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Another ugly building has gone up in Glasgow. HOW Should we stop it? Words: Raymond Lyons

uplicity increasingly seems the nortn in public life but Glasgow's

property developers are providing a little antidote. It is called Tower

464 and is coming to a Pollokshaws Road near you. Emerging from the remains of the old Ordinance Survey building is yet another ruin. My flatmate showed me the fancy marketing pack last year. What was then a mild but distinct feeling of unease is now another nightmare in off-white. Well. grey. Yet honest it is. In the true spirit of Iron Curtain imagination it has been given an appropriate name. While. i suppose. Dresden. Warsaw or Red Road it ain‘t. Costa del Clyde breezeblock. monolithic shit it is.

How does it happen? Glasgow‘s Southside is dominated by beautiful red and white stone tenements. It has a number of horrors. but overall its spirit remains intact. l delude myself into thinking such horrors are but remnants of the (ills and early 70s. Then. function triumphed over form and showed this could never work. See the old regional council buildings. the Kingston Bridge or any high flats you care to mention? Well-intentioned. perhaps. but fatally flawed.

But they‘re still building them all over the city. Here was me thinking planning and permission are in some way related.

Ironically. Shagaluf. as The Holiday ngmmnw told us a couple of weeks back. Here was me

is knocking these horrors down in a bid to . .

portray a higher quality. family friendly th'nklpg

image. Why‘.’ Because they‘re poor quality. plannfljg and ugly and cheap. Unless. of course. you have permission

more money than brains and live in _ Glasgow. If you've got £15().()()() to spare are In some for a studio cell with veranda. you too can savour ‘views‘ of the attractive garage way opposite. next to the McDonald‘s.

I look forward to waving at the no-goods let‘s face it. these fools aren't firemen as l stroll pass. They‘ll be sitting out sipping the products of their

juicers. delighting at the pissing rain and enjoying the unforgettable aroma of

exhaust fumes. No doubt their adventure started in the ‘marketing suite' hmmm . . . (as if this wasn‘t a clue) a Portakabin. now called a modular building. painted in groovy colours with free decaf for all.

Does it matter“? I think it does. Ugliness breeds contempt. Contempt kills respect and Glasgow suffers from a dearth of that already. I am not counselling unifomiity. Variety is essential. but it must enhance not detract.

Our many poorly educated. tracksuited. fellow citizens don‘t often recognise beauty but always spot shit. Especially when shoved in their faces

and totally out of their league. So much for rational planning with a mixture of

affordability and purpose. Form and function combined to foster community. Playparks over cars and people over profit. Here again is the emperor in concrete clothes. though no less transparent.

Of course. it isn’t all bad. I am confident. come the dictatorship. such an approach will spread. Maybe by giving the creatures in the City Chambers even more clout and inducements. all buildings can be named as appropriately. Tower 465 coming at you just beside Stalag 312. For now here‘s to Eldorado. Shit soap opera but great architectural style.


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