V I saw you at Salsa (’cllica 35th Jan. .\lc. hlotitl childmindcr near the stage. You. gorgeous girl in red shoes \ylio sttiilctl at me. [74(il/l

V I saw you l-Ltlttie the squaddie on train from lidinburgh to (ilasgow I-‘riday

3 1 st January. I didn't understand a word you said. bill you looked after me tmtil my friend catne and I wished l'd asked you for your number. You'll be in ('yprus soon. bttt hopefully yoti ot' sortieone you know will sec lliis before ills [on late. low ('at xx. [7461/2

V I saw you new boy in Starbucks (Royal lixchange Square) making the a caramel latte to go. I wonder if I can lakc away you next time'.’ [7461/3

V I saw you captiyating bl‘ttttcllc sotigsll'c‘ss. ('ttl—l)c- Sac. barking 'llappy Birthday". You wag my tail baby; I'll be your poodle. just call me Dave! Happy Valentines Sweetness. [7461/4

V I saw you wee foxy minx "sit vit" from (‘anongale Books. You fair tnake tny mohair trousers stand on end. ISBN missing you. Bumface Mcl"urry lieet. [7461/5

V I saw you sweet little curly haired Attssie waiting for a table in The Arches Bar. (iimmie some of the Slta/Ialicks. (iimmie (iimmie (iimmie. [7461/6

V I saw you Pinch standing tall & refusing the fall - all the peaches in the world... [.7461/7 V I saw you sexy South African siren working in the (‘ul-l)e-Sac. Was it cold in there or were you just pleased to see me'.’ Hope you get what you want before yott leave. [7461/8

V I saw you Christian. yer millenium is ()YliR. get over it!!! Loyin a lie Licks. [,'/46|/‘) V I saw you Anthony (‘. You were wearing tnore make-up titan the and I'm meant to be the tranny. The white van is fooling .\'()-().\'li!! [7461/10

V I saw you gorgeous dark haired girl with friend. 'l‘inderbox 30/1. I sat and read and wanted to ask you for a drink. Fancy a coffee sometime'.’ [7461/1 l

V I saw you Dave. and I'll c u again... bill when'.’ Love hen. [7461/12

V I saw you l)anny Mouse eating snowballs and curly wurlys at the Nevis Range. I have fallen in love with your £18 gunky hair. Want to meet up and snuggle'.".".".’ Love you always & forever xxx [7461/13 V I saw you in Bnts. Sat Feb 1st. We shared a taxi with two other guys then you came back to mine. You live in Mosspark'.’ You left next morning and l was loo hungover to get your ntnnber! (‘an't stop thinking bout you! [7461/14

V I saw you in lisporta l-‘innieston looking very sexy at such a early hour. we chat sometimes btit not enough. Fancy a coffee soon'.’ [7461/ 15

124 THE LIST 13 Feb—27 Feb 2003

V I saw you. Tuesday at ()xfam Bookshop. You - green/while cap. Me - wait for the pink girl. You crossed Byres Rd. despite the red lights & I didn't get a chalice to smile at you. It's a pity. [7461/16

V I saw you (' about a year agobut 1 think it was shoddy builders.rowdy students and maybe a bit of Bridget that brought us together. I miss you Mr B. [7461/17

V I saw you foxy dark eyed lady. your eyes were intoxicating. i even forgot the massive mole on your nose after a couple of voddics! [7461/18

V I saw you mommy"?! you gorgeous glowing sexpot. your turn to make tea tomorrow. [7461/19

V I saw you hot on the what i said abotit bursting'.’ every day i wake up next to you. i fill tip a little more...kinda like your belly know. with the lint 8; stuff‘.’ happy black history month! love e. [.7461/21) V I saw your ad in List 459. btil too late to reply. You dream of snow all winter and sea all summer. That sounds wonderful. Please get in touch. [7461/21

1 saw you : for the first titne as we hobbled 3 legged around the west end. 4 years later i could not imagine life without you- you are my North. my South. my liast and West. you are my guiding light and i hope that we can spend the rest of out lives together. [7461/81


