot'x poet reads from lllx latest collection. .lliit/(um' I'iti urti/ ()I/Ir’l' I’m'mx.


Greenpeace Mono. Kingx (‘ourL King\ Street. 7.30pm. l-tee. Join in the itiiiiithl}' (irecniwace meeting\ and find out more about their plttlh.


Robert Ferguson Talk l’ollok llouxe.

l’ollok (‘ountiw Park. 3000 l’tillok\liu\\\ Road. (ilo (i-lll). 3pm. £3 £4. Robert

l‘erguxon. l’ropert) Manager of l’ollok House gixex a talk on James Taxsie. the artist famous for his portrait medallions.

Wednesday 5

Book events

Travel Writing Evening \Vateixione‘x. l5.i l57 Sttllc‘llleliilll Street. 333 Ultli. 7pm. l-‘ree. l.(llll\e \Vaugh discuxxcx her debut tt'a\ cl hook. ,l('(ll'lIlL’ [firth /"/‘\'.‘ A .IUHI'IIt’V In ()Illl’l‘ .lluiieo/iri. which \ i\ idl} illustrates Mongolian lite and \olo tra\el. Andrew Dempster Borderx Book. 383 Buchanan Street. 333 7700. 7pm. l-‘rce. lixtractx l'roni .S‘A'w' .i/ii) Hit/king I/It’ ('umi/iiiv HIS/ow. which not Hill} Cllill'h lll\ month-long walk around Sk}e. but aim the island's people. liixtor} and geography


Louise Annand on Annie French Queen's (‘roxx ('hurch. S70 (iarxctihe Road. 0-10 00””. 13.30pm. £3.50 W750 incinherxi. Louise Annand gi\e\ a lunchtime talk on the work of (ilaxgow (iirl. Annie lirench. hext known for her black and w hite illllxll'illlttlh.

Other events

Outdoors 2003 Sli('(‘. l‘innieuoii Qua}. 348 3000. 1 Iain (rpm. £6.50 tiJSfli; ltllllll} “5.50. l-Acrfihing _\ou need for life in the great ouldooh all under one tool.

Friends of the Earth l-‘ricnth of the liat'th Scotland. 30 llillhead Street. 334 “)5”. 7.30pm. l‘t'ee. Help to loolx alter the planet and join in the iiionthl} Friends ol the liartli meetings.

Thursday 6 -

Book events

Kokumo Rocks Borden Books. 383 Buchanan Street. 333 7700. 7pm. l‘ree. The poet reads from her latcxt collection. Burl An Raindrop. which dealx with metal ixxuex. racism. freedom. lme and relationxliipx.

Rock is the new black. 80 it’s no surprise that Scotland’s biggest music fair is being graced by the presence of a

rock beast: Paul di’Anno.

Di'Anno was the lead singer of Iron Maiden from 1977 and recorded their first two albums before leaving and allowing Bruce Dickinson to take the band to rock legend status. Since then Di’Anno has worked on solo projects as well as with bands, including Battlezone and Killers. But it’s not just his punk-metal music and continual touring that he’s known for. He’s also been a cocaine addict, a wife beater, a drunk, a fighter, 3 womaniser and for a period of time, an inmate. The reason we know all this is because Di’Anno recently brought out his autobiography, The Beast, which sums him up pretty well. It’s car crash reading, where you can’t quite believe what he’s admitting to

but you keep on reading regardless.

Di’Anno will be at the fair signing his book and having a chat between 11am-2pm on the Saturday, but the fair has plenty to offer all weekend. There will be CDs, vinyl and DVDs from around the world and across the decades as well as rarities, deletions and memorabilia for all music fans and collectors. (Jane Hamilton)

I Music Fair. SECC. Finn/ester) Oi/ay. 08/0 040 «1000. Sat 8 Feb, i'0a/n~:')prn a Sun 5) / of), l lam :>/)/il. 513’.

Glasgow life


Boats, Botticelli and birds of prey

Art Gallery 8. Museum, Kelvingrove This fine example of late Victorian architecture houses a permanent collection of work by such names as Rembrandt. Botticelli. Whistler and Cadeli. plus numerous historical artefacts and animal displays. Argyle Street. 287 2699. Mon—Thu & Sat 70am-6pm; Fri& Sun 7 7am~~5pm_ Free. See Art listings for fir/l exhibition listings. it’t’l Glasgow Science Centre Situated on the site of the 1988 Garden Festival. Glasgow's C75m visitor attraction is a mine of information on science and technology. Fun interactive exhibits are spread over four floors. while the awesome liviAX cinema shows selected films on an 80ftx60ft screen. Look out for the Birds of Prey demonstration on 18—1 9 .Jan & 15—16 Feb and get tip close and personal as experienced falconers put the birds through their paces. 50 Pacific Quay. 4.20 5000. Daily 70am—6pm. £6.50 (TS/1.50;. See Film listings for full IMAX details. Scottish Football Museum The home of Scottish football now houses the history of the beautiful game in Scotland. On display is the oldest national trophy in the world ithe Scottish Cupl. Archie MacPherson sheepskin coat. Kenny Dalglish's 100th cap. plus reconstructions of the original home dressing rooms and famous Hampden press box. Look out for current exhibition Fitba '. Fit/)a '. Fitha '. Hampden Park. Letherby Drive. 6 76 6 l00. Mon—Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 1 lain——:3piii. 53:3 (53250;. See Sports listings for it ill details of the Scotland v Ireland game.

if: The Tall Ship at Glasgow Harbour Find out about Glasgow's maritime heritage onboard the SV Glen/ea the only Clyde-built sailing ship still afloat ll‘. the UK. Explore the boat and talk to the crew as the kids take in the range of activities on offer. Onshore. learn more about The Glen/ee Story at the new interactive exhibition. or take a l'l\.'C'l' bus trip on the /—'rances [via/y.

I? 100 Stohcross Road. 330 003 1. Daily 7 imn-me. £34.50

(5‘2. 5x )- 95) i; acco/i ipai tied children free.

.J.:" .‘ .-THE LIST 93