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Events are listed by date then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to edinburgh@|ist.co.uk, by post or by far: on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Anna Millar.

Thursday 1 3

Book events

Scottish Lives Netherbow Arts Centre. 43—45 High Street. 556 ‘)57‘). 2pm. Free. Donald Smith presents this series of talks looking at the development of biography and autobiography in Scotland.

Reading Group Scottish l’oclry Library. 5 Crichton's Close. Canoiigate. 557 2876. 6.30pm. £28 £45. (ierry Loose leads these popular reading groups based on Donny O'Rourkc's Dream Slate.


Mystery of the Douai Manuscript: The Vestiarium Scoticum and the Sokieski Stuarts City Art Centre. 2 Market Street. 52‘) 3993. 12.30pm. Free. Dr Bob Maclean from the City Art Centre gives a talk.

After Hours National (iallery of Scotland. the Mound. 624 6200. 6- 7pm. Free. The gallery's doors stay open just that little bit later for a programme of talks. music. readings and of course. art.

Other events

Jewellery and Silver Lyon and Turnbull. 33 Broughton Place. 557 8844. l lam. Free. A specialist sale ofjewellery and silver.

My Bloody Awful Valentine The Canons' (iait. 232 Canongate. 556 448|. 8pm. £2 (£l ). All hail an alternative Valentine‘s Day! Cynics would happily rename it a source of annual misery for lonely single people and a major cause of arguments and breakups between otherwise happy couples. To get you in the mood. Writers' Bloc hosts this fun evening of original stories in this intimate cellar bar. Prepare yourself for tales of embarrassing moments. bad dates. tragic endings. inadvisable relationships and had sex.


Three Tahitians by Paul Gauguin National (iallery of Scotland. the Mound. 624 6200. l2.45pm. Free. Curator Frances Fow'le puts (iauguin‘s painting under the spotlight.

Other events

Pictures Lyon and Turnbull. 33 Broughton Place. 557 8844. l lam. Free. A specialist sale of pictures.

Kisoro Ceilidh II Thomas Morton Hall. Ferry Road. Leith. 554 I408.

8—l l.30pm. £7.50 (£5). Scottish ceilidh in aid of the Kisoro School for Deaf Children. Uganda. Call 0l3l 66] I930 for tickets and further info.

It’s in the Stars Royal Observatory Visitor Centre. Blackford Hill. 668 8404. 7-‘)pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Come along and prepare to be dazzled by this incredible rooftop viewing every Friday night. No booking necessary. See Capital Choices.

Book events

David Sneddon and Sinead Quinn Ottakar's. 57 George Street. 225 4495. 5—6pm. A rare opponunity to see the world of manufactured pop up close and personal as the two ‘rising' stars sign copies of the Fame Academy book.

Workshops Public Playwriting Workshop

Traverse Theatre. Cambridge Street. 228

I404. llain 4pm, £6 (£3i. Isabel \Vright. writer of .VI' I’Im (IN! and adapter of 1.5 Sn uni/s. leads (his

play w riting workshop about converting research into characters and dialogue. Bring along a new spapcr or iiiaga/ine article about a theme or subject that interests you. liniail

neil(“ tra\ct'sc.co.tlk for more lllltl.

Other events

Love is in the Air latlinhuigh 7.6... ('orslorphtnc Road. 334 ‘) l 7 I.

‘)am 4.30pm. £7 (£4 £5i; family ticket £20 £24.50. A St Valentine‘s treat for all the family. including a special trail and art workshop. as w ell as a chance to \ icw the penguins nesting and bonding. See Capital Choices. Edinburgh Goth Weekend Festival: St Valentine’s Heart of Darkness Marco's Leisure Centre. (iro\e Street. 228 2 I4 I. l0.30am 4.30pm. :\tllllisslttli as part of £20 weekend ticket. This special

actiy ity -ridden weekend includes body art. performers. entertainment. gotli/oo. guest authors and toys. See prey iew. Health, Craft and Spiritual Fair Assembly Rooms. 54 (image Street. 220 434‘). l lain 6pm. Come and have your spirits lifted at this popular fair.

Other events

Love is in the Air titlinhurgh Zoo, (‘orstorphine Road. 3.34 ‘)I7 I.

‘)am 4.30pm. £7 (£4 £5); famin ticket £20 £24.50. See Sat l5.

Edinburgh Goth Weekend Festival: St Valentine’s Heart of Darkness Marco's Leisure Centre. Grove Street. 228 2l4l. l0.30am 4.30pm. .-\diiiission as part of £20 weekcnd ticket. See Sat l5 and preview.

Health, Craft and Spiritual Fair Assembly Rooms. 54 George Street. 220 434‘). l lam 6pm. Sec Sat l5.


Walter: Getting By 't‘raxerse Theatre. Cambridge Street. 228 I404. 7.30pm. £5 (£3.50). The 'l'raverse Theatre Company presents this anniversary reading.

Other events

Love is in the Air lidinburgh Zoo. Corstorphine Road. 334 ‘)l7l. ‘)am-«4.30pm. £7 (£4 £5); family ticket £20-£24.50. See Sat l5.

