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The Authorrt‘, 's ttéifélfiélll‘. Mark Mrllar's take o" ’.t‘e Justree League of Arner'tea. hut ‘.'.:ttt Yt‘e freedom LXI would never gl‘.’(,‘ hth‘ rear‘ ,rou ex'er rrnagrne Batn‘an and Superrhah In a gay relatronshrp. or Mart:an Manhunter hooked on srnaek’h.

The superhero tean‘ genuinely \want to change the world ht standrng up to dletators. saung refugees e e, Thus has caused then‘ to clash mm the "powers that he'. ‘who want a new n‘ore n‘alleal)le superhero teanr. so the; plan to hump off the ongrnals lWIIlt the help of a Stihn genetreth, englneered hrllhrllyt and rnstall their own (:andrdates. Brash. sirrtk. oolrtr(:al and Intelligent. the centre's son‘etrmes drsjomted nature rs rts ()ltly downs‘rde. tHenry NOI‘IhlltOtOl

COLLECTION BLAB! VOL 13 Vanous tFantagraohrcsl 0.00

Now produced annually. Blah} Is somethrng of a standard-bearer In the werld of professional graphlc arts. featurrng stnps and strlls from the world's leadrng eomrc

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Astute geopolitical wrangling in The Authority: Transfer of Power

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KRAZY AND IGNATZ: LOVE LETTERS IN ANCIENT BRICK George Herriman f-ar‘tag'arfiws; O...

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Thank Chrrst for Antonro Ptnto and Ed Cortes' soundtrack tr, City of God least‘west Mrlah OOOO A sereeenrng olas. of horhsanhounres 'If;£t'h.i1i. ’. l’. !l‘- 'wrth son‘e ‘uhk,. slat)t>l'=' hass as the rrusrr; of (W, and [Us Bra/2v gets oumorhg. A few slower nurnhers .eer .'.rr;rr,»;r:gl,t near samba Cheese. r“? are (ttllCKl‘, '.'.’.".lt)[;(;(} unto shape.

Back at) I'l good ol' n‘rdu'xest Arnenea. the cont/o, ooots are aireart, tarrplri and thrghs are turrtlrtg red wth all the slaprm“. Sweet Home Alabama 'Hollgxwoodt .0 dance. If It ain't. talk to the t‘and. hone, It's got Slle",l Crox. andF4,ar1/x<tarr's ‘.'.zhat n‘ore (:ah say?

Tunlng tts ear to sounds of the street :s The Transporter leastwestr 00. Featuring all the rrght nantes of nut; hot; 9&8 Tweet. M'ss, Elltot. Stanle, fg-ar'ke. Knoc-Turn’al .t's suck. frank, and ’jOOi. hut It hurts trhng Il‘l‘) harrt. '.': a few good tracks hunched together at the front. the effort rs ormousi, too great see through and graduall; the sowdtraek descends lnto tetNt. ortrtrrgtlrtr;.t shat/e W48

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par; Art: so. tf East Pager was the epitome of (30s road trlps and PM, Flat/or: recraln‘ed the :;on.ert:t;:e for the 30s. The Wild Thornberrys 'ere 0.. :tefrr‘es 't‘usrt; for the nsughtres' ’Jrl.1rig generatron. Peoole ’Larrlers wrl; he heard up: and down rnoterw' ,5; this sprrng proler gentle AfrlCaf‘.-lf7$[)lf(:(} tunes to a old to each, the krds ‘.‘:lthOUI krillng the adelts, lt's wet: Orr/tuner: am has a parataele mend of Paul Snort. P Dude“, Hugh Masekala arm a Getargorat'ort between Peter Game. YOusSCr N'Dom and Snagg‘, you get the picture. But rt womo‘rt‘t rurt to grt. e us a SOUHOItaCK that made life seerr‘ exotmg now. wOurd t? Jus. tr, ‘ee lake there Could be a settndtraCk to Our lures. Rut" Hedges