EDINBURGH (continued)

V I “w you in Planet on 29/l/03. You red top. me tequila rose. Meet me at the Clock Inn midnight on Sat 8/2/03. U/46l/51

V I saw you in Blue Bar - Fri 24th. You were staring at my nipples. Fancy a closer look? U/461/52

V I “w you working in the Outsider. I Feb. red T. cool glasses. Thx for the nightlife tips. We thought you were special... U/461/53

V I saw you in the Traverse. You lit up the room with your turquoise shirt - light my life up there next Saturday? U/46l/54 V I saw you in your red furry coat. You perched on the sofa. ruling the roost. me with my skirt hitched up. Can you help me with my pelvic floor next week? U/46l/55

V I saw you laugh at my conversational skills - or lack of. I made such an idiot of myself hedgehog. I‘m really sorry. August 8|? U/461/56

V I saw you Mark! With your sexy Iron Maiden 2 minutes to Midnite tattoo. No- one does air guitar like you. Calamity Jane and Gin & Juice you rock. Xx. U/461/57

V I saw you winking your big brown eye at me. Your mascara smells weird. Love from your black eyed boy. X. U/461/58

VI saw you lma Hoor in Planet Out. I think you are fab. Funny love Cilla Slack. U/46l/59 V I saw you in Fopp (Rose St. Edinburgh) wearing pink boots and a really short skirt. I was the shop assistant with black hair. I can't stop thinking about you. U/46l/60

V I saw you in the Laughing Duck eating sausage hot pot looking at me. U/46l/6l

V I saw you @ Filthy McNasty's NYE. We kissed. You are a sexy man with a walking stick and a gold medal swimmer. How is your breaststroke?? With fond memories of your fine strokes. Love Becs (Keg) PS I‘m not a psycho. just curious! U/46l/62 V I saw you @ Juniper in your sloppy track suit & Bob Marley Tee. You're such a turn on when you dress down. U/461/63

V I saw you at the Borough. Causewayside. drinking champagne l8/l. Looking good for 30! When‘s the baby due! U/461/64

V I saw you shopping in Fopp - dark hair. cord jacket. colourful scarf. sexy mouth. rapier-like wit. eyes too big for your belly. If the wind changes you'll stay like that. I hope the wind changes. Come again? U/46l/65

V I IIW you sexy boy James at Planet Out. I make a really good book. Latte in a mug boy! Hope to see you there soon. Xxx. U/461/66

V I saw you on Charles Bridge in my dreams. We‘ll be there together soon. Happy Valentine‘s Al. x U/46I/82

V I saw you Jonny pulling mean faces and flopping your blond hair about with ur death metal air guitar routine. Lets do Margaritas again. We think ur great. The raging rock chicks. U/461/67

V I saw you (03 Fopp Rose St. Life is not measured by the number of breaths I take. but by moments that take my breath away. And seeing you was one such moment. U/46l/68

V I saw you a year ago. and luckily enough you were reading The Lisr. Glad you're staying in Edinburgh. you're my shining light. U/46I/69

V I saw you in camera obscura. the dungeon. the

warner cinema & the apartment.

l want to keep seeing you. everywhere. W U/461/70

V I saw you during Velvet at Ego 31st Jan. at the bar towards the end of the evening but the music went off. the lights came on and you were gone. Would love to see your smiley face. short blond hair. black suit and stripey shirt in a more salubrious atmosphere. U/461/71

V I saw you three. Beautiful sisters from America visiting Peebles. Judith. Emily and Victoria. When are you three lovelies coming back to Scotland??? U/46 I /7 2

V I saw you foxy Emma. RBoS Portobello. in 3 sisters xmas day. Sorry about the slagging! Hope you got the flowers.The drunk abusive DJ! U/46l/73

V I saw you Ms Fist at the Edinburgh Pub Club Xmas party. Your cycling action left me weak at the knees! Be my Bond(age) girl and (Tleach (M)e (P)atience! U/461/74

V I saw you. I am the man in the black jacket with the beard - We spoke at length on the Train frorn north Berwick to Edinburgh on Friday night last week. You caught me in your web and I want you to devour me like a carnivor. U/461/75

V I saw you tall. dark and handsome. a perfect set up by those clever nurses! Though you may be on the stage on Valentines night I'll be waiting at The Scotsman at 5? Hope you'll be my valentine Love you xxx U/46l/76

V I saw you cooked breakfast boy. waiting for me to see you and dreaming of turducken. Lets play capitals again? OK Good. U/46l/77

V I saw you the juicy. fruity. citris club dj. we three wise men want to begin the voyage to discover the pot of gold at the bottom of your rainbow. U/46lf78 V I saw you at the delgados. the only one dancing down the front. Loved the buttercup watch. wanna go see the movie? U/461/79

V I saw you Edinburgh Underground Tour. Jan. 29th. 4pm! I (m. Gemian) saw you (m. Irish) at this tour. You were there with a friend from Israel. I with a collegue. We smiled - but didn‘t talk. If you want. please contact me! U/46l/80


St Valentine’s, I] I’ll: so glad I root on in these pages. thanks for nine wonderfIl years.

I’ ll Ire with your forever, Sweet kitten! Bill m


V Pretty, petite, unconventional female. young 35. likes cinema. tut. reading. swimming and fun nights out. seeks similar riiale for friendship or more. Box no. l’/-1(il/l.

MEN SEEKING WOMEN V Tall, slightly eccentric

but loveablc mid-30's male.

loves books. rock music. sunsets. full moons and chocolate. Seeks like-minded female to share life‘sjourney. Box no. P/Jol/Z. VNot Md .H—ycarxild bloke. Edinburgh. altemative

' outlook. into music. clubbing.

reading. SI: and uying to undeniiinc

capitalism. not rich but solvent. V( i

SOH. seeks fun. intelligent woman. Box no. P/«lo 1/3.

Special woman 35-45ish for «Tish cruitise. Iidintxugh. no-ties milessiotuil. Movies. music. arts. swimming. Listy stuff. walks. holidays. adsentures. batches. shtuing. laughs. hugs. fun. chats. P/46 1 /4.

V Left , intelligent, cultured. allectionate single man seeks mature-minded. independent woman who wishes a serious and warm relationship. Box no. l’/-15‘)/2.

Tall intelligent kind cuddly kinky Epicurean. seeks smart sexy wickedly adventurous woman. Looking for thoughtful conversation. provocative tmes. plus good food. the arts. and laughter. Write interesting letter.


Professional 28-yearbold female. intelligent. USOH. likes music. reading. walking. going to the gym. good wine

and food. seeks similar for friendship possibly more. P/461 I5



le, 3‘). M. looking for fellow enthusiasts to share cinematic highs and lows and post- film debate about movies. theatre. footie and life. Box no. P/461/(i.

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