Writers’ Group 'l'raverse 'l‘heatrc. Cambridge Street. 228 I404. 2pm—4pm. Free. Fancy becoming the next lsabel Wright or (iregory Burke'.’ if so. why not join up for the Traverse’s new writing group for 55yrs-plus. which offers an unmissable opportunity to work with professional playwrights. directors and actors. For more info email hannahm traverse.co.uk.

Tuesday 18

Book events

Conversational EFL Classes Borders Books. Full 20. Fort Kinnaird Retail Park. 657 4041. 5pm. Conversational sessions for foreigners wanting to improve their linglish. Hosted by Bl,'R('l'.

Sarah Waters \‘l'aterstoiie's. I28 Princes Street. 226 2666. 6pm. Free. The author of recently dramatised 'Iipping Illl' li'li'r'l is joined by Michel Faber to discuss her latest novel. I’irrgersniirli. See preview.

The Tuesday Turtle Netherbow Arts Centre. 43 «45 High Street. 556 ‘)57‘). 7--‘)pm. £3 donation. Donald


Lesbians. literature and the mainstream

Edinburgh life

Lesbian love romps are always going to invite a touch of controversy and cynicism. And when the BBC decided to screen their adaptation of Sarah Waters‘ Victorian novel, Tipping the Velvet (pictured) last year. the knives

were out.

Whether you loved or loathed the revision, Tipping . . . catapulted Welsh born Waters into the mainstream consciousness. And not before time. 2000 saw her selected as the Times of London’s Novelist of the Year. swiftly followed by the Lambda Literary Award for Fiction. Her second novel. Affinity, was similarly well received and she walked away clutching the American Library Association’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Book Award in 2001, as well as a place in the finals for the prestigious John

Llewellyn Rhys prize.

Waters continually challenges the truisms inherent in ‘lesbian literature’, not least its reputation for poor literary quality. Her prose captures the essence of Britishness during the period, while her rich use of characterisation and skilful narrative set her apart from her type. This fortnight presents a perfect opportunity to see the lady herself in action. as she discusses her new work, Fingersmith. in association with the Glasgay

festival. (Anna Millar)

I Sara/i Waters. Tue I 8 Feb. (5pm. V'l/aterstono's West End. Edinburgh, 0731 226‘ 2666‘; Wed IS) Fol). 7pm. Vl/aterstone's Sauc/ncha/l Street. Glasgow, 0141

332 910:3.

Smith hosts this informal storytelling session where storytellers new and established share stories and feedback.


The Night Sky in March Royal ()bseryatory Visitor Centre. Blackford Hill. 668 8404. 7.30pm. Free. Search for some ‘lost' satellites in orbit around the earth as you learn about systems of designating stars and much. much tttorc. Riissell liberst highlights features of cosmic interest. No ad\anced booking necessary. See Capital Choices.

Other events

Love is in the Air l-’.tlinhurgh 7.00. ('orstorpliinc Road. 334 9| 7|.

9am 4.30pm. £7 (£4 £5); family ticket £20 £24.50. See Sal l5.

Beltane Fire Society presents ‘lmbolc’ Cabaret Voltaire. 36 38 Blair Street. 220 6l76. l0pm 3am. £5. A ritual performance and club night to celebrate the traditional Celtic heralding of the coming spring. And introducing friends the Ruffness. 'l'ongue'n'(irooye. Te P()()Ka Drummers. Bumble and more.

Wednesday 19


The Robert Louis Stevenson Collection at the Writers’ Museum National Portrait (iallery. I Queen Street. 624 6200. l2.45pm. Free. lilaine (ireig. assistant keeper of social history collections. lidinburgli City Council giy es a talk.

A National Planning Framework for Scotland Quaker Meeting House. 7 Victoria Terrace. 225 4825. 7.30pm. £2 (£l l. The Scottish lisecutiye's principal planner. (iraeme Purx es my ites discussion on em ironmental issues.

Book events

Scottish Lives Netherbow Arts Centre. 43 45 High Street. .556 ‘)57‘). 2pm. Free. See 'l'liu l3.

Reading Group Scottish Poetry Library. 5 (‘richton's ('lose. (‘aiiongate. 557 2876. 6.30pm. £28 £45. See Thu l3. The World’s Child Netherbow Ans Centre. 43 45 High Street. 556 ‘)57‘). 7.30pm. £6 (£4). Marjory Flemming was just eight when she died in l8l l. but the journals from her short life in lidinburgh have endured and are brought to life in this biceiiteiiary celebration by actress Mary Riggans. storyteller David Campbell and musicians Wendy Weatlierby and James Ross.


Plant Use through Time Royal Botanic (iarden. Inverleith Home. 552 7l7l. 3 4pm. Free. Lecture Theatre. l'sing examples from prehistory and historical times. Dr Deborah Long. the new plantlife officer based at RGBli presents this illustrated lecture looking at the uses of plants through time and considers how she aims to promote a more sustainable use of plants in the future. After Hours National Portrait (iallery. l Queen Street. 624 6200. 6 7pm. Free. See Thu l3.

Moving Conversations The FilmhoUse. 88 Lothian Road. 228 2688. 6pm. £5.50 (£4). The third of the current series of Moving Conversations explores the world ofjournalists and journalism. The event brings together Allan Little from the BBC. Mark Nicholson from the Financial Times. Kirsty Milne from The Scotsman and Shane Danielson. former film journalist and editor of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

13—27 Feb 2003 THE LIST 99