V I saw you baby shaking that ass! I know you don‘t do deliveries - but your massive head shows real promise. Shame about the bumfluff hair though (‘alum. L7461/22

V I saw you in Planet Out. 1".15. [.' slagged my hair. I saw your sweaty patches! Big luv. x. [7461/23

VI saw you baby boy. You make my world tum! You went falling apart. 1‘" hold you together. Love Madeleine. [.7461/24

V I saw you having a picnic Miss ()rr. (‘heese and Marmite with Rioja. Lovely. l. [7/461/25 V I saw you in the Peartree. You are short. furry and smell slightly fishy. [7p da riverbank posse! [746l/26

V I saw you all in the Borough. Paul. Blobby. Aussie camp Mike. Lindsey. Jamie and Max. Al and Jane and Dixie boy and K and lilvis. (‘hampers anyone'.’ [3/461/27

V I saw you browsing the ‘()1d Punk' in your big white Parka. the night at the I-‘opp Bar was great! Be My Valentine - love blonde-haired adtnirer. [7461/28

V I saw you sexy bar manager (0‘ the Pear Tree lirebrealhing at Beltane years ago. You're still hot. hot. hot.... L7461/29

V I saw you sexy doorwoman at Planet Out. Hear you love Mr Bob. [.7461/30

V I saw you sleeping soundly. bellydancing. being grumpy. making my hean soar my habibi...lx. L7461/31

V I saw you Barnaby trying to stop me watching Nico as much - its my favourite film!!! Love always Madeleine xxx. [7461/32

V I saw you playboy bunny & 1 want to play with your beau" [.7461/33

V I saw you Meral (iirll in l'bpp Rose St drinkin' Stella. I will be your audioslave... ('. [.7461/34

V I saw you Biba. You were lovely. I was drunk and 3(). Buy you a drink in the Motilin sometime'.’ L746 1 I35

V I saw you in the City Cafe. You looked cute with your pigtails. I hoped you'd come home with me! L7/461/36

V I saw you Big l-‘rank serving the. Wild Boar - wild boy. See you next door (0‘ the lishtank every Fri. U/461/37 V I saw you with your orange flashes! 1)] lady at Planet. Play that special track. for tne again. You know the one. [7461/38

V I saw you. You were wearing a black leather sheep skin coat and had nose-piercing. Very sexy. 30th Jan (0‘ Planet ()ut. [1/461/3‘)

V I saw you Vicki at blue. I want to show my schmoooll [5/461/40

V I saw you when the Fopp Bar opened. What a cool place to meet a Lady. You are a Queen amongst Queens. You rock. I luv u. U/461/4l

V I saw you cute bar boy at Planet ()ut. very dark hair. tall and slim. white sleeveless t- shirt. tne tall and blonde. I bought you a .I.[) & coke. You rock tny world! U/461/42

V I saw you Adam Rusbridge. I really fancy you. So how about it'.’ U/461/43

V I saw you @Fopp Rose St. Miles apart. Missing you. Soul adrift. memories of you. The sound of your laughter. the parting tear. with all my heart "I wish you were here". U/461/44 V I saw you Miss Blondie - never fear Mr Kitchen is here! [.‘/461/45

V I saw you at the Traverse Bar. You looked funky with your new hairdo and bright blue skirt. 1 still don't believe you are thirty now! Let's boogie... [5/461/46

V I saw you a wee furry kitten face picking your pixie nose and eating it. 1 love you. an egg that came out of a chicken. U/461/47

V I saw you Ian you bald Adonis! If you were half as good in bed as you made out you‘d be half L7461/48

V I saw you. Hey punk girl. does your heart go boom when 1 walk in the room. Opium Saturday night. black leather jacket. U/461/49

V I saw you Kevin Bacon lookalike eyeing up the Footloose soundtrack with a wild odie-esque glint in your eye.... U/461/50

I saw you

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