'I‘be lidinburgb Club

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0 choice of a mixed or ladies only fitness room o initial consultation including body type analysis

0 beginners / intermediate / advanced fitness programmes personalised depending on your level

o ongoing instructor support and motivation

e unlimited use of over 75 classes per week - regularly updated

o individual dietary and nutritional information

o relaxing spa facilities: saunas. steam baths and so ariums

o comfortable. friendly bistro o creche-suitable for children from newborn to A t/2 yrs

0800 335 198

for info on February's offers

The Edinburgh Club. 1/2 Hillside Crescent. Edinburgh EH7 SDY -

n I Edinburgh Naturist Swimming Club is running a swim/sauna session at l’onobello Baths. -l.30pm-(r.30pm on Saturday 22 February. For more information please \‘lsil or' call 07880 ()ll'i 073. I Ann Summers Parties. A fantastic girls'lladies‘ night in for all ages foyer l8). Hostess incentives galore. (ireat flirt guaranteed. (‘all (lemma 0l3l 55X 335‘) or 07966 29‘) 156.


Dont MISS Out on Fun

Dinners and Events fOr

Single Men and Women With

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0141 333 1321

_ IVC ._'.'fI g ' INTRANSIT

small flat move specialists

Moving boxes. bags and a bed?


friendly dependable stress-free

0131 229 8361 - -- .' - « u - A Edinburgh 0131 332 1342 established It»):

I J m - Pro —ects

Accented Americans or Canadians any age. .sex or race. resident or visiting lifinburgh/(ilasgow (or near) required for no fee/big fun video pmject. working with award-winning zmist recreating the USA in Scotland! No previous acting experience required and scope for creative input. Box no. 451/1 or email

- adventure sports 0 parties 0 pub-nights - dining

0 hill-walks - films 0 theatre

0 dancing & lots lots more.

Glasgow 07050 248164

Edinburgh Book Club. Deconstructing (‘aptain (‘orelli arid Bridget Jones. Meet other people. drink wine. giggle. oh

and discuss books. or call 07980 747 624

120 TI'IE LIST 13 Feb—27 Feb 2003


I Songwriter (25) looking to meet bassist and drummer for good times. jamming and gigging. Some professional e\pcriencc. Demo mailablc. (‘all Danny on 0l3| 445 53‘)‘) or 07MB 55‘) 335.

I Singers, Songwriters, Bands l)” you need at ('reatiyely Produced lop Quality l)emo (‘I) to help promote yourself and/or your music'.’ We proy ide a complete Mtisic Recording and Production Scry ice combined w ith Marketing and Promotional Assistance for new artists and songwriters. Phone: 0| 32-1 882 883. I Hip hop DJ wanted for scratching tuition. ('all Marc 07Xll Zlb 320.

' :4)

Photographer specialising in modem black & white portfolios for actors. models & [x'rfor'mers ()n-Iocation photoshrxrts from {S5 inc proofs. Tel: 0131 653 0682 www.manhattan


Experienced BA (Hons) Dancer/Choreographer ayailablc for workshops and [wrformances For more info please contact Susan Elena on 07710 472 125 or sushka 1

I International Pen Friends. Ages 8 to an in 2 to countries. Details from I.P.l‘.

I Hi New ('ity‘ Road. (ilasgow. (i4 ‘)l)li.

1 &Sell

Delonghi Oil Filled Radiator lixcellent condition and looks good. £35 cash. 07974 71 1 835 (daytime/Edinburgh area)

Wanted Goldfish (iS()ll for loying. friendly enyironment. lissential kit

wotild be good too.

0131 550 3060.

Playstation One. memory card. controller and 3 games £35 ono.

Tel: 07775 882 488

lkea coffee table glass top/steel legs for sale. L'plift in lidinburgh £20. Tel: 07788 628 869 (day)

Partick Thistle memorabilia wanted Very" good cash offer. Glasgow Area.

Tel: 07773 813 822

Mind & Body


Health 8. Beauty

Connective tissue Postural integration. linhance your fitness w ith this profound form of massage. Sortable for those \\ Ito do yoga. athletics. dance. Carolyn Milbank 0131 557 5826


Beginners Class starting l2 February plus ongoin‘ mixed level classes

ne that moves e 2lst Century

Potent m you into

Morgan 294i 1’ 078708“; 133


Sahai-Mari: Heart-centred meditation A natural path of transformation

from within that balances spirituality with eyeryday life. No fees. ()pen to all regardless of background or persuasion. Contact: 01875 830 358 (Edinburgh) or 0141 339 1343 (Glasgow)

MassageGHome. Massage 'l‘herapist/('linical Artrniatherapist. All treatment

carried out at your own home or workplace. Massage table. coyers. towels and oils all brought to your

location. ()yer I0 years experience. References ayailable. Contact Peter Fraser on 07050 130 329 or by e-mail: galbanumOlineonemet

Ladies Only Massage. Are you str'essed'.’ l'ptight'.’ Desperately need to unwind'.’ 'l‘hen indulge yourself with a relaxing massage. right here in Morningside. with a qualified female masseuse. f." l 5/hour. Call 07947 271 078 for further details. Natural penile enlargement. No pills. No pumps. No mess. Natural penile enlargement. Natural erection formula. l-‘or safe & long lasting results. Natural erection formula.

image at citibGse Acupuncture. Acupressure. Aronutthempy. ('hinese Herbs. (‘ranioSacnil Therapy. lndizm Head Massage. Reflexology. Reiki. Shiatsu. 'lherapeutic Massage ()ne St (‘olme Street. EDINBL'RUH EH3 (1AA. (iift Vouchers available. Margaret Burt. Ray Harris and Jo Spaczynsk'a Tel: 0131 220 8215 for appointments

Effective Life Coaching. Your heart's desire? (in for it now' A life coach can help you achieye extraordinary results. (iood for me. great for business? Call 0131 476 2585

I Life coaching: Do you want to imprmc your life'.’ Relationships. career. weight loss: Whatcy er your goal. \\ e can help. l-‘rec trial session. (‘all Lynne 0|505 SH 020


Reiki Energy Healing. Wanting to relax and enhance your energy. creatiyity. and relationships'.’ Reiki balances. restores and reyitalises mind. body. and spirit.

Call 0131 476 2585



Discover the Osslan Whole Mind System approach to stopping smoking and lifestyle change. Zeta Solutions - Specialists in State- of-the-Art mind-body therapies at the Pentlands-Ossian (‘linic. Tel: 0131 440 9862 or 07919 447 695. www.2etasolutlons.dlal.

Gestalt Psychotherapy. ()ne-to-one help with life problems. self-exploration & personal growth. Free initial Consultation. Scottish (iestalt Association member. Chris McKinnell 0131 667 9658

Oramatherapy - insight and healing through storytelling. role-play. and drama games. Contact Sharon Hall (Edinburgh area) 07952 205 620 or visit


I Ewan Oillon PhD (psych). Dip. (‘ouns.

(‘ounselling and Psychotherapy.

Short and long-term work. Tel. ()I3I 3|} 4687. Email|