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TALKU'TLOIHER (HABLE can ELLA) (15) 112min 0....

Undoubtedly Pedro AlmodOvar‘s most mature work to date, Talk to Her is an emotive melodrama guaranteed to have both sexes weeping in the aisles, or in the case of this video/DVD release, crying into the sofa cushions.

Benigno (Javier Cémara) and Marco (Dario Grandinetti) are in love with two women, both of whom are hospitalised in comatose states. Benigno, a mummy‘s boy lonely-heart, has become a nurse in order to care for his unrequited love, the once aspiring ballerina Alicia (Leonor Watling). In the hospital room next door travel journalist Marco visits his girlfriend Lydia (Rosario Flores), a female bullfighter who was butchered in the ring.

But whereas Benigno has lovingly, happily cared for Alicia night and day for the past four years, even though she has never loved him back, Marco sits depressed and silent, staring at the woman he knew all too briefly. Out of these tragic circumstances an unlikely friendship forms between the two men, which begins with Benigno telling Marco he must talk to Lydia.

Previously much admired for making films about women, it‘s something of a departure to see Almoddvar deal primarily with men, specifically the extraordinary love they are capable of Iavishing upon women. Both heartbreaking and heart-warming, much in the same way that his last film, All About my Mother, was, Talk to Her is Spain's most famous filmmaker on top form. From the gorgeous photography, design and music to the script and remarkable performances, this is a flawless film and a treat for cinema lovers. (Catherine Bromley)

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'3) ~ I. ..::. (A, My Wrongs #8245 ii' 12:», ,1 82498-117

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